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M Craft (3 songs)

M.I.R.V. (2 songs)

M2 (2 songs)

M2M (7 songs)

Christophe Ma (none)

Maanam (2 songs)

Gerard Van Maasakkers (none)

Mac Dre (4 songs)

Mac, Steve (1 song)

Macabre (25 songs)

Macaco (none)

MacAlpine, Tony (7 songs)

Macanally, Mac (2 songs)

Macc Lads (1 song)

Maccabees, The (7 songs)

Ewan Maccoll (none)

Ewan Maccoll (none)

Maccoll, Kirsty (1 song)

Macdonald, Amy (1 song)

Mach Turtle (2 songs)

Machete Avenue (none)

Machinae Supremacy (3 songs)

Machine Gun Fellatio (1 song)

Machine Head (90 songs)

Machine Translations (2 songs)

Machinemade God (2 songs)

Machinery Hall (6 songs)

Maciej, Silski (1 song)

Macisaac, Ashley (2 songs)

Billy Mack (none)

Mack, Charles (1 song)

Maclean, Dougie (3 songs)

Maclean, Tara (2 songs)

Macrosick (none)

Mactatus (none)

Mad At Gravity (3 songs)

Mad Caddies (14 songs)

Mad Capsule Markets (23 songs)

Mad Season (11 songs)

Mad Urban (1 song)

Madame Kay (none)

Madasun (1 song)

Madball (13 songs)

Madcap (2 songs)

Madcon (1 song)

Madder Rose (5 songs)

Made In Mexico (2 songs)

Made In Sweden (none)

Jed Madela (none)

Madeleine Peyroux (none)

Madeline (none)

Madina Lake (2 songs)

Madison (none)

Madison Avenue (1 song)

Madness (8 songs)

Madonna (17 songs)

Madredeus (1 song)

Madrugada (14 songs)

Madsen (5 songs)

Madside (1 song)

Mae (11 songs)

Peter Maffay (none)

Maga (none)

Magazine (1 song)

Magdallan (none)

Magdangal, Jolina (1 song)

Magic Dirt (2 songs)

Magic Numbers, The (1 song)

Magnapop (20 songs)

Magne F (none)

Magness, Janiva (1 song)

Magnet (none)

Magnetic Fields (7 songs)

Magnolia Electric Company (none)

Magnolia Y Los No Me Olvides (3 songs)

Magnum (4 songs)

Mago De Oz (24 songs)

Magpie (none)

Magtens Korridorer (3 songs)

Maguire (1 song)

Mahavishnu Orchestra (4 songs)

Maher, Matt (2 songs)

Mahir (none)

Mahon, Gus (1 song)

Mahones (2 songs)

Maida, Raine (4 songs)

Mainstay (1 song)

Mainstream (1 song)

Maj Karma (2 songs)

Majandra (none)

Majke (none)

Major Accident (7 songs)

Major Lingo (1 song)

Major, Charlie (1 song)

Make Up Your Mind (1 song)

Make Your Stand (1 song)

Tommy Makem (none)

Maker (none)

Makers (none)

Making April (3 songs)

Mal (none)

Mal Pasar (none)

Mala Fide (1 song)

Maladjusted (1 song)

Malaysian Ibanese (none)

Malcolmondo (1 song)

Maldroid (1 song)

Malemen (1 song)

Maciej Malenczuk (none)

Malevolent Creation (20 songs)

Malicious Midgets (1 song)

Malignancy (1 song)

Jesse Malin (none)

MALINKY (none)

Jay Malinowski (none)

Maliqi, Jonida (1 song)

Malkmus, Stephen (1 song)

Dave Mallet (none)

Bill Mallonee (none)

Malmsteen, Yngwie (64 songs)

Malmsteen, Yngwie (115 songs)

Malo (2 songs)

Malone, Michelle (2 songs)

David Maloney (none)

Maloy, Zac (1 song)

Mama Ladilla (1 song)

Mama Pulpa (none)

Mamas And The Papas, The (8 songs)

Samantha Mamba (none)

Mamonas Assassinas (none)

Mamontovas, Andrius (3 songs)

Man (none)

Man Man (3 songs)

Man On Earth (1 song)

Man or Astro-Man? (32 songs)

Man, Method (3 songs)

Man, Music (3 songs)

Mana (37 songs)

Raymond Manalo (none)

Manana (none)

Manassas (5 songs)

Manatee (1 song)

Manateee (1 song)

Manbai (none)

Manchester Orchestra (11 songs)

Mancini, Henry (3 songs)

Mandatory Death (none)

Mandel, Johnny (1 song)

Mark David Manders (none)

Mandisa (none)

Mando Diao (9 songs)

Mandolin (2 songs)

Mandrell, Barbara (2 songs)

Manegarm (1 song)

Manfred Mann (3 songs)

Manfredi, Nino (1 song)

Manga (none)

Dan Mangan (none)

