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U.P.O. (none)

U2 (265 songs)

UB40 (5 songs)

Ubago, Alex (2 songs)

Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (2 songs)

Udo (1 song)

UFO (8 songs)

Ufo Og Yepha (1 song)

Uggla, Magnus (2 songs)


Ugly Casanova (6 songs)

Ugly Ducklings, The (1 song)

Ugly Kid Joe (18 songs)

Uglyz (none)

Uh Huh Her (none)

Uisce, Beatha (2 songs)

Uk Decay (1 song)

UK Subs (16 songs)

ullivan, (4 songs)

Tracey Ullman (none)

Tracy Ullman (none)

Ultima Thule (6 songs)

Ultimate Fakebook (1 song)

Ultra Vomit (3 songs)

Ultrabeat (none)

Ultrasound (2 songs)

Ultraspank (1 song)

Ultravox (6 songs)

Ulver (5 songs)

Umbilical Noose (1 song)

Umbrellas (1 song)

Unanimated (3 songs)

Unband, The (2 songs)

Unbelievable Truth (none)

Unbunny (none)

UnchainD (none)

Uncle Brian (1 song)

Uncle Earl (none)

Uncle Kracker (4 songs)

Uncle Outrage (1 song)

Uncle Tupelo (14 songs)

Undead (none)

Undeclinable Ambuscade (3 songs)

Under A Nightmare (18 songs)

Under The Influence Of Giants (none)

Undercast (2 songs)

Underground Heroes (6 songs)

Underminded (2 songs)

Underneath The Gun (2 songs)

Underoath (30 songs)

Undertones (5 songs)

Underwood, Carrie (19 songs)

Underworld (1 song)

une, (1 song)

Unearth (10 songs)

Jay Ungar (none)

Ungu (5 songs)

Unhindered (1 song)

Unicorns (1 song)

Unida (6 songs)

Unified Theory (2 songs)

Uniklubi (1 song)

Union (2 songs)

Union 13 (8 songs)

Union Underground (10 songs)

Union Youth (2 songs)

The Unisex (none)

Unit Four Plus Two (none)

United Live (24 songs)

Universe (1 song)

Unkle (2 songs)

Unkle Bob (none)

Unknown Hinson (none)

Unknown World (8 songs)

Unleashed (46 songs)

Unleashed From The Machinery (1 song)

Unloco (18 songs)

Unlord (3 songs)

The Unlovables (none)

Unpaid Debt (1 song)

Unplugged (3 songs)

Unrest (4 songs)

Unsane (2 songs)

Unscrood (2 songs)

Unseen (44 songs)

Unsigned Artist (1 song)

Unspoken (1 song)

Unsung Zeros (5 songs)

Until June (none)

Untitled (3 songs)

Unwanted Justace (1 song)

Unwritten Law (61 songs)

Up Dharma Down (1 song)

Up For Grabs (1 song)

Uphill Gardeners (22 songs)

Upper Class Trash (1 song)

The Upper Room (none)

Upton, Jason (2 songs)

Urban Dance Squad (13 songs)

Urban Dub (8 songs)

Urban Ego (none)

Urban Flow (none)

Urban Souls (1 song)

Urban, Keith (25 songs)

Urbanus (2 songs)

Midge Ure (none)

Urge (2 songs)

Urge Overkill (11 songs)

Urh (1 song)

Uriah Heep (10 songs)

Us Army Band (1 song)

Us Bombs (8 songs)

Us3 (1 song)

USA For Africa (2 songs)

Used (41 songs)

Useless Id (11 songs)

Usher (22 songs)

Usher, David (5 songs)

Usmc (3 songs)

Ussr (1 song)

Usurper (1 song)

Olavi Uusivirta (none)

Uverworld (1 song)

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