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H B (none)

H. Martin and R. Blane (none)

H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty) (2 songs)

H2o (none)

Ha Ha Tonka (none)

Habana Blues (none)

Tara Hack (none)

Hacker, Angela (1 song)

Hackett, Steve (1 song)

Sarit Hadad (none)

Haddaway (none)

Deitrick Haddon (none)

Haden (none)

Hades (none)

Hadouken (none)

Haemoth (none)

Georg Friedrich Haendel (none)

Hagar, Sammy (1 song)

Nina Hagen (none)

Hagfish (none)

Haggard (none)

Haggard, Merle (57 songs)

Noel Haggard (none)

Morgan Hahn (none)

Ali Haider (none)

Emily Haines (none)

Hair Of The Dog (none)

Haircut 100 (none)

Hajis Kitchen (none)

Hal (none)

Hal David/Burt Bacharach (none)

Hale (1 song)

Haley And The Comets, Bill (5 songs)

Cas Haley (none)

Half (none)

Half Man Half Biscuit (2 songs)

Half Way To Nowhere (1 song)

Halfcocked (none)

Halford (none)

Halfway To Gone (none)

Halfway To Hazard (none)

Halifax (none)

Frackowiak Halina (none)

Hall and Oates (none)

Hall, Charlie (3 songs)

Daryl Hall (none)

Hall, Lisa (1 song)

Hall, Tom T. (7 songs)

Hall, Trevor (1 song)

David Halley (none)

Geri Halliwell (none)

Johnny Hallyday (none)

Halo (none)

Halo Benders (none)

Halo Friendlies (none)

Neil Halstead (none)

Ernie Halter (none)

Ham, Pete (1 song)

Ayumi Hamasaki (none)

Stuart Hamblen (none)

Huelga De Hambre (none)

Josh Hamburger (none)

Hamilton Pool (none)

Anthony Hamilton (none)

Hamilton, George (1 song)

Marc Hamilton (none)

Nancy Hamilton (none)

Hamlet (none)

Jan Hammer (none)

Mc Hammer (none)

Hammerfall (none)

Peter Hammill (none)

Hammock (none)

Hammond, Albert (2 songs)

Beres Hammond (none)

John Hammond (none)

Hampton The Hamster (none)

Herbie Hancock (none)

Hancock, Wayne (1 song)

Georg Friedrich Handel (none)

George Frederic Handel (none)

Hands And Feet (none)

Hands On Approach (none)

Handsolo (none)

Handsome Devil (none)

Handsome Furs (none)

Handsome Ned (1 song)

Haney, Ben (2 songs)

BJ Haney (none)

Hangdogs (1 song)

Hangmans Joke (none)

Hangmen (1 song)

Hangnail (none)

Hank Fraley Experience (none)

Hanker (none)

Kay Hanley (none)

Hanlon, Darren (2 songs)

Hannah (1 song)

Kill Hannah (none)

Hannes, Wader (1 song)

Hannigan, Lisa (1 song)

Neil Hannon (none)

Hanoi Rocks (1 song)

Mike Hanopol (none)

Hansard, Glen (1 song)

Hansen Band (none)

Hanson (9 songs)

Hanson, Beck (1 song)

Jeff Hanson (none)

Jennifer Hanson (none)

Hanzel Und Gretyl (none)

Hapa (none)

Happenings (none)

Happy Campers (none)

Happy Mondays (none)

Happysad (none)

Har Mar Superstar (none)

Ed Harcourt (none)

Hard (none)

Hard Floor (none)

Hard N Phirm (none)

Hardcore Superstars (1 song)

Hardesty, Rich (2 songs)

Hardin, Tim (1 song)

John Wesley Harding (none)

Lee Harding (none)

Hardline (none)

Hardship Post (none)

Hardy, Francoise (3 songs)

Harem Scarem (none)

Morten Harket (none)

Harlem Yu (none)

Harley, Steve (2 songs)

