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P Ramlee (none)

Master P (none)

P. Diddy (none)

P.O.D. (none)

Matt Pond Pa (none)

Paatos (none)

Petey Pablo (none)

Pacar, Johnny (1 song)

Pace, Brigitte (1 song)

Johann Pachelbel (none)

Pacifier (none)

The Paddingtons (none)

Paddy Goes To Holyhead (none)

Padi (none)

Gino Padilla (none)

Fito Paez (none)

Nicolo Paganini (none)

Lindsay Pagano (none)

Pagans Mind (none)

Page & Plant (none)

Page France (4 songs)

Jimmy Page (none)

Patti Page (none)

Thomas Alden Page (none)

Michel Pagliaro (none)

Florent Pagny (none)

Pago (none)

Pagoda (1 song)

Allison Paige (none)

Jennifer Paige (none)

Pain (none)

Pain In The Ass (none)

Pain of Salvation (none)

Paint It Black (none)

Paisley, Brad (21 songs)

David Pajo (none)

Palace (2 songs)

Pale Blackout (none)

Pale Fountains (none)

Pale Kids (none)

Pale Young Gentlemen (none)

Paleface (1 song)

Palladium (none)

Athena Pallas (none)

Nerina Pallot (none)

Madam Palm (none)

Jorge Palma (none)

Gerald De Palmas (none)

Amanda Palmer (none)

Keke Palmer (none)

Rissi Palmer (none)

Robert Palmer (none)

Palo, Jarabe De (1 song)

Paloalto (none)

Armando Palomas (none)

Paman Band (none)

Pambo (none)

Pan (none)

Wilber Pan (none)

Panchos Lament (1 song)

Panda (none)

Pandas (none)

Hayden Panettiere (none)

Panic (none)

Panic At The Disco (none)

Panic Attack (none)

Panic Cell (none)

The Panic Channel (none)

Panima (none)

Pansy Division (5 songs)

Pantamera (none)

Panteon Rococo (none)

Pantera (1 song)

Panzerchrist (1 song)

Paola And Chiara (none)

Gino Paoli (none)

Papa M (none)

Matt Papa (none)

Papakonstantinou Basilis (none)

Helena Paparizou (none)

Papas Da Lingua (none)

Papas Fritas (none)

Paper Route (none)

Paper Street (none)

Paperbak (none)

The Paperboys (none)

Papermoon (none)

Pappo (none)

Paprika Korps (none)

Par Four (none)

Para (none)

Parachute Band (none)

Parachute Va (none)

Parade The Day (none)

P. D. Paradies (none)

Vanessa Paradis (none)

Paradise Lost (none)

Paragraf 119 (none)

Parakeets (none)

Paralamas Do Sucesso (none)

Parallel Evolution (none)

Paraluman (1 song)

Paralysed Age (none)

Paramita (none)

Paramore (1 song)

Paranoid Social Club (none)

Eve Parasite (none)

Rob Paravonian (none)

Parchman Farm (none)

Aliya Parcs (none)

Kevin Parent (none)

Parenteau, Donny (1 song)

Rick Parfitt (none)

Pariah (none)

Paris Sisters (none)

Paris Violence (none)

Twila Paris (none)

Park (none)

Park Ave (none)

Park Bench Rant, The (6 songs)

Park Lane 7 (none)

Andy Park (none)

Mike Park (none)

Park, Patrick (2 songs)

Maggie Parke (none)

Bo Parker (none)

Charlie Parker (none)

Graham Parker (none)

Jack Parker (none)

Obadiah Parker (none)

Ray Parker (none)

Trey Parker (none)

Parketi (none)

Alex Parks (none)

Johnny Parks (none)

Sandara Parks (none)

Parkway Drive (none)

Parliament (none)

Parlotones, The (1 song)

Parnell, Lee Roy (5 songs)

Parokya ni Edgar (5 songs)

Parousia (none)

Charlie Parr (none)

John Parr (none)

Violeta Parra (none)

Parrish And Toppano (none)

Thom Parrott (none)

Parsley Project (none)

Parsons, Gene (2 songs)

Parsons, Gram (7 songs)

Leona Parsons (none)

Partibrejkers (none)

Partisans (none)

Partition (none)

Parton, Dolly (11 songs)

Partridge Family (none)

The Party Of Helicopters (none)

Pascal Obispo (none)

