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L, Jack (1 song)

L.A. Guns (5 songs)

L.L. Cool J (3 songs)

L7 (24 songs)

La Barranca (none)

La Fuga (none)

La Grande Sophie (1 song)

La Gusana Ciega (2 songs)

La Ley (5 songs)

La Luna (none)

La Mocosa (none)

La Mosca Tse (none)

La Onda Vaselina (1 song)

La Oreja de Van Gogh (2 songs)

La Polla Records (3 songs)

La Portuaria (none)

La Puta Electrica (none)

La Quinta Estacion (none)

La Renga (5 songs)

La Resistencia (2 songs)

La Secta (1 song)

La Souris Deglinguee (none)

La Triple Nelson (1 song)

La Vela Puerca (3 songs)

Laakso (none)

Lab (none)

Labradford (1 song)

Lachey, Nick (1 song)

Jacek Lachowicz (none)

Lack Of Limits (none)

Laconia (none)

Lacrimas Profundere (4 songs)

Lacrimosa (2 songs)

Lacuna Coil (38 songs)

Ladder Truck (5 songs)

Lads (1 song)

Lady Antebellum (1 song)

Lady Gaga (1 song)

Lady Isadora (1 song)

Lady Pank (none)

Lady Sovereign (2 songs)

The Ladybug Transistor (none)

Ladyfuzz (1 song)

Ladyhawk (2 songs)

Ladyhawke (1 song)

Ladytron (6 songs)

Laf, Tony (1 song)

Lafave, Jimmy (2 songs)

Lafee (2 songs)

Toontje Lager (none)

Lagwagon (93 songs)

Emma Lahana (none)

Laibach (1 song)

Laidback (1 song)

Laine, Fraknie (1 song)

Frankie Laine (none)

Laith Al (1 song)

Lajoie, Jon (2 songs)

Lake Of Tears (26 songs)

Greg Lake (none)

Lakeman, Seth (2 songs)

Lalaine Vergara (none)

Laleh (1 song)

Lamb (1 song)

Lamb Of God (32 songs)

Yvan Lambatan (none)

Lambchop (1 song)

Lambert, Miranda (5 songs)

Lamkey, Collin (3 songs)

Lamont (1 song)

Joe Lamont (none)

Lamontagne, Ray (7 songs)

David Lamotte (none)

Lampa, Rachael (2 songs)

Major Lance (none)

Land Of Airplanes (none)

Land Of Talk (1 song)

Landreth, Sonny (2 songs)

Landry, John (3 songs)

Charlie Landsborough (none)

Landser (6 songs)

Landslide (none)

Asher Lane (none)

Lane, Chris (1 song)

Lane, Jaryd (1 song)

Lane, Magneta (2 songs)

Lane, Ronnie (1 song)

Sam Lane (none)

Shawn Lane (none)

Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan (none)

Lanegan, Mark (7 songs)

Lang, Johnny (1 song)

Lang, Jonny (6 songs)

Lange, Ilse De (3 songs)

Langhorne Slim (1 song)

Lano And Woodley (5 songs)

Lanois, Daniel (3 songs)

Tommi Lantinen (none)

Lapd (1 song)

Lapointe, Eric (4 songs)

Lapointe, Pierre (1 song)

Lard (23 songs)

Larger Than Life (3 songs)

Larkin, Patty (6 songs)

Amel Larrieux (none)

Larrikin Love (9 songs)

Larry The Cable Guy (1 song)

Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards (21 songs)

Blaine Larsen (none)

Larsen, Kim (3 songs)

Marit Larsen (none)

Brie Larson (none)

Nicolette Larson (none)

LaRue (none)

Larusso (none)

Las Ketchup (none)

Las Pastillas Del Abuelo (1 song)

Las Pelotas (none)

Las Trampas De Lily (none)

Lasgo (none)

The Lash (none)

Lashes, The (1 song)

Ari Lasso (none)

Last Alliance (none)

Last Days Of April (2 songs)

Last Night Rival (1 song)

