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Motherlode - When I Die


When I Die

(Difficulty: hard)
Cm F (Fm7/Bb) / Ab/Bb Am Bb13 Bbsus4 Bb Bbsus2 Bb7-9 <- implied by vocal barmonies Bm C C/G Cm7 D9/F# Dm7 Em Em/B F6/G F9 Fm Fm6 Fm7/Bb Fm7: xxx1 G6 G7 repeat bridge repeat to fade repeat verse 1 1 CHORDS

Fm7/Bb 091] Verse 1: Eb Gm7* Fm7 When I die I hope to be Fm7/Bb Cm7 F9 Ab/Bb Eb** A better man than you thought I'd be * Gm7/D during final repeat of verse 1 ** omitted during verse 4 and both repeats of verse 1 Verse 2: It's been hard to (