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Four Seasons - wonder what youll be


Wonder What Youll Be

(Difficulty: hard)
(G/D) (Gmaj7) / /A /B /F /G Ab Ab+: E-Ab-C Ab6/F Ab7/Gb Abmaj7/G Bb C C7/E D7 Dbm6: E-Ab-Bb-Db Eb6 Em Em7-5 F13: Eb-A-D F6/9: C-D-F-G F6: C-D-F-A G G/D G7/F Gm Gm7/F N.C. CHORDS

Verse 1: Wonder what you'll be /G F6/9 /E /D Wonder what you'll see Will somebody else /A /G F6 /E /D Mean more to you than me /G Cm7 /F F13 Bb /A /G You may be mine today But there will come a time when you will go your way C7/E: E-G-Bb-C (