Harling, Keith (1 song)

Harmer, Sarah (1 song)

Harmonium (none)

David Harness (none)

Jessica Harp (none)

Harper, Ben (4 songs)

Nick Harper (none)

Harper, Roy (1 song)

Harpo (none)

Harpo, Slim (1 song)

Kid Harpoon (none)

Michael Reno Harrell (none)

Calvin Harris (none)

David Ryan Harris (none)

Harris, Emmylou (31 songs)

Mark Harris (none)

Harris, Rolf (1 song)

Harrison, George (11 songs)

Noel Harrison (none)

Harry And The Potters (4 songs)

Beth Hart (none)

Corey Hart (none)

Freddie Hart (none)

Sam Hart (none)

Harte, Mickey (1 song)

John Hartford (none)

Dan Hartman (none)

Hartman, Phil (1 song)

Harvest, Barclay James (5 songs)

Harvey Danger (none)

Harvey, P J (4 songs)

P J Harvey (none)

Hasbens (none)

Hasenscheisse (none)

Gordon Haskell (none)

Scott Haslem (none)

Jostein Hasselgerd (none)

David Hasselhoff (none)

Hassisen Kone (none)

Haste (none)

Haste The Day (none)

Tony Hatch (none)

Molly Hatchet (none)

Hate Eternal (none)

Hatebreed (none)

Hater (none)

Hatesphere (none)

Juliana Hatfield (none)

Lalah Hathaway (none)

Charlotte Hatherley (none)

Haunted (none)

Haut (none)

Havards (1 song)

Have Heart (none)

Haven (none)

Will Haven (none)

Havens, Richie (1 song)

Kate Havnevik (none)

Havok In Hollywood (none)

Hawk, Nelson (1 song)

Aidan Hawken (none)

Chesney Hawkes (none)

Dale Hawkins (none)

Hawkshaw Hawkins (none)

Justin Hawkins (none)

Ron Hawkins (none)

Hawkins, Sophie B (1 song)

Ted Hawkins (none)

Hawkins, Tim (1 song)

Hawks (1 song)

Hawkwind (1 song)

Hawley, Richard (1 song)

Hawthorne Heights (1 song)

Hay, Colin (2 songs)

Hayden (8 songs)

Franz Joseph Haydn (none)

Hayede (none)

Hayehudim (none)

Carll Hayes (none)

Hayes, Darren (1 song)

Edwina Hayes (none)

Sean Hayes (none)

Hayes, Wade (1 song)

Hayley Westenra (1 song)

Warren Haynes (none)

Hayseed Dixie (none)

Hayward, Justin (1 song)

Hazel (none)

Lee Hazelwood (none)

Hazen Street (none)

Andre Hazes (none)

Hazies (none)

Hazlewood, Lee (30 songs)

Hazzard, Tony (1 song)

The Hazzards (none)

Carola Häggkvist (none)

He Is Legend (none)

Head Automatica (none)

Head East (none)

Head Wound City (none)

Anthony Stewart Head (none)

Headlights (none)

Headlights West (none)

Headstones (2 songs)

Headstrong (none)

Larry Heagle (none)

Healey, Jeff (1 song)

Hearsay (none)

Heart (2 songs)

Evangelista Heart (none)

Michael Heart (none)

Heartbreakers (1 song)

Heartland (none)

Hearts Grow (none)

Hearts That Hate (none)

Hearttland (none)

Horton Heat (none)

Heath, Brandon (2 songs)

Robert Heathcock (none)

Heathen (none)

Eric Heatherly (none)

Heatwave (none)

Heaven Shall Burn (none)

Heavens (none)

Heavens Gate (none)

Heavens To Betsy (none)

Heavy Heavy Low Low (none)

Heavy Jelly (none)

Heavy Metal Perse (none)

Heavy Stereo (none)

Heavy Trevy (none)

Heavy Vegetable (none)

Bobby Hebb (none)

