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All That Im Allowed (John, Elton)

All That Im Good For (Hem)

All That Im Living For (Evanescence)

All That Is Good (Five Iron Frenzy)

All That Is In Me (Williams, Jerry)

All That Ive Got (Used)

All That Ive Got Acoustic (Used)

All That Jazz (Copeland)

All That Matters (Knopfler, Mark)

All That She Wants (Ace Of Base)

All That Thrills My Soul (Misc. Gospel)

All That We Need (Altrogge, Mark)

All That You Are (Mudvayne)

All That You Are (No)

All That You Dream (Little Feat)

All That You Have (Chapman, Tracy)

All that you have (Chapman, Tracy)

All That You Have (Home Grown)

All That You Wanted (Hangnail)

All Thats Known (Spring Awakening)

All The Above (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

All the Aces (Motorhead)

All the Answers (Social Distortion)

All The Best (Prine, John)

all the best (Prine, John)

All The Bodies (Us Bombs)

All The Chords (Various Artists)

All The Diamonds (Cockburn, Bruce)

All The Dumb Things (Kelly, Paul)

All The Earth (Parachute Band)

All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises (Baloche, Paul)

All The Fun (Overstreet, Paul)

All The Girls Love Alice (John, Elton)

All The Go Inbetweens (Silversun Pickups)

All The Gold In California (Gatlin Brothers)

All The Good In This Life (Garbage)

All The Good Ones Are Gone-crd (Tillis, Pam)

All The Goodness (Fly My Pretties)

All The Heavens (Hillsong)

All The Heavens (Third Day)

All The Kids Are Right (Local H)

All The Kids Are Right Acoustic (Local H)

All The Kings Horses (Plant, Robert)

All The Kings Men (Cochrane, Tom)

All The Light I Need-crd (Rhoads, James)

All the Lights Went Out (Marcy Playground)

All The Lonely Places (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

All The Love I Ever Had (Williams, Hank)

All The Love I Ever Had-crd (Williams, Hank)

All The Love I Have (DeBurgh, Chris)

all the love i have (DeBurgh, Chris)

All The Love In The World (Corrs, The)

All the Love in the World (Nine Inch Nails)

All The Love In The World (Outfield, The)

All The Love In Your Hands (Thirteen Senses)

All The Lovers In The World (Gowan)

All the Madmen (Bowie, David)

All The Memories (Classic Crime, The)

All The Miles (Millan, Amy)

All The Money Or The Simpl Life Honey (Warhols, Dandy)

All The Money Or The Simple Life Honey (Warhols, Dandy)

All the Nasties (John, Elton)

All The Old Showstoppers (New Pornographers)

All The Old Songs (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

All The One (Saw Doctors)

All The Other Fish (Serveert, Bettie)

All The People In The World (Safri Duo)

All The Pictures On The Wall (Weller, Paul)

All The Pretty Boys (Koh, Sophie)

All The Pretty Girls Go To The City (Spoon)

All The Pretty Little Horses (Calexico)

All The Pretty Little Horses (Current)

All The Pretty Ponies (Loggins, Kenny)

All The Rage (Costello, Elvis)

all the rage (Costello, Elvis)

All The Rage (Funeral For A Friend)

All The Rage (Gelbison)

All The Reasons ( I Ain't Queer ) (Carrington, Rodney)

All The Right Friends (R.E.M.)

all the right friends (R.E.M.)

All The Right Reasons (Jayhawks)

All The Roadrunning (Knopfler, Mark)

All the roots (Wilcox, David)

All The Roots Grow Deeper (Wilcox, David)

all the roots grow deeper (Wilcox, David)

All The Sailed Away (Dio)

All The Same (Orgy)

All The Same (Sick Puppies)

All The Same Acoustic (Sick Puppies)

All The Same To Me (Marina, Anya)

All The Small Things (Blink 182)

All The Thing She Said (T.A.T.U.)

All The Things (Byrds, The)

all the things (Byrds, The)

All The Things (Old Man River)

All The Things (Something For Nothing)

All the things i wasnt (Grapes Of Wrath)

All The Things She Gave Me (Waterboys, The)

All The Things She Said (T.A.T.U.)