Mangore, Agustin Barrios (1 song)

Manhattan Project (1 song)

Manhattan Transfer (none)

Manhattans, The (1 song)

Manheim Steam Roller (1 song)

Manhole (2 songs)

Manic Drive (2 songs)

Manic Hispanic (2 songs)

Manic Street Preachers (69 songs)

Manilla Road (1 song)

Barry Manilow (none)

Mann, Aimee (9 songs)

Barry Mann (none)

Mannequin, Jacks (8 songs)

Manning, Dayna (2 songs)

Mannoia Fiorella (none)

Jason Manns (none)

Manntis (5 songs)

Manny Pacquiao (none)

Mano Negra (none)

Manomano (1 song)

Manongdo, Jeremy (1 song)

Manowar (19 songs)

Mansell, Clint (6 songs)

Gérard Manset (none)

Gérard Manset (none)

David Mansfield (none)

Manson, Charles (1 song)

Manson, Marilyn (243 songs)

Mansun (17 songs)

Mantekilla (none)

Manticora (1 song)

Manu Chao (12 songs)

Manuel, Victor (1 song)

Manwhich (1 song)

Manyths (2 songs)

Map (none)

Marah (2 songs)

Marbles (none)

Marcel (none)

Marcella (none)

Augie March (none)

Marchman, Houston (1 song)

Marco, Gian (3 songs)

Marcy Playground (37 songs)

Marduk (35 songs)

The Mardy Bums (none)

Marea (2 songs)

Adam Margie (none)

Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos (21 songs)

Maria, Ida (1 song)

Rainer Maria (none)

Mariangela (1 song)

Mariano, Adrian (1 song)

Marie (1 song)

Georgia Marie (none)

Teena Marie (none)

Mariha (none)

Marillion (34 songs)

Marina, Anya (2 songs)

Mario (4 songs)

Marion (2 songs)

Marion Raven (3 songs)

Marionettes (5 songs)

Maritime (2 songs)

Mark Of Cain (2 songs)

Robin Mark (none)

Biz Markie (none)

Marks, Kenny (1 song)

Markski, Dj (1 song)

Markus Hook Roll Band (1 song)

Marlango (1 song)

Marley, Bob (67 songs)

Bob Marley (none)

Marley, Damian (2 songs)

Marley, Stephen (1 song)

Marley, Ziggy (2 songs)

Marlin, Lene (4 songs)

Marling, Laura (3 songs)

Marlon Und Freunde (none)

Marlow, Lee (1 song)

Marmaduke Duke (2 songs)

Marmalade (1 song)

Marmottes Aplaties (3 songs)

Maroon 5 (27 songs)

Marques Houston (2 songs)

Marquess (1 song)

Karel Marquez (none)

Bryan Marr (none)

Johnny Marr (none)

Marra, Michael (2 songs)

Mars Volta (24 songs)

Marshall Tucker Band (5 songs)

Marshall, Amanda (9 songs)

Mickie Lee Marshall (none)

Marsters, James (2 songs)

Martha And The Muffins (3 songs)

Martha And The Vandellas (none)

Martika (none)

Jarkko Martikainen (none)

Brad Martin (none)

Martin, Caroline (1 song)

Charlotte Martin (none)

Dean Martin (none)

Heather Martin (none)

Jimmy Martin (none)

Martin, Keith (1 song)

Martin, Leland (1 song)

Martin, Ricky (4 songs)

Martina McBride & Bob Seger (none)

Martina McBride & Jim Brickman (none)

Alice Martineau (none)

Martinez, Angie (1 song)

Martinis (none)

Al Martino (none)

Martino, Kelly De (1 song)

Martsch, Doug (1 song)

Marty Stuart & Travis Tritt (none)

Marty Stuart & Travis Tritt (none)

Martyn, John (4 songs)

Martyr Ad (2 songs)

Zanjoe Marudo (none)

The Marvelettes (none)

Marvelous 3 (5 songs)

Marx, Groucho (1 song)

Marx, Richard (12 songs)

Mary Beats Jane (1 song)

Judy Mary (none)

Marys Danish (3 songs)

Maryzark (8 songs)

Masappan (none)

Masayah (1 song)

Mascaleros (none)

Mascara Story, The (3 songs)

Lionnel Mascarenhas (none)

Mascots, The (1 song)

Mashina (1 song)

Mashlin (1 song)

Masini, Marco (1 song)

Mason Proffit (1 song)

Mason Proffitt (2 songs)

Mason, Dave (4 songs)

Mila Mason (none)

Mason, Willy (4 songs)

Mass Budgie Suicide (1 song)

Massacre (1 song)

Massada (1 song)

Massari (3 songs)

Massive Attack (6 songs)

Master Joey (1 song)

Master Keys (none)

Master Race (none)

Masterplan (4 songs)

Masters Apprentices (3 songs)

Masters Of Reality (1 song)