Hecate Enthroned (none)

Maximilian Hecker (none)

Hed And London (none)

Hed P E (none)

Hed Pe (none)

Elin Hedberg (none)

Hedgehoppers Anonymous (none)

Michael Hedges (none)

Hedley (1 song)

Hee Haw Cast (none)


Hefner (none)

Hegenberg, Jan (1 song)

Heideroosjes (1 song)

Heifer (none)

Heikki (none)

Heinz Aus Wien (1 song)

Heinzmann, Stefanie (1 song)

Heir Apparant (none)

Heir Apparent (none)

Heiruspecs (none)

Hel (1 song)

The Helio Sequence (none)

Helium (none)

Helix (none)

Hell Is For Heroes (none)

Richard Hell (none)

Hella (none)

Hellacopters (none)

Hellbastard (none)

Hellbillies (2 songs)

Helldorado (none)

Hellfueled (none)

Hello Dave (none)

Hello Saferide (2 songs)

Hello Sailor (1 song)

Hello Seahorse (none)

Hello Stranger (none)

Hello Venray (none)

Hellogoodbye (1 song)

Helloween (none)

Hellshock (none)

Hellspawn (none)

Staffan Hellstrand (none)

Hellström, Håkan (2 songs)

Hakan Helltstrom (none)

Hellyeah (none)

Helm, Levon (2 songs)

Helmet (none)

Helmet And Thomson (1 song)

Thomas Helmig (none)

Helms, Bobby (4 songs)

Tom Helsen (none)

Helstar (none)

Hem (1 song)

Hemingway Corner (none)

Wade Hemsworth (none)

Bruce Henderson (none)

Hendrix, Jimi (6 songs)

Henema (none)

Don Henley (none)

Olaf Henning (none)

Henri Salvador (none)

Franciscus Henri (none)

Tommy Henriksen (none)

Henry Ate (none)

Joe Henry (none)

Ozark Henry (none)

Ken Hensley (none)

Deborah Henson (none)

Doris Henson (none)

Hepburn (none)

Hepcat (none)

Her Latest Flame (none)

Her Space Holiday (none)

Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass (none)

The Herd (none)

Herder, Nerf (1 song)

Hereford (none)

Divine Heresy (none)

Heritage Singers (none)

Herman And Gautes Band (none)

Herman's Hermits (15 songs)

Eric Herman (none)

Jerry Herman (none)

Hermano (none)

Hermes E Renato (none)

Hermes House Band (none)

Hermetica (none)

Marcos Hernandez (none)

Samuel Hernandez (none)

Saul Hernandez (none)

Herndon, Ty (2 songs)

Hero (none)

Heroes Del Silencio (none)

Heroes Of Heartache (none)

Heroesforsale (none)

Herrenmagazin (none)

Daniela Herrero (none)

Dave Herrick (none)

Hersh, Kristin (4 songs)

Herzig, Katie (2 songs)

Ari Hest (none)

Benny Hester (none)



Hewerdine, Boo (3 songs)

Hewitt Huntwork (none)

Jennifer Love Hewitt (none)

Hey (1 song)

Hey Mercedes (none)

Hey Monday (none)

Hey Rosetta (3 songs)

Hhead (none)

Hi My Name Is Earl (none)

Hi-standard (none)

Hiatt, John (3 songs)

Harry Hibbs (none)

Hickory (none)

Chris Hicks (none)

Dan Hicks (none)

Taylor Hicks (none)

Hidden Agenda (none)

Hidden Cameras (none)

Hidden In Plain View (1 song)

Hidell (none)

Hiding With Girls (none)

Hiflyer (none)

Jacques Higelin (none)

Higgins Bertie (none)

Higgins, Missy (2 songs)

High Adrenalin (none)

High And Mighty Color (none)

High Holy Days (none)

High Numbers (none)

High On Fire (none)

High Rise (1 song)

High School Musical (1 song)

High School Students (none)