Joe Pass (none)

Passafire (none)

Passage (none)

Passengers Productions (none)

Passion (none)

Passion Pit (none)

Pastor Troy (none)

Jaco Pastorius (none)

Pat 182 (none)

Pat Mcgee Band (none)

Patent Pending (1 song)

Pathetica (none)

Patience And Prudence (none)

Keris Patih (none)

Pato (none)

Patrice (none)

Patricio Rey (none)

Patrick, Doug (1 song)

Ohearn Patrick (none)

Rahsaan Patterson (none)

Rob Pattinson (none)

Robert Pattinson (none)

Matthew Pattison (none)

Patty Page (none)

Patxi (none)

Paul And Storm (none)

Paul Butterfield And Better Days (none)

Paul Butterfield\'s Better Days (none)

Paul Colman Trio (1 song)

Paul Oakenfold (none)

Billy Paul (none)

Ellis Paul (none)

Sean Paul (none)

Wright Paul (none)

Paulmac (none)

Paulson (none)

Mats Paulson (none)

Laura Pausini (none)

Luciano Pavarotti (none)

Pavement (3 songs)

Pavlo (none)

Rita Pavone (none)

Paw (none)

Pax 217 (none)

The Pax Cecilia (none)

Paxton, Sara (1 song)

Paxton, Tom (8 songs)

Pay The Girl (none)

Paycheck, Johnny (4 songs)

Kendall Payne (none)

Leon Payne (none)

Roy Payne (none)

The Payolas (none)

Barbara Payton (none)

Pba 17 (none)

Peacemakers (none)

Peach (none)

Peaches (none)

Peaches & Herb (none)

Peacocks (none)

Pearl Jam (6 songs)

Lucy Pearl (none)

Danielle Peck (none)

Pedersen, Herb (3 songs)

Pedestrianz (none)

Pedicab (none)

Pedros Passe (none)

Pee Wee King (1 song)

Peel, David (1 song)

Peeping Tom (none)

Peer Gunt (none)

Pegazus (none)

Pegboy (none)

Pegtop (1 song)

Mach Pelican (none)

Pell, Axel Rudi (1 song)

Miljoona Pelle (none)

Pelvic Meatloaf (none)

Jack Penate (none)

Pencey Prep (2 songs)

Pendragon (none)

Pendulum (none)

Penetration (none)

Penguins (1 song)

Penknifelovelife (none)

Michael Penn (none)

John Penney (none)

Pennywise (none)

Pensive (none)

Pentagram (1 song)

Pentangle (none)

People In Planes (1 song)

People Under The Stairs (none)

Pepe Et Sa Guitare (none)

Pepper (1 song)

Peppermint Creeps (none)

Peps (none)

Pepsi Boys (none)

Per7ume (none)

Jose Luis Perales (none)

Chichi Peralta (none)

Perea, Fran (1 song)

Perez (none)

Perez, Franky (1 song)

Pito Perez (none)

Pereza (none)

Perfect (none)

Perfect Circle (none)

Perfect Gentlemen (none)

Perfect Stranger (none)

Pericos (1 song)

Periodic (none)

Perishers (none)

Perkins, Carl (2 songs)

Perkins, Elvis (3 songs)

Mandi Perkins (none)

Permanent Me (none)

Pernice Brothers (none)

Perpetual Groove (none)

Perpetual Inequity (none)

Charlotte Perrelli (none)

Matt Perrone (none)

Blake Perry (none)

Io Perry (none)

Joe Perry (none)

Katy Perry (none)

Lee Scratch Perry (none)

Linda Perry (none)

Persephones Bees (none)

Persian Rugs (none)

Person L (none)

Hellberg Persson (none)

Pervertum (none)

Pesawat (none)

Peser (none)

Pessimist (none)

Peste Noire (none)

Pesticide (none)

Pestilence (none)

Pet Shop Boys (1 song)

Pete Francis (1 song)

Pete, Murray (1 song)

Peter And The Test Tube Babies (none)

Peter Bjorn And John (none)

Peter Breinholt & Big Parade (none)

Peter Dawson Band (none)

Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac (none)

Peter Pan Speedrock (none)

Peter Starstedt (none)

Peter, Paul and Mary (7 songs)

Peterpan (3 songs)

Colin Peters (none)

Peters, Gretchen (1 song)