Last Resort (2 songs)

Last Tuesday (3 songs)

Last Winter (2 songs)

Last Years Hero (none)

Laswell, Greg (2 songs)

Lata Mangeshkar (1 song)

Latch Key Kid (none)

Late (6 songs)

Late Arrival (1 song)

Late Of The Pier (5 songs)

Latitude Blue (1 song)

Kenny Lattimore (none)

Lau, Andy (1 song)

Raymond Lauchengco (none)

Jim Lauderdale (none)

Laufer (6 songs)

Laughing Colors (none)

Laughing Gravy (1 song)

Lauper, Cyndi (4 songs)

Laura (none)

Laura Story (none)

Laurie, Hugh (2 songs)

Antonio Lauro (none)

Rebecca Lavelle (none)

Lavigne, Avril (30 songs)

Lavin, Christine (2 songs)

Joe Lavoie (none)

Lawerence, Tracy (2 songs)

Lawnmower Deth (1 song)

Nathan Lawr (none)

Lawrence Arms (16 songs)

Kris Lawrence (none)

Lawrence, Tracy (11 songs)

Lawson, Doyle (1 song)

Lawson, Happy Herbert (2 songs)

Lawson, Happy Herbert (2 songs)

Russell Lawson (none)

Russell Lawson (none)

Shannon Lawson (none)

Laxnbusto (1 song)

Laymen Terms (1 song)

Shontelle Layne (none)

Martyn Layzell (none)

Laz Ananaz (1 song)

Lazaro's Dog (1 song)

Lazee (none)

Lazy Sods (2 songs)

Lazytown (3 songs)

La's, The (4 songs)

LBM (none)

Lcd Soundsystem (1 song)

Le Chat Noir (3 songs)

Le Orme (1 song)

Le Tigre (10 songs)

Le Vibrazioni (5 songs)

Leadbelly (6 songs)

Leaders (1 song)

Leadon Georgiades Band (1 song)

Leaf (2 songs)

Leaf Hound (2 songs)

Leahy (none)

Leak (1 song)

Fausto Leali (none)

Leary, Denis (2 songs)

Leatherface (5 songs)

Leathermouth (none)

Leaves (none)

Leaves Eyes (2 songs)

Leb I Sol (2 songs)

LeBlanc and Carr (none)

Leclerc, Felix (1 song)

Led Zeppelin (206 songs)

Tomas Ledin (none)

LeDoux, Chris (7 songs)

Lee Andrews and the Hearts (none)

Lee Ritenour (none)

Lee, Albert (2 songs)

Lee, Alvin (2 songs)

Lee, Amos (4 songs)

Lee, Ben (18 songs)

Coco Lee (none)

Curtis Lee (none)

Dickey Lee (none)

Jake E. Lee (none)

Jake E. Lee (none)

Lee, Johnny (1 song)

Kristy Lee (none)

Lee, Peggy (1 song)

Lee, Shawn (2 songs)

Lee, Tommy (6 songs)

Lee, Yuri De (1 song)

Leeland (2 songs)

Leep27 (1 song)

Leeuw And Hazes (none)

Leevi And The Leavings (3 songs)

Leevi And The Leevings (none)

Left Alone (20 songs)

The Left Banke (none)

Left Hand Solution (none)

Left Of Center (none)

Left Out Kid (2 songs)

Left Right Out (1 song)

Left Unsaid (3 songs)

Lefthanded (none)

Leftover Crack (23 songs)

Leftover Salmon (7 songs)

Lefty (1 song)

Legacy Of Hate (1 song)

Legend (none)

Legend, John (5 songs)

Legendary Shack Shackers (1 song)

Legends Never Die (2 songs)

Legg, Adrian (12 songs)

Legio Urbana (none)

Legion Of Darkness (1 song)

Legion Of Doom (1 song)

Legiro Urbana (none)

Tom Lehrer (none)

Leif Og Kompisane (none)

Danni Leigh (none)

Richard Leigh (none)

Leisure Siut Riot (2 songs)

