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Turtles - Lady-O'



(Difficulty: hard)
(G) 1: G/C 2-4: (G) 3: sG 4X A/G Am7 C#dim C/E C/G D/C D/F# D7/F# D7sus4/G Em G G/B G/C G/F G5 Gmaj7/D cbords are composite of guitar and string parts instrumental break w/piano and strings over verse 2 cbords repeat cborus repeat cb CHORDS

(acoustic guitar :) v v v v -------------------------| ----0-------0h1----------| -------0--------0-----0--| ----------0-0h2----0h2---| -------------------------| -3-----------------------| Verse 1: 3x003x 2x0232 0x2000 xx0032 While you si (