Mastodon (9 songs)

Masuda, Junichi (1 song)

Masuda, Toshio (1 song)

Masuda, Toshiro (3 songs)

Vanessa Da Mata (none)

Matchbook Romance (8 songs)

Matchbox (none)

Matchbox 20 (32 songs)

Matches (10 songs)

Miguel Mateos (none)

Material Issue (5 songs)

Ray Materick (none)

Mates Of State (1 song)

Wendy Mathews (none)

Mato Grosso E Mathias (none)

Johnny Mathis (none)

Mathiske, Bruce (1 song)

Matisyahu (6 songs)

Rachel Matkin (none)

Matmatah (none)

Matpackers (none)

Jonah Matranga (none)

Matrioska (none)

Matt And Randy (none)

Matt Mays And El Torpedo (none)

Matt White Band (1 song)

Jim Matt (none)

Matta Band (none)

Mattafix (3 songs)

Mattea, Kathy (5 songs)

Matters, Syd (1 song)

Matthew Good Band (25 songs)

Scott Matthew (none)

Matthews, Artie (1 song)

Cerys Matthews (none)

Matthews, Dave (13 songs)

Matthews, Ian (3 songs)

Jake Matthews (none)

Matthews, Scott (4 songs)

Serena Matthews (none)

Mauboy, Jessica (1 song)

Maurizio (none)

Mavericks, The (12 songs)

Mawillies (1 song)

Max, Kevin (4 songs)

Maxeen (1 song)

Maximo Park (9 songs)

Maximum Hank (none)

Maximum The Hormone (3 songs)

Maxwell (2 songs)

May (none)

May, Brian (6 songs)

Mayall, John (2 songs)

Mayday (1 song)

Mayday Parade (7 songs)

Mayer, John (86 songs)

Peter Mayer (none)

Timothy Mayer And James Taylor (none)

The Mayfield Four (none)

Mayfield, Curtis (1 song)

Mayfield, Jessica Lea (1 song)

Mayfield, Moses (2 songs)

Percy Mayfield (none)

Mayhem (13 songs)

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster (9 songs)

Mayonnaise (7 songs)

Mays, Matt (4 songs)

Mazarin (none)

Mazzy Star (33 songs)

Müller-Westernhagen, Marius (3 songs)

Müller-Westernhagen, Marius (7 songs)

Mboys 09 (none)

Mc Lars (2 songs)

Mc, Punjabi (1 song)

Mc5 (12 songs)

Daniel Mcadoo (none)

Mcalmont And Butler (none)

McAnally, Mac (1 song)

MCBRIDE & THE RIDE (5 songs)

McBride, Martina (9 songs)

McCain, Edwin (11 songs)

C.W. McCall (none)

Darrell McCall (none)

Toussaint Mccall (none)

Lila Mccann (none)

Scott McCanzy (none)

Scott McCanzy (none)

Mccartney, Jesse (5 songs)

Paul McCartney (none)

McCartney, Paul (63 songs)

Bruce Mcchulloch (none)

Mcclain, Charly (2 songs)

Mike Mcclellan (none)

Mcclelland, Melissa (1 song)

McClenney, Linda (1 song)

McClinton, Delbert (3 songs)

Mike Mcclure (none)

Donnie McClurkin (none)

Mccoll, Ewan (1 song)

Brian Mccomas (none)

McComb, Jeremy (3 songs)

Mccourt, Joe (1 song)

Mccoy, Jason (2 songs)

Mccoy, Neal (5 songs)

McCoy, Van (1 song)

Mccoys, The (2 songs)

Mccrane, Paul (1 song)

Mccready, Mindy (2 songs)

Mccready, Rich (26 songs)

Mick Mccue (none)

Ian Mcculloch (none)

Mccurdy, Pat (1 song)

John McCutcheon (none)

Martine Mccutcheon (none)

Mcd (1 song)

Bob McDill (none)

Brent Mcdonald (none)

Richie McDonald (none)

Mcdonald, Shawn (4 songs)

Jason Mcdonough (none)

Ronnie McDowell (none)

McEntire, Reba (7 songs)

Mcevoy, Eleanor (5 songs)

Mcfadden, Brian (1 song)

Mcfly (18 songs)

Mcgann, Jack (13 songs)

Kate And Anna Mcgarrigle (none)

Mcgee, Sam (1 song)

Mcgee, Sam And Kirk (1 song)

Mcginn, Mark (2 songs)

McGinty (none)

McGovern, Maureen (2 songs)

Mcgraw (1 song)

McGraw, Tim (76 songs)

Ewan McGregor (none)

Mcguinn Clark And Hillman (none)

Mcguinn Clark And Hillman (15 songs)

Mcguinn, Hillman (4 songs)

Mark McGuinn (none)

McGuinn, Roger (63 songs)

Eugene McGuinness (none)

Flint Mcguinness (none)

Mcguire, Barry (2 songs)