Leitch, Donovan (6 songs)

Damien Leith (none)

Lekman, Jens (5 songs)

Lela (none)

Leloup, Jean (7 songs)

Lemar (3 songs)

Lemarc, Peter (1 song)

Daniel Lemma (none)

Lemon Demon (3 songs)

Lemon Fog (none)

Lemon Jelly (4 songs)

Lemonator (none)

Lemonheads (131 songs)

Ute Lemper (none)

Len (8 songs)

Lenchantin, Paz (1 song)

Leng Tche (3 songs)

Leningrad (2 songs)

Lenka (none)

Lennon, John (66 songs)

Lennon, Julian (3 songs)

Sean Lennon (none)

Ted Lennon (none)

Lennox, Annie (1 song)

Lennox, Jon (1 song)

Lenorman, Gerard (1 song)

Leo, Ted (11 songs)

Leo, Victor E (2 songs)

Gieco Leon (none)

Leon, Joey De (1 song)

Leonard, Hal (1 song)

Leandro E Leonardo (none)

Leonardos Bride (none)

Leontiou, Kristian (2 songs)

Leopard, Dave (1 song)

Lerche, Sondre (2 songs)

Lerner, Alejandro (2 songs)

Lerner/Loewe (none)

Leroy (none)

Les Betteraves (1 song)

Les Denis Drolets (none)

Les Fatals Picards (none)

Les Fourmis Malefiques (none)

Les Guignols De Linfo (none)

Les Incompetents (none)

Les Inconnus (1 song)

Les Innocents (none)

Les Marmottes Aplaties (1 song)

Les Nuls (2 songs)

Les Poppys (none)

Les Sans Culottes (none)

Les Savy Fav (6 songs)

Les Trois Accords (2 songs)

Les VRP (4 songs)

Les Vulgaires Machins (5 songs)

Les Wampas (1 song)

Juice Leskinen (none)

Roy Lesley (none)

Fantastic Leslie (none)

Less (1 song)

Less Than Jake (130 songs)

Lester, Flatt (1 song)

Ketty Lester (none)

Let It Burn (2 songs)

Lets Go Sailing (none)

Letter Kills (5 songs)

Lettermen (none)

Letters To Cleo (2 songs)

Letto (1 song)

Letu Stuke (none)

Let's Go Bowling (1 song)

Leusemia (none)

Level 42 (6 songs)

Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftan (2 songs)

Levellers (26 songs)

Haluk Levent (none)

Levi Kreis (none)

Levi, Eric (1 song)

Leviathan (2 songs)

Michael Leviton (none)

Levy, Barrington (1 song)

Lewis, Aaron (7 songs)

Crystal Lewis (none)

Donna Lewis (none)

Lewis, Gary (7 songs)

Lewis, Huey (1 song)

Lewis, Jeffrey (3 songs)

Lewis, Jenny (1 song)

Lewis, Jerry Lee (41 songs)

Lewis, Juliette (3 songs)

Laurie Lewis (none)

Lewis, Leona (1 song)

Jan Leyers (none)

LFO (1 song)

Lhasa (none)

Lhasa De Sela (none)

Lykke Li (none)

Liam Finn (2 songs)

Ronni Liang (none)

Ronnie Liang (none)

Liar, Carolina (2 songs)

Liars (1 song)

Liars Academy (1 song)

Liberats (2 songs)

Libertines (17 songs)

Liberty X (none)

Libido (9 songs)

Licht, Daniel (3 songs)

Peter Licht (none)

Lichtenstein, Max Avery (1 song)

Dean Lickyer (none)

Jamie Lidell (none)

Lido Venice, The (1 song)

Liebert, Ottmar (5 songs)

Liekki (none)

Life In A Metro (2 songs)

Life In Your Way (1 song)

Life Long Tragedy (3 songs)

Life Of Agony (64 songs)

Life Of Riley (1 song)

Lifehouse (25 songs)

Lifelover (6 songs)

Lifer (3 songs)

Lifeseeker (1 song)

