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Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge - Worst That Could Happen


Worst That Could Happen

(Difficulty: hard)
/ /A /D /F /G 1: C/G 2: C 2X; bass and organ enter 2nd time Ab Ab/Bb Ab/C Abm Abmaj7 Am Bb Bbm7/Eb C C/G C7/E Cmaj7/G D7/F# Db Dbm Dm Dm7/G Eb Eb/Bb Eb/G Eb7 Em F F/G F7/A Fm G N.C. except organ background vocals continue CHORDS

Verse 1: Girl, I heard you're getting married Heard you're getting married This time you're really sure And this is the end They say you really mean it This guy's the one that makes you feel So safe, so sane, and so secure, and Chorus: Bab (