Mchayes (none)

Stephanie Mcintosh (none)

Joey Mcintyre (none)

Duff Mckagan (none)

Mckee, Andy (2 songs)

Bonnie Mckee (none)

Mckee, Maria (5 songs)

McKenna, Lori (9 songs)

Mckenna, Martin (1 song)

Mckennitt, Loreena (7 songs)

Ginger Mckenzie (none)

Mckinnon, Trenton (1 song)

Mcknight, Brian (1 song)

McLachlan, Sarah (40 songs)

McLauchlan, Murray (1 song)

McLaughlin, John (7 songs)

McLean, Don (26 songs)

Mclennan, Grant (2 songs)

Mclintock, Harry (3 songs)

Daryl Mcloughlin (none)

Mclusky (8 songs)

McMaster & James (none)

Mcmurtry, James (4 songs)

Mcmurtry, James (1 song)

McNarland, Holly (3 songs)

Rita Mcneil (none)

Mcqueen (1 song)

Mcrae, Tom (4 songs)

Mctell, Ralph (4 songs)

David Mcwilliams (none)

Md 45 (2 songs)

Mdc (9 songs)

Mdo (none)

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes (49 songs)

David Mead (none)

Jason Meadows (none)

Meadows, Randy (2 songs)

Meat Loaf (10 songs)

Meat Puppets (41 songs)

Meatmen (5 songs)

Shakira Mebarak (none)

Mecano (1 song)

Glenn Medeiros (none)

Medicine (2 songs)

Glenn Mediros (none)

Eddie Meduza (none)

Walter Meego (none)

Meekal Hasan Band (1 song)

Kenny Meeks (none)

Meeks, Travis (3 songs)

Meet Uncle Hussein (none)

Meeuwis, Guus (1 song)

Meg And Dia (none)

Meg And Dia Band, The (4 songs)

Mega Mindy (none)

Megadebt (1 song)

Megadeth (131 songs)

Megaherz (8 songs)

Meganoidi (none)

Hayashibara Megumi (none)

Garrett Mehok (none)

Meiko (3 songs)

Thom Meinert (none)

Kevin Meisel (none)

Meisner, Randy (2 songs)

Meister (1 song)

Meja (1 song)

Luke Mejares (none)

Mekaal Hasan Band (1 song)

Mekka Music (none)

Mekons (4 songs)

Mel Street (6 songs)

Rose Melberg (none)

Melechesh (3 songs)

Melee (2 songs)

Tony Melendez (none)

Melillo, Dave (5 songs)

Melins, Torgny (1 song)

Mellencamp, John (27 songs)

Mellencamp, John Cougar (6 songs)

Ken Mellons (none)

Mellowdrone (1 song)

Brian Melo (none)

Melody Angel (none)

Melody Club (none)

Melodyssey (none)

Melon Diesel (none)

Melon, Cravin (4 songs)

Melon, Ed (2 songs)

Meloy, Colin (1 song)

Meltdown (none)

Melted Welly (1 song)

Melua, Katie (1 song)

Melvins (77 songs)

Members (2 songs)

Men at work (7 songs)

Men Oppose (none)

Men Without Hats (3 songs)

Men Women And Children (1 song)

Javiera Mena (none)

Mena, Maria (3 songs)

Menace (2 songs)

Mendeed (3 songs)

Meneguzzi, Paolo (2 songs)

Jauns Meness (none)

Menhir (2 songs)

Menken, Alan (1 song)

Menomena (1 song)

Menswear (1 song)

Mental (1 song)

Mental As Anything (1 song)

Mental Distortion (3 songs)

Idina Menzel (none)

Meola, Al Di (8 songs)

Mephisto Walz (6 songs)

Mercedes Band (1 song)

Mercenary (3 songs)

Mercey Brothers (none)

Merchant, Natalie (6 songs)

Mercury Rev (6 songs)

Daniela Mercury (none)

Freddie Mercury (none)

Mercy Me (7 songs)

Mercy Within Brutality (2 songs)

Mercyful Fate (21 songs)

Merediths (none)

Meriwether (3 songs)

Merlin (none)

Ethel Merman (none)

Merril Bainbridge (2 songs)

Max Merritt (none)

Stephin Merritt (none)

Tift Merritt (none)

The Merseybeats (none)

April Meservy (none)

Meshuggah (7 songs)

Mess (1 song)

Jeremy Messersmith (none)

Messiah (3 songs)

Jim Messina (none)

Messina, Jo Dee (5 songs)

Messina, Mateo (1 song)

Mest (32 songs)

Metal Church (17 songs)

Metal Force (1 song)

Metallica (243 songs)

Meteors, The (1 song)

Meters (7 songs)

Metheny, Pat (10 songs)

Method Of Destruction (1 song)

Methods Of Mayhem (1 song)

Metric (8 songs)

Metro Riots (1 song)

Metro Station (6 songs)