Lifetime (4 songs)

Lifter (1 song)

Ligabue (50 songs)

Light Funky Ones (2 songs)

Light This City (4 songs)

Lightfoot, Gordon (25 songs)

Lighthouse (none)

Lighthouse Family (2 songs)

Lightman, Toby (7 songs)

Lightnin Hopkins (1 song)

Lightning Seeds (25 songs)

Lights (1 song)

Katherine Elizabeth Lightsey (none)

Lightspeed Champion (8 songs)

Lightthatguides (none)

Lightyear (4 songs)

Like (2 songs)

Like A Stuntman (none)

Lil Flip (2 songs)

Lil Jon And The East Side Boys (2 songs)

Lila, Elsa (1 song)

Lars Lilholt (none)

Lillasyster (2 songs)

Lillingtons, The (4 songs)

Lillix (7 songs)

Lilyjets (none)

Lil' Wayne (16 songs)

Limahl (1 song)

Limbeck (3 songs)

Limblifter (1 song)

Banda Limon (none)

Limozeen (1 song)

Limp Bizkit (124 songs)

Limp Wrist (14 songs)

Jimmy Lin (none)

Linchpin (1 song)

Lincoln Brewster (6 songs)

Espen Lind (none)

Udo Lindenberg (none)

Lindisfarne (11 songs)

Lindley, David (1 song)

Lindsey Pool (1 song)

Graham Lindsey (none)

Lindy (none)

Line, The (2 songs)

Linea 77 (4 songs)

Linen (2 songs)

Lines, Aaron (1 song)

Anne Linet (none)

Link 80 (1 song)

Linkin Park (83 songs)

Johannes Linstead (none)

Lio (1 song)

Lion, Pedro The (18 songs)

Lioneye, Daniel (6 songs)

Lior (2 songs)

Liot, Alex (1 song)

Lipnicka, Anita (1 song)

Inc. Lipps (none)

Lipscomb, Mance (3 songs)

Liquid Tension Experiment (1 song)

Liquido (5 songs)

Liquits (none)

Lisasmith (none)

Liszt, Franz (2 songs)

Lit (38 songs)

Litfiba (7 songs)

Lito Camo (1 song)

Little Angels (3 songs)

Little Anthony & the Imperials (1 song)

Little Big Town (5 songs)

Little Birdy (2 songs)

Little Feat (6 songs)

The Little Flames (none)

Little Joy (none)

Little Man Tate (7 songs)

Little Rabbits (2 songs)

Little River Band (4 songs)

Little Steven (1 song)

Little Texas (3 songs)

Little Village (none)

Little Wings (none)

Little Yellow Box (1 song)

Littlest Man Band (none)

Littrell, Brian (1 song)

Live (94 songs)

Lively Ones (1 song)

Liveonrelease (20 songs)

Livin Down (2 songs)

Living Children (none)

Living Colour (24 songs)

Living End (32 songs)

Living It Up (2 songs)

Living Sacrifice (4 songs)

Living Syndication (1 song)

Living Things (5 songs)

Hilda Lizarazu (none)


Melissa Liznick (none)

The LizTucky Posse (none)

Lizzy Borden (2 songs)

Llach, Lluis (1 song)

Llan de Cubel (1 song)

Lloyd Webber, Andrew (4 songs)

Lloyd, Alex (7 songs)

Bill Lloyd (none)

Lmnt (1 song)

Lo (1 song)

Lo, Ismael (1 song)

Lo, Jason (1 song)

Lo-tel (2 songs)

Lobo (2 songs)

Local H (37 songs)

Viejas Locas (none)

Lock 53 (1 song)

Locklin, Hank (3 songs)

Locksley (none)

Loco (1 song)

Harry Loco (none)

Locust (2 songs)

Lodge, John (3 songs)

Lodger (2 songs)

Loeb, Lisa (18 songs)

Frank Loesser (none)

Lofgren, Nils (8 songs)

Nils Lofgren (none)

Lofofora (2 songs)

Loggins & Messina (8 songs)