All The Things We've Never Done (McBride, Martina)

all the things you are (Misc. Showtunes)

All The Time (Camp, Jeremy)

all the time (Green Day)

All The Time (Greene, Jack)

All The Time (Grinspoon)

All The Time (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

All The Time (Spongecola)

All The Time In Sunny Beach (Mad Capsule Markets)

All The Time In The World (Subdudes)

All The Times (Apathy)

All The Times I Cried (Spiteri, Sharleen)

All the Tired Horses (Dylan, Bob)

All The Tired Horses (Dylan, Bob)

All The Trees Are Hers (Workman, Hawksley)

All The Trees Of The Feild Will Clap Thier Hands (Sufjan, Stevens)

All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands (Sufjan, Stevens)

All the Trees of the Fields Will Clap Their Hands Tab (Sufjan, Stevens)

All The Way (Bee Gees, The)

All The Way (Bolton, Michael)

All The Way (Busted)

All The Way (David, Craig)

All The Way (Delirious?)

All The Way (Johnsson, Ana)

All The Way (Judas Priest)

All The Way (Kiss)

All The Way (Lonestar)

All The Way (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

All The Way (New Order)

All the Way (Nova, Heather)

All The Way (One Man Army)

All The Way (Ramones, The)

All The Way (Ramones, The)

All The Way Down (Frames)

All The Way Down (Hansard, Glen)

All The Way Down (Kyuss)

All The Way Down (Rolling Stones, The)

All The Way Four You (Poets of the Fall)

All The Way From America (Armatrading, Joan)

All the way from tuam (Saw Doctors)

All The Way Home (Spinal Tap)

All the way home (Springsteen, Bruce)

all the way home (Springsteen, Bruce)

All The Way Home (Springsteen, Bruce)

All The Way Live (Thousand Foot Krutch)

All The Way My Savior Leads Me (Misc. Gospel)

All The Way My Saviour Leads Me (Misc. Gospel)

All The Way To Heaven (Etheridge, Melissa)

All the way to heaven (Etheridge, Melissa)

All The Way To Reno (R.E.M.)

All The Way To Reno (R.E.M.)

All The Way Up To Heaven (Guster)

All The Way With You (Prine, John)

All The Way With You (Prine, John)

All The Way With You-crd (Prine, John)

All The Ways I Want You (Buffett, Jimmy)

All The Ways I Want You (Cockburn, Bruce)

all the ways i want you (Cockburn, Bruce)

All The While (Boyce Avenue)

All The While (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

All The Wild Horses (Lamontagne, Ray)

All The Words (Kutless)

All The World Is A Stage Dive (World Inferno Friendship Society)

All The World is Green (Waits, Tom)

All The World Makes Great Blood (Current)

All The World Tonight (Graham Colton)

All The Young Dudes (Bowie, David)

all the young dudes (Bowie, David)

All The Young Dudes (Mott The Hoople)

All the Young Dudes (Various Artists)

All The Young Fascists (Shihad)

All The Young Punks (Clash, The)

All Them Things I Did (Dashboard Saviors)

All There Is (Bad Religion)

All There Is Fear (Venom)

All These Days (Failed Effort)

All These Lives (Daughtry)

All These Things (Readymade)

All These Things (Speaks, Stephen)

All These Things I Hate Revolve Around Me (Bullet For My Valentine)

All These Things That I've Done (Killers, The)

All These Things That Ive Done (Jasper Trap)

All These Things That Ive Done (Killers, The)

All These Things That Ive Done Acoustic (Killers, The)

All These Things-crd (Stampley, Joe)

All These Times (Where Is Ayleen)

all these years (Brown, Sawyer)

All These Years (Macanally, Mac)

All These Years (Macanally, Mac)

All Things Are Possible (Hillsong)

All Things Are Possible (Misc. Religious)

All Things Are Quite Silent (Blackmore, Ritchie)

All Things Considered (Yankee Grey)

All Things In Time (Toad The Wet Sprocket)

All Things Must Pass (Harrison, George)

All Things Must Pass (Harrison, George)

All Things New Again (Wallflowers, The)

All Things Reconsidered (Phish)

All This & More (Procol Harum)

All This And More (Dead Boys)

All This And More (Procol Harum)

All This And Nothing (Sponge)

All This Crazy Gift Of Time (Ayers, Kevin)

All This Information (Idlewild)

All This Time (Mena, Maria)

All This Time (Sean Bendickson)

