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Who - Baba O’Riley


Baba O’Riley

(Difficulty: hard)
133(5)(1)(1) F Piano and bass; guitar tacit bass fade in double time electric fade in witb variations... end; speed up tempo finale gtr 1 gtr 2 gtr 3 (acoustic) guitar 1 in slowed tempo solo violin solo; guitars and drums return and repeat u CHORDS

C x355xx Bb x133xx Eb xx134(3) F (outro) x 8 10 10 x x Csus4 8 10 10 (10) x x Acoustic (gtr 3): Capo on 3 F xx3565 Fsus4 xx3566 C7sus4 xx5566 Note: Original is slightly fast - decrease speed approx. 2% to match pitch and speed. [synth intr (