Mike Peters (none)

Erik Petersen (none)

Eric Peterson (none)

Michael Peterson (none)

Peterson, Ray (2 songs)

Petra (3 songs)

John Petrucci (none)

Wolfgang Petry (none)

Gianni Pettenati (none)

Pierce Pettis (none)

The Pettit Project (none)

Petty, Tom (17 songs)

Madeline Peyroux (none)

Pez (none)

Pezz (none)

Max Pezzali (none)

Pflasterstein (none)

PFM (none)

Pfr (none)

Ph8 (none)

Phair, Liz (4 songs)

Phantom Planet (2 songs)

Pharcyde (none)

Phazm (none)

Phenomenauts (none)

Philippine Violators (none)

Shawn Philips (none)

Phillips, Bijou (1 song)

Phillips, Bill (1 song)

Phillips, Craig and Dean (1 song)

Grant Lee Phillips (none)

John Phillips (none)

John Phillips (none)

Phillips, Sam (6 songs)

Philmore (none)

Philosopher Kings, The (1 song)

Phish (12 songs)

The Phlegmatics (none)

Phoebe Palmer Knapp (none)

Phoenix (1 song)

Phones (none)

Phosphorescent (1 song)

Jim Photoglo (none)

Phylum (none)

Edith Piaf (none)

Shane Piasecki (none)

Pascale Picard (none)

Marie Picasso (none)

Paul Piché (none)

Paul Piché (none)

Piche, Paul (1 song)

Wilson Pickett (none)

Pickin And Grinnin (none)

Pickle Heads (none)

Pickler, Kellie (5 songs)

Picnicface (1 song)

Picturehouse (none)

Pidzama Porno (none)

Piebald (1 song)

Pienvedeeja Piedziivojumi (none)

Pierce The Veil (none)

Chris Pierce (none)

Piero (none)

Piero Pel (none)

Pelu Piero (none)

James Pierpont (none)

Piers Faccini (none)

Pietasters (none)

Pig Destroyer (none)

Pig Iron (none)

The Pigeon Detectives (none)

Pigface (none)

Landon Pigg (none)

Pigmy Love Circus (none)

Pignoise (none)

Pigram Brothers (4 songs)

Piknik (none)

Pilarczyk, Scott (3 songs)

Pilate (none)

Billy Pilgrim (none)

Pillar (none)

Pillows (none)

Pilot (none)

Pilot Speed (none)

Izwan Pilus (none)

Pimpadelic (none)

Pin Me Down (none)

Antonio Pinana (none)

Pinay (none)

Pinback (none)

Mike Pinder (none)

Pine Street Worship (none)

Pineapple Thief (none)

Ping Pong Bitches (none)

Pinhani (none)

Pinhead Gunpowder (2 songs)

Pink (3 songs)

Pink Floyd (15 songs)

Pink Martini (none)

Pink Mercury (none)

Pink Noise (none)

Pink Spiders, The (1 song)

Bonnie Pink (none)

Mister Pink (none)

Pinkard & Bowden (none)

Pinkerton Thugs (none)

Pinmonkey (9 songs)

Rick Pino (none)

Pinson, Bobby (1 song)

Pint Shot Riot (1 song)

Antonio Pinto (none)

Mike Pinto (none)

Pinwheels (none)

Huang Pinyuan (none)

Piolo Pascual (none)

Pioneros De Schoenstatt (none)

Pipedown (none)

Pipettes, The (2 songs)

Piping Mellows (none)

Piramis (none)

Pirates From Hell (none)

Pirates Of The Mississippi (none)

Alexander Pires (none)

Pissing Razors (none)

Pist (none)

Pist*On (none)

Pist-n-Broke (none)

Pistol Grip (none)

Pistolero (none)

Pistoleros, The (1 song)

Pistolita (none)

Pitch Black (none)

Pitchshifter (none)

Pitney, Gene (5 songs)

Michael Pitt (none)

Pivitplex (none)

Pivo, Hladno (3 songs)

Pixies (3 songs)

John Pizzarelli (none)

Pizzicato Five (none)

Place Of Skulls (none)

Placebo (2 songs)

Places To Park (none)

Plague Of Happiness (none)

Plain White T's (3 songs)

Plainsunset (none)

Plan B (1 song)

Plane Divides The Sky (none)

Planes Mistaken For Stars (none)

