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Who - My Generation


My Generation

(Difficulty: undetermined)



My Generation

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS bass bass solo bass) cborus first modulation first verse fourtb cborus fourtb verse; modulate to Bb (note: omitted in stage versions) gtr 1 gtr 2 gtr 2 in gtr 2 out

G5 (A5) 57xxxx G6 (A6) 59xxxx G7 (A7) 5 10xxxx A (B) x244xx A/G (B/A) x044xx Bb (C) x355xx Bb/Ab (C/Bb) 6x55xx C (D) xx0232 Csus4/Bb (Dsus4/C) x30033 C/Bb (D/C) x30230 [note: for stage versions, song is played in key of A (progressing up) (