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Guitar chords and guitar tablature made easy. Chordie is a search engine for finding guitar chords and guitar tabs.
Please use the optimized page at iphone.chordie.com instead.

News about Chordie

2014-18-03: Performance upgrades

Chordie should now feel a lot faster.

2014-02-02: Front Page Changes

Several small changes to the front page layout.

2012-09-09: iPhone version

I have changed the iPhone-version of the site. It is now using the same version as the iPad. Please give feedback.

2012-07-25: Problems with the forum!!

This morning a lot of people were getting a message about being banned for life. This was an internal error, and it is fixed now. You are all very welcome.

2012-07-23: New server

You are now accessing Chordie on a completely new server. It should be a lot faster and a lot more stable. However, this is a major upgrade and there might be issues. At the moment I am looking specificaly at issues related to login problems. Please report any bugs to admin@chordie.com. When you are reporting bugs, it is great if you are as specific as possible. Always include webaddresses in the reports.

2011-07-20: iPad support

Please try browsing Chordie with your iPad. The device is now supported. Since this is just launced, I am really interested in all feedback.

2011-02-06: Chordie running again

Chordie was down for several hours Sunday morning (CET). The issues are now solved, and the server seems to be running perfectly again. Enjoy!

2010-06-06: Minor upgrades

Lots of small outstanding bugs are fixed. Finished several project in my real job, and hopefully I will have lot more time for Chordie.

2009-09-10: Easier Registration

It is now easier than ever to sign up for a Chordie account! Adds lots of features, and is free!

2009-05-05: Chordie on Twitter

Chordie is now on Twitter. Check out @Chordie. There will be news regarding Chordie the next days. This is the only place these news are updated.


I have enabled a new search interface. Try typing the name of an artist or the title of a song. See what happens and give me feedback.

2009-03-29: Updated index

Chordie has been a bit slow for the last days, while the index was being updated. Now there are thousands of new artists available. Enjoy!

2008-08-28: Editing artist pages

Since Chordie is built as a search engine, multiple versions of the same song is often found. This can be a bit annoying to browse through. The new artist pages tries to solve this problem. It allows the editor to find default songs and attach them to the artists albums. All registered members can become editors, just click on the "Become an editor"-button on the artist pages. By becoming an editor you are making Chordie a better service for everyone.

2008-03-02: New artist pages - Beta

The artist pages has been totally redesigned. Registered members can now help improving the pages. Will be available for all artists later this week. One artist is made available to illustrate how it is going to look:
Check out the new Pink Floyd-page.

2008-02-30: Enhanced IPod Touch and iPhone support

These are really fantastic devices for guitar playing. I have started to add support for them on Chordie. Anyone using iPod Touch or iPhone for browsing the site, please give me feedback.

2007-08-28: Lots of new features

The new layout module is ready! There are tons of enhancements. Some of the major news: Better layout for printing, auto-scrolling, compact mode, scale text only, print preview with alternative layouts, better browser support. For more details, please look in this forum post.

2007-05-25: iPod support

Save your songbook as an iPod Notes files. These can easily be tranferred to your iPod. Works on most versions of the iPod. The newest generation can even show the chord grids. The songs are stored as text only with chords in brackets. A very compact format for such small screens. This feature is only available after you log in.

2007-05-20: Define chords

You can now redefine the chords. To check out this feature, click the chord grids to select another chord variation. The redefined chords will automatically be saved in your songbook.

2007-04-20: Facebook

Created a group on Facebook where you can meet fellow Chordie users. Join the group if you already have a Facebook account. Invite guitar playing friends. Has anyone checked out Authority Tickets for James Taylor Tickets. Tons of new music sites are adding videos. Maybe I should add some as well, or just send them flowers? Check out the free music and the online radio.

Chordie features
  • Search the Internet for guitar chords and tabs/tablatures.
  • Transpose to another key
  • Graphical chord grids
  • High quality formatting
  • Mobile browsing - when you are on the road
  • High print quality
  • Unique songbook feature
  • Multiple instruments and tunings, included left-hand guitar, banjo, ukulele and mandolin.
  • Get Firefox to enjoy the site even more
  • Link to Chordie
  • Recommended Guitar Sites

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