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I Against I (2 songs)

I Am Ghost (2 songs)

I Am Kloot (5 songs)

I Am The Avalanche (3 songs)

I Am X (4 songs)

I Can Make A Mess Like Nobodys Business (1 song)

I Corvi (none)

I Giganti (none)

I Hate Kate (3 songs)

I Hate Myself (1 song)

I Hate Sally (4 songs)

I Killed The Prom Queen (6 songs)

I Monster (1 song)

I Mother Earth (9 songs)

I Nine (1 song)

I Nuovi Angeli (none)

I Ratti Della Sabina (9 songs)

I Set My Friends On Fire (1 song)

I Voted For Kodos (4 songs)

I Was A Cub Scout (none)

I Wish I Was An Astronaut (1 song)

Ian Dury and the Blockheads (1 song)

Ian, Janis (2 songs)

Iaxe (2 songs)

Ibanez, Paco (1 song)

Icarus Line (4 songs)

Ice Age (1 song)

Ice Nine Kills (5 songs)

Iced Earth (6 songs)

Icehouse (1 song)

Ich Troje (none)

Ich Und Ich (none)

Icons Of Filth (5 songs)

Ida (1 song)

Idc (1 song)

Identity (none)

Idgits (4 songs)

Idiot Pilot (4 songs)

Idle Sons (1 song)

Eric Idle (none)

Idlewild (67 songs)

Idol, Billy (11 songs)

If All Else Fails (1 song)

If Hope Dies (1 song)

Enrique Iglasias (none)

Iglesias, Enrique (15 songs)

Iglesias, Julio (1 song)

Ignite (7 songs)

Ignorance (1 song)

James Iha (none)

Ihsan (none)

Iii, Hank Williams (3 songs)

Ikara Colt (9 songs)

Il Divo (1 song)

Il Nucleo (none)

Ildhur (1 song)

Iliketrains (1 song)

Ill Harmonics (none)

Ill Nino (39 songs)

Illectronic Rock (1 song)

Illegal 2001 (none)

Illes (none)

Illogicist (1 song)

Illscarlett (6 songs)

Illuminati, The (2 songs)

Im From Barcelona (2 songs)

Ima Robot (3 songs)

Imago (7 songs)

Imajin (none)

Imbruglia, Natalie (11 songs)

Imbue No Kudos (1 song)

Imik (1 song)

Immaculate Fools (none)

Immaculate Machine (none)

Immolation (15 songs)

Immortal (43 songs)

Immortal Technique (5 songs)

Immortallity (1 song)

Imogen Heap (1 song)

Impaled (1 song)

Impaled Nazarene (18 songs)

Impellitteri (1 song)

Impending Doom (3 songs)

Imperanon (2 songs)

Imperial (1 song)

Imperial Teen (2 songs)

Imperial Vipers (1 song)

Imperiet (1 song)

Impossibles (4 songs)

Impressions (1 song)

In Cadeo (none)

In Extremo (15 songs)

In Flames (85 songs)

In Perfect Silence (1 song)

In This Moment (1 song)

ina, (1 song)

George Inara (none)

Inborn (2 songs)

Incantation (3 songs)

Inch (2 songs)

Incinerate (1 song)

Incognito (none)

Incredible String Band (1 song)

Incubus (145 songs)

Indcent (none)

Indecent Obsession (1 song)

Indecisives (none)

Indephums (none)

Index Case (1 song)

Index, The Marble (2 songs)

Indexi (none)

Indian Ocean (1 song)

Indian Summer (2 songs)

Indians (2 songs)

Indica (none)

Indigenous (3 songs)

Indigo Girls (28 songs)

Individual Thought (1 song)

Indk (7 songs)

Indochine (2 songs)

Indus Creed (none)

Inersha (none)

Infadels, The (2 songs)

Infant Sorrow (none)

Infected Mushroom (5 songs)

Infectious Grooves (2 songs)

Inferno (2 songs)

Infierno 18 (1 song)

Infinate Distruction (1 song)

Infinite Mass (2 songs)

Information Society (none)

Ingenting (none)

Ingram, Jack (8 songs)

Ingram, James (1 song)

Inhabited (1 song)

Inhale Exhale (6 songs)

Injected (3 songs)

Inkubus Sukkubus (3 songs)

Inmates, The (1 song)

InMe (27 songs)

Inner Circle (9 songs)

Inner Stereo (1 song)

Inner Voices (none)

Neil Innes (none)

Innocence Mission (3 songs)

Innocent Blood (none)

Innocent Bystanders (3 songs)

Innuendo (4 songs)

Inquisition (13 songs)

Insane Clown Posse (51 songs)

Insanity (2 songs)

Inside Out (1 song)

Inside Straight (none)

Inside The Whale (none)

Insite (1 song)

Insolence (2 songs)

Insomnium (1 song)

Inspection 12 (2 songs)

Inspection 3 16 (none)

Inspector (1 song)

Inspiral Carpets (6 songs)

Institute (5 songs)

Instruction (1 song)

Insurrection (none)

Insyderz (2 songs)

Integrity (9 songs)

International Noise Conspiracy (2 songs)

Interpol (33 songs)

Interstellar (1 song)

Intheclear (1 song)

Into Eternity (7 songs)

Intocable (none)

Intoxicados (1 song)

Intoxicated (none)

Introvoys (1 song)

Intwine (3 songs)

Involuntary Spasm (1 song)

INXS (35 songs)

Iommi, Tony (7 songs)

Ios (none)

Iq (none)

Ira (3 songs)

Ireland, James (1 song)

Irglova, Marketa (1 song)

Johnny Irion (none)

Iris (none)

Donny Iris (none)

Irish Descendants (none)

Irish Rovers (4 songs)

Iron Butterfly (8 songs)

Iron Cross (2 songs)

Iron Horse (1 song)

Iron Maiden (189 songs)

Iron Monkey (2 songs)

Ironfire (2 songs)

Ironic Rockproject (none)

Irrational (1 song)

Irtaash (none)

Irving (3 songs)

Katie Irving (none)

Irwansyah (none)

Isaacs, Gregory (3 songs)

Isaacson, Jeremiah (1 song)

Michael Isaacson (none)

Isaak, Chris (59 songs)

Patrik Isaksson (none)

Isengard (3 songs)

Ishida, Naoto (2 songs)

Ishimoto, Takeharu (1 song)

Isis (2 songs)

Zona Iskljucenja (none)

Yusuf Islam (none)

Islands (2 songs)

Isle Of Q (2 songs)

Isley Brothers, The (4 songs)

Ismael Serrano (1 song)

Isolation Years (none)

Israel Kamakawiwoole (2 songs)

It Bites (3 songs)

It Dies Today (15 songs)

Itchy Poopzkid (7 songs)

Itchyworms (5 songs)

Yuna Ito (none)

Its A Beautiful Day (1 song)

Ivan, Montenegro (1 song)

Ives, Burl (3 songs)

Ivory Joe Hunter (none)

Ivory Knight (1 song)

Thriving Ivory (none)

Ivy (3 songs)

Ivy Wall (1 song)

Ivys Butterfly (1 song)

Bruddah Iz (none)

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