Loggins, Kenny (3 songs)

Logh (5 songs)

Logos (1 song)

Jimmie Logsdon (none)

Jimmy Logsdon (none)

Lohan, Lindsay (3 songs)

Loikaemie (1 song)

Loituma (1 song)

Lojze Slak (none)

Lola Ray (2 songs)

Lollipop Lust Kill (2 songs)

Loman (1 song)

Londinium Spqr (none)

London After Midnight (7 songs)

London Beat (none)

London Symphony Orchestra (1 song)

London, Hillsong (2 songs)

Julie London (none)

Lone Justice (1 song)

Lonely Kings (1 song)

Lonesome River Band (6 songs)

Lonesome Strangers (1 song)

Lonestar (8 songs)

Loney Dear (none)

Long Addiction (3 songs)

Long Beach Dub Allstars (2 songs)

Long Beach Shortbus (none)

Long Blondes, The (2 songs)

Long Distance Call (none)

Long John Baldry (2 songs)

Long Shot Hero (1 song)

Long Winters (3 songs)

Long, Ryan (3 songs)

Long-view (1 song)

Longpigs (1 song)

Longwave (2 songs)

Lonzo and Oscar (none)

Look Mexico (none)

Looking Glass (2 songs)

Loose Fur (1 song)

Looser Kids (1 song)

Loozer (none)

Lopez, Jennifer (7 songs)

Lopez, Oscar (2 songs)

Loquat (1 song)

Loquillo Y Los Trogloditas (2 songs)

Lord Belial (5 songs)

Lord Gore (8 songs)

Lord, Mary Lou (5 songs)

Lordi (15 songs)

Lordian Guard (none)

Lords Of The Stone (1 song)

Lorene Drive (1 song)

Los 007 (none)

Los Autenticos Decadentes (1 song)

Los Bravos (none)

Los Bunkers (4 songs)

Los Campesinos (none)

Los Chichos (none)

Los Crudos (3 songs)

Los De Adentro (1 song)

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs (1 song)

Los Fastidios (none)

Los Fresones Rebeldes (none)

Los Gardelitos (none)

Los Halos (none)

Los Hermanos (1 song)

Los Infernos (1 song)

Los Kjarkas (none)

Los Lobos (18 songs)

Los Locos (none)

Los Lonely Boys (11 songs)

Los Marcellos Ferial (none)

Los Mojarras (1 song)

Los Mox (3 songs)

Los Panchos (1 song)

Los Paranoicos (none)

Los Piojos (4 songs)

Los Piratas (1 song)

Los Planetas (2 songs)

Los Prisioneros (5 songs)

Los Pulentos (1 song)

Los Rancheros (none)

Los Rastrillos (none)

Los Ratones Paranoicos (1 song)

Los Saicos (none)

Los Spiders (none)

Los Tigres Del Norte (1 song)

Los Tipitos (none)

Los Tres (2 songs)

Loserquest (1 song)

Loso (5 songs)

Lost and Found (none)

Lost Cause (5 songs)

Lost City Angels (1 song)

Lost Horizon (none)

Lost Icons (none)

Lost North Star (1 song)

Lost Point (1 song)

Lost Souls (6 songs)

Lost Trailers (2 songs)

Lost Trailers (none)

Lostprophets (38 songs)

Lotion (2 songs)

Lotto King Karl (5 songs)

Lotus (1 song)

Bonnie Lou (none)

Lou, Tiger (3 songs)

Loud Lucy (4 songs)

Loud Silence (2 songs)

Loudblast (1 song)

Loudermilk (none)

Loudermilk, John D. (1 song)

Loudmouth (3 songs)

Loudness (3 songs)

Louis (1 song)

Louis Xiv (6 songs)

Louis, Daquin (1 song)

Anett Louisan (none)

Louisan, Annett (1 song)

Lounge Flounders (none)

Lounge, Lailas (1 song)

Gary Louris (none)

Louvin Brothers, The (4 songs)

Charlie Louvin (none)