Metrokueen (2 songs)

Mew (6 songs)

Mewithoutyou (14 songs)

Mexican Stds (1 song)

Mexicanto (none)

Mey, Reinhard (3 songs)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (none)

Meyers, Krystal (1 song)

Lori Meyers (none)

Meyle, Gregor (1 song)

Mgmt (5 songs)

Mgzvarebi (none)

Mi Numero Perfecto (none)

Mi2 (none)

Mi6 (1 song)

Mia (3 songs)

Mia Rose (none)

Mic Christopher (none)

Micah P Hinson (4 songs)

Michael And Company (none)

Michael Learns To Rock (6 songs)

Michael Stanley Band (none)

Michael Stanly Band (none)

Michael, George (11 songs)

Jude Michael (none)

Kevin Michael (none)

Michaels, Bret (1 song)

Jason Michaels (none)

Lee Michaels (none)

Michaelson, Ingrid (3 songs)

Roberta Michele (none)

Michelle (none)

Anne Dorte Michelsen (none)

Mickey 3d (1 song)

Micky & The Motorcars (none)

Microphones (3 songs)

Middle Class Fool (2 songs)

Middle Of The Road (1 song)

Middleton, Malcolm (4 songs)

Malcom Middleton (none)

Midevil (1 song)

Midlake (3 songs)

Midler, Bette (4 songs)

Midnight Aria (1 song)

Midnight Canyon (2 songs)

Midnight Choir (none)

Midnight Movies (1 song)

Midnight Oil (36 songs)

Midnight Society (2 songs)

Midnight Special Band (1 song)

Midnight Star (1 song)

Midnight Syndicate (2 songs)

Midnite (1 song)

Midon, Raul (5 songs)

Midtown (10 songs)

Ainars Mielavs (none)

Mighty Midgets (none)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The (49 songs)

Mighty Wah (none)

Migra Violenta (1 song)

Miguel Y Miguel (none)

Miguel, Luis (1 song)

Mika (3 songs)

Mikaila (none)

Mike And The Mechanics (4 songs)

Mike V And The Rats (1 song)

Gavin Mikhail (none)

Varga Miklos (none)

Milano, Elle (2 songs)

Milburn (10 songs)

Sam Milby (none)

Miles Hunt Club (1 song)

Miles, Robert (3 songs)

Milestone (1 song)

Milk Inc (1 song)

Amy Millan (none)

Christina Millan (none)

Bart Millard (none)

Millencolin (60 songs)

Miller Stain Limit (none)

Miller, Bill (1 song)

Miller, Buddy (4 songs)

Dean Miller (none)

Derek Miller (none)

Dub Miller (none)

Frankie Miller (none)

Miller, Glen (2 songs)

Miller, Itai (1 song)

Julie Miller (none)

Miller, Kate (1 song)

Lance Miller (none)

Ned Miller (none)

Rhett Miller (none)

Miller, Roger (12 songs)

Miller, Scott (4 songs)

Miller, Steve (36 songs)

Million Dead (9 songs)

Millionaire (4 songs)

Mills Brothers, The (3 songs)

Mills, Ben (1 song)

Donnie Mills (none)

Garry Mills (none)

Levi Mills (none)

Milow (2 songs)

Milsap, Ronnie (3 songs)

Little Milton (none)

Mimesis (1 song)

Mimi And Richard Farina (none)

Mimikry (1 song)

Mims (1 song)

Ashley Mims (none)

Mina (1 song)

Tito Mina (none)

Minatori (3 songs)

Tim Minchin (none)

Mindbenders (1 song)

Mindless Drug Hoover (1 song)

Mindless Self Indulgence (26 songs)

Mineral (2 songs)

Ming Tea (1 song)

Amedeo Minghi (none)

Mingus, Charles (1 song)

Miniature Tigers (none)

Minibosses (none)

Ministry (58 songs)

Kylie Minogue (none)

Minor Flaw (none)

Minor Majority (1 song)

Minor Threat (37 songs)

Minor, Shane (2 songs)

Mint Chicks, The (6 songs)

Mint Royale (1 song)

Mintzkov (2 songs)

Minus (1 song)

Minus 5 (none)

Minus Story (none)

Minus The Bear (24 songs)

Minuteman (1 song)

Minutemen (25 songs)

Miossec (5 songs)

Miracle Fortress (1 song)

Miracle Legion (1 song)

Miracle Of 86 (none)

Miracles, The (1 song)

Mirah (7 songs)

Miranda (1 song)

Miranda Cosgrove (1 song)

Amie Miriello (none)

Mirkelam (none)

Mirrors Show Lies (1 song)

Lani Misalucha (none)

Misanthrope (1 song)

Misc. Broadway (3 songs)

Misc. Cartoons (65 songs)

Misc. Children (22 songs)

Misc. Christmas (122 songs)

Misc. Christmas (none)

