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Smashing Pumpkins - Adore



(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A A5 A7 A7sus4 A9 Am Am7 B BM Bb Bm Bm7 C C#m C/B C/G C6 Cm Cmaj7 Cmaj7/B D D-BM-D-BM-D D5 Dm Dmaj7 Dsus2 E Em Em7 Esus2 F F#7 F#m F#m7 Fm G G#m G/B G5 G5maj7 G6sus4 Gm

|Dsus2 |Dsus2 |twilight fadesthrough blistered avalonthe sky's cruel torchon aching autobahninto the uncertain divine we scream into the last divideyou make me realyou make me realstrong as i feelyou make me realSheila rides on crashing ni (