Sara Lov (none)

Lovato, Demi (4 songs)

Love (7 songs)

Love Among Freaks (1 song)

Love and Rockets (8 songs)

Love Apple (1 song)

Love Arcade (2 songs)

Love As Laughter (1 song)

Love Automatic (1 song)

Love Equals Death (3 songs)

Love Is All (none)

Love Is Colder Than Death (1 song)

Love Like Blood (1 song)

Love Like Electrocution (1 song)

Love Outside Andromeda (none)

Love Puddle (2 songs)

Love Spit Love (1 song)

Love Story Hero (1 song)

Love, Caitlyn Taylor (1 song)

Love, Courtney (7 songs)

Love, Darlene (1 song)

Lovebugs (none)

Loved Ones, The (4 songs)

Lovedrug (7 songs)

Lovehammers (2 songs)

Bill Lovelady (none)

Loveless, Patty (8 songs)

Loverboy (1 song)

Lovett, Lyle (21 songs)

Lovex (2 songs)

Lovi Poe (none)

Lovin' Spoonful, The (1 song)

The Lovin\' Spoonful (none)

Low (10 songs)

Low Cash Overflow (none)

Low Life, The (5 songs)

Low Millions (none)

Low Vs Diamond (none)

Lowdown (1 song)

Lowe, Nick (4 songs)

Lowen & Navarro (4 songs)

Lower Class Brats (13 songs)

Lowest of the Low (5 songs)

Lowgold (none)

Lowpen (1 song)

Mark Lowry (none)

Rachel Loy (none)

Vlatko Lozanoski (none)

Lpg (none)

Lrb (1 song)

Lu (none)

Lubben, Dave (1 song)

Lubeh (1 song)

Luce (none)

Luce, Renan (1 song)

Lucerin Blue (2 songs)

Lucero (8 songs)

Luciano (none)

Lucifer (none)

Luck Not Judgement (1 song)

The Lucksmiths (none)

Lucky 13 (1 song)

Lucky 7 (3 songs)

Lucky Boys Confusion (16 songs)

Lucky, Jim (1 song)

Lucybell (3 songs)

Ludacris (13 songs)

Ludo (2 songs)

Lufkin, Olivia (1 song)

Lugosch, Eric (1 song)

Luie Hond (none)

Lukather, Steve (2 songs)

Luke, Pickett (3 songs)

Lullacry (none)

Lulu (2 songs)

Lulu Belle & Scotty (1 song)

Luman, Bob (1 song)

Lumen (none)

Lumsk (none)

Luna (3 songs)

Luna Sea (1 song)

Lunachicks (3 songs)

Lunapop (none)

Lunatic Asylum (1 song)

Lunatica (none)

Lund, Corb (2 songs)

Lundell, Ulf (20 songs)

Lunik (2 songs)

Lunsford, Mike (1 song)

Lurkers (1 song)

Lurking Grue (none)

Luscious Jackson (3 songs)

Lush (26 songs)

Lustig, Peter (1 song)

Lustre (1 song)

Ingram Luther (none)

Luti (3 songs)

Lux Courageous (1 song)

Luxus Leverpostei (none)

Luz Casal (none)

Lycia (1 song)

Lydia (2 songs)

Lyenex (1 song)

Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers (none)

Lync (1 song)

Lynch Mob (1 song)

Connie Lynch (none)

Lynch, George (4 songs)

Lynch, Liam (3 songs)

Lynch, Mateo (1 song)

Lynch, Stephen (18 songs)

Lyndsay Diaries (12 songs)

Crystal Lynn (none)

Lynn, Loretta (8 songs)

Vera Lynn (none)

Lynne, Jeff (2 songs)

Lynne, Shelby (1 song)

Vera Lynne (none)

Phil Lynott (none)

Lynyrd Skynyrd (none)

Lynyrd Skynyrd (90 songs)

Dana Lyons (none)

The Lyrical Madmen (none)

Kevin Lyttle (none)

L'Arc-en-Ciel (7 songs)

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