High Voltage (none)

High, Beverly (2 songs)

The Higher (none)

Highly Avoided (none)

Highspeed Hayride (none)

Hightower (none)

Highway 101 (2 songs)

Highway Jackson (none)

Highwaymen (4 songs)

Highwire (none)

Utada Hikaru (none)

Hilera (none)

Benny Hill (none)

Dan Hill (none)

Dru Hill (none)

Hill, Faith (11 songs)

Hill, Ingram (4 songs)

Jordan Hill (none)

Lauryn Hill (none)

Cliff Hillis (none)

Hillman Leadon Perkins Mansfield Scheff (none)

Hillman Manassas (none)

Hillman, Chris (22 songs)

Hillsong (7 songs)

Hillsong United (1 song)

Hilltop (none)

Hilltop Hoods (none)

Paris Hilton (none)

Tyler Hilton (none)

Him (5 songs)

Peter Himmelman (none)

Himsa (none)

Hinder (2 songs)

Hindu Love Gods (none)

Stuart K Hine (none)

Hinojosa, Nicho (1 song)

Tish Hinojosa (none)

Hippos (1 song)

Hippy Dribble (1 song)

Aya Hirano (none)

Hirax (none)

Ludwig Hirsch (none)

Hiss (none)

Hit Me Tv (none)

Hit The Lights (none)

Hitchcock, Robyn (3 songs)

Russel Hitchcock (none)

Shimatani Hitomi (none)

The Hives (none)

Hizaki Grace Project (none)

Hjalle & Heavy (none)

Hjalmar (none)

Shawn Hlookoff (none)

Hoax (1 song)

Hoax, Terry (1 song)

Hoba Hoba Spirit (none)

Hobo Blues Band (none)

Jim Hobo (none)

Hochzeit (none)

Hocico (none)

Hockey Block (none)

Kane Hodder (none)

Roger Hodgson (none)

Gary Hoey (none)

Lauren Hoffman (none)

Hoffs, Susanna (3 songs)

Hoge, Will (1 song)

Hoja De Parra (none)

Hokku (1 song)

Hokus Pick (1 song)

The Hold Steady (none)

Gabriels Hold (none)

Holden (none)

Shane Holden (none)

Holdridge, Jason (1 song)

Allan Holdsworth (none)

Hole (1 song)

Holiday Parade (none)

Billie Holiday (none)

Holland (none)

Jolie Holland (none)

Jools Holland (none)

Val Holler (none)

Hollies (1 song)

Hollow (none)

The Holloways (none)

Holly Cole Trio (none)

Holly Golightly (none)

Holly Throsby (none)

Holly Tree (none)

Holly Williams (none)

Holly, Buddy (16 songs)

Hollywood Black (none)

Hollywood Ending (none)

Hollywood Rose (none)

Hollywood Undead (none)

Askil Holm (none)

Eddie Holman (none)

Rupert Holmes (none)

Holocaust (none)

Holocost (none)

Derek Holt (none)

Holt, Will (1 song)

Holy Soldier (none)

Steve Holy (none)

Holygun Crucifix (none)

Wang Lee Hom (none)

Hombres (none)

Hombres G (none)

Home Grown (none)

Home Made Kazoku (none)

Homer And Jethro (2 songs)

Homesick (none)

Homestarrunnercom (none)

Hometown Hero (none)

Hometown News (none)

Homosapiens (none)

Honeybrowne (1 song)

Honeybus (none)

Honeycombs, The (1 song)

Honeydogs (none)

Honeydrippers (none)

Honeyhoney (none)

Honeymoon Suite (none)

Honeywell, Peggy (1 song)

Honeyz (none)

Honkey Tonk Angels (1 song)

Honor Bright (none)

Honorary Title, The (5 songs)

Hoobastank (none)

Hood, Adam (1 song)

Hoodoo Gurus (none)

Hoods (none)

John Lee Hooker (none)

Hookers (none)