Planet Funk (none)

Planet Hemp (none)

Planet Smashers (1 song)

Planetshakers (1 song)

Jeff Plankenhorn (none)

Plankeye (none)

Planlos (none)

Plant, Robert (2 songs)

Plants and Animals (1 song)

Plaskett, Joel (4 songs)

Plasmatics (none)

Plastic Penny (none)

Plastic Tree (none)

Plastica (1 song)

Plastilina Mosh (none)

Plastiscines (none)

Platero Y Tu (1 song)

Platinum Blonde (none)

Platitude (none)

Platters (1 song)

Plavi Orkestar (none)

Play Life (none)

Play Radio Play (none)

Player (none)

Playjerise (none)

Pleymo (none)

Plies (none)

Plumb (4 songs)

Plumbo (none)

Plume Latraverse (none)

Plus 44 (none)

Plus Minus (none)

Plus One (1 song)

Plush (none)

Pluto (none)

Pluton Svea (none)

Pmmp (none)

Pms (none)

Poached Trout (none)

Pocket Change (none)

Pocket Full Of Rocks (none)

Poco (none)

Garotos Podres (none)

Ola Podrida (none)

PODS (none)

Harley Poe (none)

Poe, Michelle (1 song)

Poets of the Fall (1 song)

Pogues (52 songs)

Pohlmann (2 songs)

Alf Poier (none)

Point Of Grace (none)

Pointer Sisters (none)

Michael John Poirier (none)

Poisel, Philipp (1 song)

Poison (none)

Poison Idea (none)

Poison The Well (none)

Poisonblack (none)

Polaris (1 song)

Polarkreis 18 (none)

Basil Poledouris (none)

Police, The (3 songs)

Polisar, Barry Louis (1 song)

Polka Bastards (none)

Polkadot Cadaver (none)

Pollentier, Jeroen (1 song)

Sarah Polley (none)

Polo Hofer (none)

Jonny Polonsky (none)

Steve Poltz (none)

Karine Polwart (none)

Polyphonic Spree (1 song)

Polysics (none)

Pomegranates (none)

David Pomeranz (none)

Pomeroy (none)

Pommfritz (none)

Pompeii (none)

Pontas Project (1 song)

Chris Pontius (none)

Pony Up (none)

Poo (none)

The Poodles (none)

Pooh (none)

The Pooh Sticks (none)

Pool Boys, The (1 song)

Poor Boy Sugar (none)

Poor Mans Band (none)

Poor Old Lu (none)

Poor Seamus (none)

Pop Eckler (1 song)

Pop Evil (none)

Pop Levi (none)

Pop Will Eat Itself (none)

Pop, Iggy (4 songs)

Popcorn (none)

Popeda (none)

Popsicle (none)

Poptart Monkeys (none)

Popundret (none)

Porcelain (none)

Porcupine Tree (none)

Pork Chop (none)

Porno For Pyros (none)

Porno Graffiti (none)

Porno Riviste (none)

Pornomotora (none)

Port Obrien (5 songs)

Portal (none)

Portastatic (none)

Porter (none)

Alisan Porter (none)

Kalan Porter (none)

Willy Porter (none)

Portishead (none)

Rachel Portman (none)

Portrait (none)

Portraits Of Past (none)

Portugal The Man (none)

Pos (none)

Posies (none)

Possessed (none)

Possum Dixon (none)

Robert Post (none)

Postal Service (3 songs)

Poster Children (none)

Postgirobygget (4 songs)

Pot (1 song)

Pot Headed Hooligans (none)

Potassium (none)

Pothead (none)

Potthast, Dan (1 song)

Povia (none)

Powder (none)

Powderfinger (3 songs)

Matt Powell (none)

Power Handle (none)

The Power Station (none)

Powerman 5000 (none)

Powerspace (none)

Powter, Daniel (1 song)

Poxleitner, Valerie (1 song)

Poyo Segovia (none)

Praf In Ochi (1 song)

Prairie Oyster (2 songs)

Praise And Worship (1 song)

Mary Prankster (none)

Prarie Ramblers (none)

Patty Pravo (none)

Prawnsilken (none)

Praxis (none)

The Predators (none)

Prefab Sprout (none)

Prego (none)

Preschool Tea Party Massacre (none)

Presence (none)

Presley, Elvis (34 songs)

