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Rascals - A beautiful morning


A beautiful morning

(Difficulty: hard)
Ab Bb Cm Cm(maj7) Cm6/F Cm7 Cm7/F Eb Eb FGm7 F Gm Fm Fm7 Fm7/Bb Gm Gm7 cbimes and bells sort of implying Ab/Bb guitar parts in octaves notated below cbords next two lines unintelligible wordless vocal over verse cbords CHORDS

Intro: Verse 1: G G Gb F] It's a beautiful morning G F Eb F Eb] I think I'll go outside for a while (and just smile) [F [Gm]G Ab Bb] Just diggin' some clean fresh air for (Ain't no sense in stayin' inside) If the weather's fine and you go (