All this time (Sting)

All This Time (Tiffany)

All Those Nights (Chase Coy)

All Those Nights (Dear Juliet)

All Those Nights (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

All Those Times (Dont Look Down)

All Those Years Ago (Harrison, George)

all those years ago (Harrison, George)

All Those Yesterdays (Pearl Jam)

All Through The Night (Lauper, Cyndi)

All Through The Night (Misc. Traditional)

All Through The Night (Peter, Paul and Mary)

All Through The Town (Club Hoy)

All Time Love (Young, Will)

All Time Lows (Hellogoodbye)

All To Jesus I Surrender (Christian)

All To Myself (Tantric)

All To You (Lincoln Brewster)

All Together Now (Beatles, The)

All Together Now (Beatles, The)

All Together Now (Jackson, Stonewall)

All Together Now (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

All Together Now (Various Artists)

All Tomorrows Parties (Ferry, Bryan)

All Tomorrows Parties (Velvet Underground)

All Too Many Pieces (Vertigo)

All Too Soon (Lee, Peggy)

All Torn Down (Living End)

All Twisted (Civ)

All U Can Eat (Folds, Ben)

all uncovered (Watchmen, The)

All Uncovered (Watchmen, The)

All Used Up (Sloan)

All Warm (Armor For Sleep)

All We (Worth Dying For)

All We Are (Nathanson, Matt)

All We Are (Onerepublic)

All We Ever Find-crd (McGraw, Tim)

All We Ever Needed (Early November)

All We Ever Needed (Rush Of Fools)

All We Ever Needed Acoustic (Early November)

All we ever wanted (Bauhaus)

All We Have (Dennen, Brett)

All We Have Is Now (Disciple)

All We Have Is Now (Flaming Lips)

All We Know (Paramore)

All We Need (Hall, Charlie)

All We Need (Misc. Religious)

All We Need (Starfield)

All We Really Own (A Global Threat)

All We Wanna Be (Long Shot Hero)

All Wed Ever Need (Lady Antebellum)

All Who Are Thirsty (Brown, Brenton)

All Who Are Thirsty (Kutless)

All Who Are Thirsty (Vineyard)

All Wicked (Gamits)

All Will Be Well (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

All Will Suffer (Shattered Realm)

All Within My Hands (Metallica)

All Women Are Bad (Cramps, The)

All Wonderful God (Grant Nuss)

All Wound Up (Circle Jerks)

All Wrapped Up (American Head Charge)

All Ye (Anderson, Coffey)

All You Ask Of Me (Building 429)

All You Can Eat (Folds Five, Ben)

All You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know (Ataris)

All You Do Is Bring Me Down (Mavericks, The)

All You Do Is Bring Me Down-crd (Mavericks, The)

All You Do Is Talk (Boxer Rebellion, The)

All You Do Is Talk Acoustic (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

All You Ever Do (Violent Delight)

All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (Mavericks, The)

All You Ever Do Is Walk Away (Magnetic Fields)

All You Ever Hear (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

All You Get From Love Is A Love Song (Carpenters)

All You Good Good People (Embrace)

All You Got (Tait)

All You Got (Tegan And Sara)

All You Gotta Do Is Ask (Webb, Jerry)

All You Have To Do (Jet)

All You Have To Offer (Nilsen, Kurt)

All You Need (Snuff)

All You Need (Sublime)

All you need is Love (Beatles, The)

All You Need Is Love (Beatles, The)

all you need is love (Beatles, The)

All You Need Is Love (Oasis)

All You Need Is Love (Various Artists)

All You Need Is Love Acoustic (Beatles, The)

All You Need Is Me (Morrissey)

All You Need To Know (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

All You Really Need Is Love (Paisley, Brad)

All You Want (Dido)

All You Wanted (Branch, Michelle)

All You Wanted Acoustic (Branch, Michelle)

All You Will Never Know (Lavigne, Avril)

All You You (Jackson, Janet)

All You Zombies (Hooters, The)

All Your Anxiety (Misc. Gospel)

All Your Base Are Belong To Us (The Laziest Men On Mars)

All Your Lies (Soundgarden)

All Your Reasons (Matchbox 20)

All Your Words (Starrfadu)

All's Quiet on the Eastern Front (Ramones, The)

All-American Girl (Underwood, Carrie)

