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The Classics IV - Traces



(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A A7 A7sus4 Abmaj7 Am7-5 B7 Bb Bb7 Bb7sus4 Bbmaj7 Bm Bm7/A Bmaj7 C C#m7-5 C7 Cm Cm7/Bb D Db Dm7-5 Eb Ebmaj7 Em Em7 Emaj7 F# F#m F#m/C# F#m7-5/C Fm Fm7 G G#m7-5 G7 Gm/D Gm7-5/Db Gmaj7

verse 1: Faded photographs Covered now with lines and creases Tickets torn in half Memories in bits and pieces Traces of love long ago That didn't work out right Traces of love verse 2: Ribbons from her hair Souvenirs of days together The (