Presley, Lisa Marie (2 songs)

Pressure 4 (none)

Pressure Point (none)

Preston School Of Industry (none)

Preston, Billy (1 song)

Preston, Johnny (1 song)

Pretenders, The (2 songs)

Prettierthanpink (none)

Pretty Girls Make Graves (none)

Pretty Good Bluegrass Band (none)

The Pretty Things (none)

Pretty Violet Stain (none)

Prettygood (none)

Tristan Prettyman (none)

Codie Prevost (none)

Pito Prez (none)

Alan Price (none)

Price, Kenny (1 song)

Price, Ray (15 songs)

Rick Price (none)

Toni Price (none)

Prick (none)

Pride & Glory (none)

Pride Of Lions (none)

Pride, Charley (12 songs)

Pride, Charlie (1 song)

Priestess (1 song)

Henry Priestman (none)

Louis Prima (none)

Primal Fear (none)

Primal Scream (3 songs)

Prime Circle (2 songs)

Prime STH (none)

Primer 55 (none)

Primitive Radio Gods (none)

Primitives (2 songs)

Primus (none)

Prince (3 songs)

Prince Buster (none)

Princessa (none)

Prine, John (15 songs)

Prine, John (64 songs)

Prinzen (none)

The Priscillas (none)

Prism (none)

Prisoners of Hatred (none)

Pritchett, Aaron (2 songs)

Pritchett, Paul (1 song)

Private Line (none)

Prize Fighter Inferno, The (1 song)

Prljavo Kazaliste (1 song)

Pro (none)

Probot (none)

Proceed (none)

Proclaimers (6 songs)

Procol Harum (1 song)

Rachel Proctor (none)

Prodical (none)

Prodigy (none)

Tose Proeski (none)

Profanatica (none)

Professional Murder Music (none)

Professor Longhair (2 songs)

Toque Profundo (none)

Project 86 (none)

Project Nim (none)

Project Valkyrie (none)

Project Wyze (none)

Sergei Prokofiev (none)

The Prom Kings (none)

Prometheus (none)

Promise Ring (none)

Prong (none)

Propagandhi (none)

Propain (none)

The Prophecy (none)

Prophet (1 song)

Protein Shake (none)

Protest the Hero (none)

Brian Prothrow (none)

Protocol (none)

Proud Mary (3 songs)

Prozzak (1 song)

Pruett, Jeanne (1 song)

Pruitt, Jordan (1 song)

Eric Prydz (none)

Matt Pryor (none)

Psallo (none)

Psalmboken (none)

Psaltery (none)

Pseudopod (none)

Psihomodo Pop (none)

Pso (none)

Psyched Up Janis (none)

Psychedelic Furs (1 song)

Psycho Motel (none)

Psychosis (none)

Psychostick (none)

Psyopus (none)

Public Affection (none)

Public Disturbance (none)

Public Enemy (none)

Public Image Limited (2 songs)

Public Image Ltd. (none)

Giacomo Puccini (none)

Puck And Natty (1 song)

Puddle Of Mudd (none)

Pudelsi (none)

Carlos Puebla (none)

Puff Daddy (none)

Puffy Amiyumi (none)

Pug Jelly (none)

Puhdys (none)

Pulkas (none)

Pulley (1 song)

Pulp (5 songs)

Pulse Ultra (none)

Pulsedriver (none)

Pun Jabi (none)

Punchline (none)

Pungent Stench (none)

Punk Virus (none)

Peter Punk (none)

Punkreas (none)

Punters, The (1 song)

Punx (none)

Pupil (none)

Pupo (none)

Pur (1 song)

Tom Purdom (none)

Purdy, Joe (1 song)

Pure Prairie League (1 song)

Puressence (none)

Purgatori (none)

Purple Gekko (none)

Purple Kangaroo (none)

Purple Monkey (none)

Purple Velvet (1 song)

Pursuit Of Happiness (none)

Puscifer (none)

Pusenje, Zabranjeno (2 songs)

Push (none)

Push Play (none)

Push Stars (none)

Push To Talk (none)

Pussy Cat Dolls (none)

Pussycat (1 song)

Pussycat Dolls (1 song)

Putih (none)

Curly Putman (none)

Josh Pyke (none)

Chuck Pyle (none)

Pyramaze (none)

Pyromatix (none)

Python Lee Jackson (none)

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