All-american Girl (Underwood, Carrie)

All-Star Me (Saves The Day)

Alla Vagar Har Sitt Pris (Winnerbäck, Lars)

Alla Vill Till Himlen (Timbuktu)

Alla Visa Man (Ebba Grön)

Allah Ke Bande (Kher, Kailash)

Allan Song (Sugarfree)

Allapolo (Nirvana)

Alle Damer (Plumbo)

Alle Dasselbe (Farin Urlaub)

Alle In Asche (Mephisto Walz)

Alle Kinder Brauchen Freunde (Kelly Family)

Alle Kleuren (K3)

Alle Mann (Brings)

Alle Meine Freunde (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Alle Remmen Los (Band Zonder Banaan)

Alle Smnd Er Glade For Piger (Larsen, Kim)

Allegiance (Dimmu Borgir)

Allegreto In A (Beethoven, Ludwig van)

Allegreto In G (Beethoven, Ludwig van)

Allegro (Giuliani, Mauro)

Allegro (Malmsteen, Yngwie)

Allegro 13 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)

Allegro In A (Giuliani, Mauro)

Allegro In C (Sor, Fernando)

Allehelgens D?Helveds Rike (Dimmu Borgir)

Allehelgens Dod I Helveds Rike (Dimmu Borgir)

Allein (Die Ärzte)

Allein Allein (Polarkreis 18)

Allein Gegen Alle (Terrorgruppe)

Allein In Der Nacht (Aerzte)

Allein Machen Sie Dich Ein (Scherben, Ton Steine)

Allein Original (Die Ärzte)

Allein Vor Deinem Haus (Die Toten Hosen)

Alleine In Der Nacht (Die Ärzte)

Alleluia (Misc. Religious)

Alleluia Jesus Saves (Beaudette, Nancy)

Allemande (Keane)

Allentown (Joel, Billy)

Aller Plus Haut (Arena, Tina)

Allergic (Placebo)

Allergic (to Thoughts Of Mother Earth) (Placebo)

Allergic To Love (Eric's Trip)

allergic to love (Eric's Trip)

Allergic to love (Young, Neil)

Allergic To Thoughts Of Mother Earth (Placebo)

allergic to you (Squirtgun)

Allergy Blues (Misc. Your Songs)

Allerletzte Chance (Bap)

Alles Aus Liebe (Die Toten Hosen)

Alles Aus Liebe2 (Die Toten Hosen)

Alles Doet Het Nog (Doe Maar)

Alles em lot (Bap)

Alles In Den Wind (Mueller)

Alles Is Liefde (Blof)

Alles Is Ok (Zinkplaat)

Alles Ist Eins (Die Toten Hosen)

Alles Nur Geklaut (Die Prinzen)

Alles Nur Geklaut (Muff Potter)

Alles Nur Geklaut (Prinzen)

Alles Of Niets (Van Dik Hout)

Alles Roger (Stiller, Sportfreunde)

Alles Teilen (Hansen Band)

Alles Waga Diar (Mayday)

Alles Was War (Die Toten Hosen)

Alles Wie Immer (Die Toten Hosen)

Alles Wird Gut (Die Toten Hosen)

Alles Wird In Flammen Stehen (Tocotronic)

Alles Wird Sich Ndern Wenn Ich Pro Bin (Hegenberg, Jan)

Alley Cat (Misc. Traditional)

Alleyways (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Alligator (Foxboro Hot Tubs)

Alligator (Grateful Dead, The)

Alligator (Grateful Dead, The)

Alligator Alley (Williams, Keller)

Alligator Alligators (Trophy Scars)

Alligators (Gandalf Murphy And The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams)

Allinfuori Del Tempo (Le Orme)

Allison (Brady, Andrew)

Allison (Pixies)

Allison (Stereofuse)

Allison Miranda (Brooks, Garth)

Allison road (Gin Blossoms)

allisons starting to happen (Lemonheads)

Allow Them (Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The)

Alloway Grove (Nutini, Paolo)

Allright Not Quite (Apples In Stereo)

Allright With Me (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Allstar (Smash Mouth)

Allt Ljus Pa Mig (Bo Kaspers Orkester)

Allure (Jay)

Allure (Ratatat)

Ally Turnam (Levent, Haluk)

Alm De Mim (Nxzero)

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