Misc. Classical (22 songs)

Misc. Computer Games (188 songs)

Misc. Country and Western (111 songs)

Misc. Cowboy (29 songs)

Misc. Games (11 songs)

Misc. Gospel (211 songs)

Misc. Irish (26 songs)

Misc. Jazz (1 song)

Misc. Movies (5 songs)

Misc. National Anthems (2 songs)

Misc. Nursery Rhymes (1 song)

Misc. Religious (none)

Misc. Religious (9 songs)

Misc. Scales (24 songs)

Misc. Showtunes (5 songs)

Misc. Soundtrack (253 songs)

Misc. Television (257 songs)

Misc. Television (2 songs)

Misc. Traditional (204 songs)

Misc. Unsigned Bands (3509 songs)

Misc. Wwf (26 songs)

Misc. Your Songs (158 songs)

Mischief Brew (none)

Misconduct (1 song)

Los Miserables (none)

Misery Ink (1 song)

Misery Loves Co (11 songs)

Misery Signals (1 song)

Misfit 244 (2 songs)

Misfits (182 songs)

Mishka (6 songs)

Miskovsky, Lisa (4 songs)

Misled (1 song)

Miss Li (1 song)

Miss May I (none)

Miss Vintage (2 songs)

Missing 23rd (5 songs)

Missing Filemon (2 songs)

Mission (28 songs)

Mission Of Burma (1 song)

Missionless (2 songs)

Missy Elliot (5 songs)

Mistaken For The Cia (5 songs)

Mister Mister (1 song)

Mister Monster (2 songs)

Mistress (2 songs)

Misty Edwards (5 songs)

Mistys Big Adventure (none)

Yuri Misumi (none)

Misunderstanding Rage (2 songs)

Misunderstood (1 song)

Mitch And Mickey (1 song)

Mitch Hansen Band (1 song)

Mitch, Ill (1 song)

Mitchell Chad Trio (none)

Mitchell, Anais (2 songs)

Eddy Mitchell (none)

John Cameron Mitchell (none)

Mitchell, Joni (81 songs)

Mitchell, Kim (8 songs)

Mitchell, Lisa (3 songs)

Mitchum, Robert (1 song)

Mithotyn (6 songs)

Mithras (1 song)

Mitsouko, Rita (2 songs)

Mitsuda, Yasunori (2 songs)

Miwako, Okuda (1 song)

Mixelpricks (6 songs)

Mixtwitch (none)

Miyavi (5 songs)

Mizer, Malice (2 songs)

Mizraab (1 song)

Mk Ultra (none)

Mlod (1 song)

Mo, Keb (6 songs)

Anika Moa (none)

Mobb Deep (2 songs)

Mobile (2 songs)

Mobius Band (1 song)

Moby (13 songs)

Moby Dick (3 songs)

Moby Grape (2 songs)

Mod (3 songs)

Model, Rol (1 song)

Modena City Ramblers (3 songs)

Moderatto (3 songs)

Modern Day John (none)

Modern Day Zero (1 song)

Modern English (5 songs)

Modern Lovers (10 songs)

Modern Skirts (1 song)

Modern Talking (none)

Modest Mouse (130 songs)

Modjo (none)

Mods (1 song)

Domenico Modugno (none)

Moe (12 songs)

Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley (1 song)

Joey Moe (none)

Moen, Don (1 song)

Moenia (none)

Moffatts (4 songs)

Mofos (1 song)

Mofro (1 song)

Mogumbo Project, The (1 song)

Mogwai (17 songs)

Moi Dix Mois (5 songs)

Emmanuel Moire (none)

Teri Moise (none)

Moist (14 songs)

Moistboyz (1 song)

Fantan Mojah (none)

Mojave 3 (1 song)

Mojo Nixon And The Toadliquors (none)

Mojo The Helper Monkey (1 song)

Mojofly (3 songs)

Moke (4 songs)

Mokoma (1 song)

Moldy Peaches (9 songs)

Molestible (none)

Molinari, Pete (1 song)

Molly (none)

Molly Jenson (none)

Molo (none)

Moloko (1 song)

Molotov (13 songs)

Moltheni (none)

Moments (none)

Moments In Grace (none)

Moments In Tragedy (none)

Mommas Liquor Cabinet (2 songs)

Moms Cake (1 song)

Mon (1 song)

Monaco (1 song)

Monahan, Pat (1 song)

Monche, Pharoahe (1 song)

Monday In London (1 song)

Mondlock, Buddy (1 song)

Mondo Generator (3 songs)

Moneen (6 songs)

Money Mark (3 songs)

Money, Eddie (7 songs)

Moneybrother (none)

Mongol 800 (1 song)

Mongols, The (3 songs)

Mongrain, Erik (1 song)

Monica (none)

Monique Tute (none)

Monjes Budistas (none)

Monk And Neagle (none)

Monk, Thelonious (7 songs)

