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Eagles - Midnight Flyer


Midnight Flyer

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A Bm C D D///G///D///Bm/// D///G///D///D/// Em Em///A///C///C///G///G///D Em///A///D///Bm/// Em///A///D///D/// Em///Em///A///D///D/// G G///G///D///D/// G///G///G///A/// G///G///G///G///D///Bm/// G///G///G///G///D///D///

Final G ---- D ---- Bm --- 3x0003 xx0232 x24432 Em --- A ---- C ---- 022000 x02220 x32010 Chor : Ooh Midnight FlyerEngineer won't you let your whistle moanOoh Midnight Flyer I paid my dues and I feel like trav'lin' onA runaway team of hors (