Hooters, The (1 song)

Hootie and The Blowfish (5 songs)

Hooverphonic (none)

Hope (none)

Hope Of The States (none)

Hopefield (none)

Hopes Die Last (none)

Hopesfall (none)

Hopkins Lightning (none)

David Hopkins (none)

Horde (none)

Horkyze Slize (none)

James Horner (none)

Horney Skelotons With Antlers (none)

Bruce Hornsby (none)

Horrorpops (none)

The Horrors (none)

Horse The Band (none)

Horslips (1 song)

Horton, Johnny (9 songs)

Hosford, Larry (1 song)

Hoshal (none)

Tamer Hosny (none)

Hostage Life (none)

Hot Action Cop (none)

Hot Apple Pie (none)

Hot Butter (none)

Hot Chip (none)

Hot Chocolate (none)

Hot Cross (none)

Hot Hot Heat (1 song)

The Hot Lies (none)

Hot Rod Circuit (none)

Hot Tuna (none)

Hot Water Music (none)

Hotdog (none)

Hotel Lights (none)

Hotrocks (none)

Hough, Julianne (1 song)

Houghton Weavers (none)

Israel Houghton (none)

Hour Cast (none)

Hour Of The Wolf (none)

House Of Fools (1 song)

The House Of Heroes (none)

House Of Pain (none)

Dave House (none)

James House (none)

Housemartins (3 songs)

Randy Houser (none)

Houston Calls (1 song)

Houston, David (1 song)

Joel Houston (none)

Thelma Houston (none)

Whitney Houston (none)

Howard, Rebecca Lynn (1 song)

Howards Alias (none)

Steve Howe (none)

Jeff Howell (none)

Tom Howie (none)

Howling Bells (none)

Howlin\' Wolf (none)

Sivert Hoyem (none)

Chris Hoyle (none)

Jonce Hristovski (none)

Freddie Hubbard (none)

Mother Hubbard (none)

Hubbard, Ray Wylie (5 songs)

Hudba Praha (none)

Vanessa Hudgens (none)

Phillip Hudnall (none)

Chad Hudson (none)

Jennifer Hudson (none)

Hues Corporation (none)

Huevos Rancheros (none)

Huey Lewis and the News (none)

Lars Hug (none)

Bill Hughes (none)

Glenn Hughes (none)

Hughes, Jedd (1 song)

Hughes, Tim (1 song)

Hugo (none)

Hujan (none)

Hum (none)

The Human Abstract (none)

Human Highway (none)

Human League (none)

Human Nature (none)

Human Television (none)

Humble Pie (none)

Engelbert Humperdinck (none)

Englebert Humperdink (none)

Hund Am Strand (1 song)

Bob Hund (none)

Hundred Reasons (none)

The Hunger (none)

Hungry Lucy (none)

Con Hunley (none)

Hunter Revenge (none)

Hunter Valentine (none)

Hunter, Ian (3 songs)

Kat Hunter (none)

Hunters And Collectors (1 song)

Huntingtons (1 song)

Cornell Hurd (none)

Hurricane Chris (none)

HURRICANE%231 (none)

Hurriganes (none)

Hurt (1 song)

Hurt Process (none)

Hurt, Mississippi John (1 song)

Hush (1 song)

Hush Puppies (none)

Hush Sound, The (1 song)

Michael Husiak (none)

Husker Du (2 songs)

Husky Rescue (none)

Ferlin Husky (none)

Ryan Huston (none)

William Hut (none)

Eric Hutchinson (none)

Huver (none)

Hvidsten, Anne (1 song)

Hvor Er De (none)

John Hyatt (none)

Hyde (none)

Hyland, Brian (1 song)

Hyland, James (1 song)

Hymnal (none)

Chrissie Hynde (none)

Hyper Static Union (none)

Hyperchild (1 song)

Hypnogaja (none)

Hypocrisy (none)

Hypothermia (none)

Hywire (none)

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