Monkees, The (23 songs)

Monkey Spanks (none)

Monkey Steals The Peach (1 song)

Monkeysoop (2 songs)

Monks (2 songs)

Mono (4 songs)

Mono Puff (1 song)

Mononc Serge (1 song)

Monoral (1 song)

Monroe, Bill (19 songs)

Charlie Monroe (none)

Monroe, Cherry (1 song)

Gerry Monroe (none)

Marilyn Monroe (none)

Monroes (none)

Monster Magnet (35 songs)

Monster Squad (3 songs)

Monstrosity (1 song)

Montana, Billy (1 song)

Montana, Hannah (6 songs)

Patsy Montana (none)

Montaner, Ricardo (1 song)

Montero, Danilo (2 songs)

Montgomery, John Michael (4 songs)

Montgomery, John Michael (7 songs)

Kevin Montgomery (none)

Montgomery, Monte (3 songs)

Montgomery, Nathan (1 song)

Montgomery, Wes (2 songs)

Montrose (4 songs)

Montrose, Ronnie (2 songs)

Monty Are I (3 songs)

Monty Norman (1 song)

Monty Python (6 songs)

Montys Fan Club (1 song)

Monza (none)

Moody Blues, The (26 songs)

Moody, Ben (1 song)

Mooi Wark (none)

Moon Safari (1 song)

Moonblood (3 songs)

Mooney Suzuki (2 songs)

Moonpools And Caterpillars (4 songs)

Moonraker (1 song)

Moonsorrow (1 song)

Moonspell (11 songs)

Moonstar 88 (3 songs)

Moony (none)

Moore And Napier (none)

Bobby Moore (none)

Moore, Charlie (1 song)

Moore, Christy (7 songs)

David Moore (none)

Moore, Dorothy (1 song)

Moore, Gary (24 songs)

Geoff Moore (none)

Moore, Ian (8 songs)

Justin Moore (none)

Katie Moore (none)

Mandy Moore (none)

Moore, Thurston (7 songs)

Moore, Vinnie (2 songs)

Allison Moorer (none)

Moos (1 song)

Moose Express (none)

Moot Point (2 songs)

Mor Ve Otesi (1 song)

Vinicius de Moraes (none)

Moral Crux (3 songs)

Moral Decay (1 song)

Morandi (1 song)

Gianni Morandi (none)

Rick Moranis (none)

Moravagine (none)

Morbid (3 songs)

Morbid Angel (82 songs)

Morbid Saint (none)

Morcheeba (1 song)

Morda (3 songs)

Mordecai (none)

Moreau, Jeanne (3 songs)

Morello, Tom (1 song)

Moreno, Anette (1 song)

Aristides Moreno (none)

Morgan Heritage (1 song)

Morgan, Cindy (1 song)

Morgan, Craig (15 songs)

George Morgan (none)

Lorrie Morgan (none)

Reuben Morgan (none)

Morganfield, McKinley (2 songs)

Jay Morgans (none)

Moriarty (none)

Morissette, Alanis (33 songs)

Morkgryning (2 songs)

Morley, Luke (2 songs)

Tom Morley (none)

Morlix, Gurf (1 song)

Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The (2 songs)

The Morning After Girls (none)

Morning Glory (4 songs)

Morning Musume (3 songs)

Morning Runner (3 songs)

Moro, Fabrizio (1 song)

Giorgio Moroder (none)

Moros Eros (3 songs)

Morphine (1 song)

Morricone, Ennio (8 songs)

Eliot Morris (none)

Morris, Gary (3 songs)

Jim Morris (none)

R.B. Morris (none)

Russell Morris (none)

Morrisey, Bill (1 song)

Howard Morrison (none)

Morrison, James (1 song)

Morrison, Van (46 songs)

Mark Morriss (none)

Morrissey (39 songs)

Morrow, Cory (2 songs)

Morse, Steve (18 songs)

Mortal (1 song)

Mortal Treason (3 songs)

Mortician (70 songs)

Mortifera (1 song)

Mortification (14 songs)

Morton, Jelly Roll (3 songs)

Tex Morton (none)

Morty (1 song)

Mosall, Liz (1 song)

Moses Chun (none)

Most Precious Blood (4 songs)

Mostly Autumn (1 song)

Mostly Bears (1 song)

Motel (2 songs)

Motel Carpet Suite (none)

Mother Goose (4 songs)

Mother Love Bone (7 songs)

Mother Mother (1 song)

Mother Tongue (3 songs)

Motherlode (none)

Mothermania (1 song)

Mothersbaugh, Mark (1 song)

Motion City Soundtrack (20 songs)

Motley Crue (79 songs)

Moto Boy (none)

Motograter (8 songs)

Motor Ace (2 songs)

Motorhead (167 songs)

Motorhomes (1 song)

Motorpsycho (5 songs)

Mott The Hoople (5 songs)

Sandy Mouche (none)

