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Stereophonics - Word Gets Around Part Two


Word Gets Around Part Two

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A A5 A7 Am7 Asus4 Asus4-G B(1) B(2) B-A B-E B-G Bm Bm7 C C#m7 C+9 D D#m7 D-A D-F# D-F#(1) D-F#(2) D5 D7-F# Dsus4 E E-B E7 Em Em7 F F# F#m G G-D G5 Gsus2(1) Gsus2(2)

Am I back for good? I said that I, said that I would be. She's down waist low trying, to make me happy. Because, Bridge 1 I like watching you. It's Chorus 1 time I tried, tried to check my, check my eyelids, check for holes. It's time I tr (