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John Lennon - woman

1 Woman
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 CHORDS A, A6, Ab, Ab/Bb, Asus4, Bb, Bb6, Bbsus4, Bm, Bm7, Cm, Cm7, D, Dmaj9, Dsus2, Eb, Ebmaj9, Em, Em7, F#m, Fm, Fm7, G, G/A, GmDifficulty: hard
 return to normal E|----|--------|--4---|| D Em7 F#m Em7 B|----|--------|--3---|| Woman I can hardly express G|----|--1-----|------|| D Bm Em Asus4 A D|----|--------|------|| My mixed emotions at my thoughtlessness A|----|--------|------|| G Em7 F#m Asus4 A (
2 Woman
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 CHORDS A, Ab, Bb, Bm, Cm, D, Eb, Em, F#m, Fm, Gm, 224432, 466544Difficulty: hard
 return to normal A 002220 Asus4 002230 Eb xx5343 (66504x) Bb 688766 (113331) Bbsus4 688866 (113341) --> Standard tuning |e|B|D|G|A|E| --> Capo on 1st INTRO: Dsus4, D, Dadd9, D (Repeat 2x) VERSE 1: Woman, I can hardly express D Bm Em Asus4, A My mix (
3 Woman
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 CHORDS A, Ab, B, B6, Bb, Bb6, Bbsus4, Bsus4, C#m, C#m7, Cm, Cm7, E, E/G#, Eb, Eb/G, Ebmaj9, Emaj9, F#m, F#m7, Fm, Fm7, G#m, Gm, 131111, 134111, 134211, 231111, 234111, 242222, 244222, 355333, 466544Difficulty: hard
 return to normal Woman, I can hardly express my mixed emotions at my thoughtlessness. After all, I'm forever in your debt. And woman, I will try to express my inner feelings and thankfulness for showing me the meaning of success______. Chorus: Ooh,________ (
4 woman
  • Currently 3.2/5 Stars.
 TABS text onlyDifficulty: undetermined
 return to normal Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 21:33:40 GMT Woman By John Lennon by: Victor C. Perez intro: 4/4 |:Ebsus4 Eb| Ab/Eb Eb :| Eb Fm7 Eb/G Fm7 Woman, I can hardly express Eb Cm Fm Bbsus4 Bb my mixed emotions at my thoughtlessness. (
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