Mould, Bob (13 songs)

Mount Eerie (none)

Mount Sims (1 song)

Mountain (9 songs)

Mountain Goats (9 songs)

Mountain Ramblers (none)

Mouret (3 songs)

Mourning September (1 song)

Mourning Tide (2 songs)

Mouse (none)

Mouse And The Mask, The (1 song)

Georges Moustaki (none)

Mouthwash (1 song)

Move (2 songs)

Movielife (5 songs)

Moving Mountains (1 song)

Moving On (2 songs)

Moving Units (3 songs)

Moxy (none)

Moxy Fruvous (9 songs)

Alison Moyet (none)

Mozart Season (4 songs)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (14 songs)

Mozella (1 song)

Mr Bungle (7 songs)

Mr Children (2 songs)

Mr Ed Jumps The Gun (1 song)

Mr Loco (none)

Mr Pink (1 song)

Mr Scruff (1 song)

Mr T Experience (2 songs)

Mr. Big (9 songs)

Mraz, Jason (35 songs)

Mrnorth (none)

Msg (3 songs)

Msic Unsigned Bands (none)

Mstrkrft (2 songs)

Mt Egypt (none)

Mu330 (3 songs)

Mucas Face (1 song)

Mucc (3 songs)

Mucky Pup (1 song)

Mud (1 song)

Mudcrutch (1 song)

Mudhoney (42 songs)

Mudmen (3 songs)

Mudvayne (63 songs)

Mueller (none)

Ina Mueller (none)

Marius Mueller (none)

Muff Potter (2 songs)

Muffs (10 songs)

Mugison (none)

Mugshot (2 songs)

Maria Muldaur (none)

Garry Mulgrew (none)

Mulheren, Joe (2 songs)

Mull Historical Society (none)

Mull, Martin (3 songs)

Moon Mullican (none)

Nicole C Mullins (none)

Mullins, Rich (1 song)

Mullins, Shawn (6 songs)

Multicyde (1 song)

Mum (none)

Samantha Mumba (none)

Mumm (5 songs)

Mummies, The (1 song)

Mumsdollar (4 songs)

Mundy (1 song)

Municipal Waste (2 songs)

Martha Munizzi (none)

Munkafust (1 song)

Munly (2 songs)

Daniel Munoz (none)

Matt Munro (none)

David Munyon (none)

Muppets (none)

Murder By Death (4 songs)

Murder City Devils (4 songs)

Murder Squad (1 song)

Murderdolls (27 songs)

Murdoch, Alexi (3 songs)

Zeki Muren (none)

Murmurs (11 songs)

Murphey, Michael Martin (11 songs)

Murphy, David Lee (7 songs)

Elliot Murphy (none)

Murphy, John (1 song)

Murphy, Peter (10 songs)

Murphy, Roisin (1 song)

Murphys Law (3 songs)

Murray Head (none)

Murray, Anne (3 songs)

Murray, Chris (1 song)

Muscles (1 song)

Muse (73 songs)

Mushroomhead (51 songs)

Music (13 songs)

Music Explosion (none)

Music Machine (none)

Musical Youth (none)

Musikatha (none)

Musiq (2 songs)

Musiq Soulchild (1 song)

Mason Musso (none)

Must (none)

Mustajarvi, Pate (1 song)

Mustard Plug (10 songs)

Mustasch (3 songs)

Mutabor (4 songs)

Mute Math (2 songs)

Muthas Day Out (none)

Mutiilation (3 songs)

Mutya Buena (1 song)

Max Mutzke (none)

MVP (2 songs)

MxPx (150 songs)

My American Heart (10 songs)

My Bitter End (2 songs)

My Bloody Valentine (9 songs)

My Chemical Romance (36 songs)

My Diet Pill (1 song)

My Dying Bride (45 songs)

My Favorite Highway (1 song)

My Friend Steve (1 song)

My Getaway (1 song)

My Hero Is Me (2 songs)

My Latest Novel (2 songs)

My Life Story (none)

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (1 song)

My Midnight Creeps (none)

My Morning Jacket (5 songs)

My Red Bullet (1 song)

My Ruin (9 songs)

My Silent Wake (none)

My Sweet Disaster (5 songs)

My Tam (none)

My Teenage Stride (1 song)

My Vitriol (28 songs)

Mychildren Mybride (2 songs)

Myddle Class (none)

Mydogtrevor (1 song)

Myers, Billie (1 song)

Myers, Dave (1 song)

Stanley Myers (none)

Lars Martin Myhre (none)

Myles, Alannah (1 song)

Myles, David (1 song)

Heather Myles (none)

Mylo (2 songs)

Mymp (15 songs)

Mynning (none)

Rudi Myntevik (none)

Myopic Son (1 song)

Myra (none)

Myslovitz (8 songs)

Mystery Jets (3 songs)

Mystic Roots Band (2 songs)

Mysticum (1 song)

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