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Steely Dan - Things I Miss The Most


Things I Miss The Most

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS Ab Ab/G Abmaj7-5/G Am Am+7 Am/C Am/D Am6 Am7 Bb Bb/Ab Bb/F Bb/G Bsus2/Eb C+5/A C/A C/D C/G Cmaj7 Dm7 Dm9 E/D E7 E7sus4 Em7 Esus4 F F/D F6 F7 Fm7 Fmaj7 G G/D G6 G7

| Bsus2/Eb | E/D | Am/C | Dm9 | F7 | E7 I don't mind the quietOr the lonely nightsI don't miss the funky attitudesAnd I don't miss the fightsI lie on the couch 'til suppertimeAnd hunker down and read the PostAnd that's when I remember thet (