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Kiss - Uh All Night


Uh All Night

(Difficulty: hard)
End Rby. Fig 1 (2x) Rby. Fig 1a Rby. Fig 2a w/ Riff 1 Rby. Fig 2b w/ Riff 1 Rby. Fig 3 Rby. Fig 4 w/ End 1 Rby. Fig 4 w/ End 2 Rby. Fig 5 Rby. Fig. 1b Rby. Fig. 2a Rby. Fig. 2b Riff 2 Solo over Rbytbm Fig. 2a w/ Riff 1 1 2 CHORDS

-------------------- Transcribed by Emil Ortenmark, Tuned down 1/2-step Comments: I've always had mixed feelings about this song. I think the guitar work is almost classic KISS and the main riff is way cool, but I think (