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Delfonics - La La Means I Love You


La La Means I Love You

(Difficulty: hard)
/ /B /C /C# /D /E 1: Bm7 1: Ob C#m7 2X Am7 Am7/D Amaj7 B7 Bm Bm7 Bm7/E C#7 C#m Em F#m Gmaj7 barmonies imply Gmaj9 bold extra bar key cbanges to A repeat to fade CHORDS

Gmaj7 Gmaj9 Am7/D (Gmaj9 implied by strings) Verse 1: Many guys have come to you With a line that wasn't true And you passed them by (passed them by) Now you're in the center ring And their lines don't mean a thing Why don't you let me try (