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Who - Quadrophenia



(Difficulty: hard)
*Ebm7 for acoustic alternates between Ebm7sus2 6/8 F Guitar - no capo Guitar cbange: tune down to Eb (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) acoustic 1 acoustic 2 acoustic 2 in and born born arr for gtr born in born syntb guitar cbange to no capo standard tuning CHORDS

Dm xx7765 Eb xx1343 Ab 4tx1144 Bb x1333x C x3555x Db x4666x Abmaj7 (4t)x6543 Gaug xx5443 G (3)x5433 Cm xx5433 Cm/Bb (6)x5433 Cm7 x31313 or x35343 or x35346 (acoustic) Abmaj9 464546 4x6546 (acoustic) E x7999x E7 x7675x Am 5tx7555 Am6 5tx757 (



(Difficulty: hard)
Guitar acoust strums F(no 3rd) born guitar 1 guitar 2 guitar 3 implied cbords note: leads are approximate!!! piano piano low E pick slide rbytbm pattern as above violin violin 1 violin 2 CHORDS

Capo on 1st fret [optional; some parts require capo, others (where open strings or 12th fret harms. are listed) are standard tuning] Abmaj7 xx6543 Gaug xx5443 Abmaj9 466xxx or 464546 Am6 x02212 or 575575 Cm7 x35343 Cbmaj7 x24342 Ebmsus4 x6 (