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Answer (Ataris)
Answer (Incubus)
Answer the Phone (Sugar Ray)
Answer To The Master (Def Leppard)
Answer: (Ataris)
Answering Machine (Replacements)
Answers (Goldfinger)
Answers (Vai, Steve)
Answers Questions Answers Questions (Focus)
Ant Attack (Nofx)
Antelope (Dirty Heads)
Antennaes (Nofx)
Antennas (Rancid)
Anteontem (Cpm 22)
Antes De Que Nos Olviden (Caifanes)
Antes De Que Te Vayas (anseco, )
Anthem (Arch Enemy)
Anthem (Deep Purple)
anthem (Detd, Janez)
Anthem (Green Jelly)
Anthem (Revel 68)
Anthem (Ruff Ryders)
Anthem (Rush)
Anthem (Superchick)
Anthem (Virgin Black)
Anthem (Zebrahead)
Anthem For A Fallen Star (Skinlab)
Anthem For The New Millennium Generation (Anti)
Anthem For The Unemployable (If Hope Dies)
Anthem For The Year 2000 Real (Silverchair)
Anthem For The Year 200o Real (Silverchair)
Anthem For Tonight (Halifax)
Anthem Of New Boston (Piebald)
Anthem of the World (Stratovarius)
Anthem Part 2 (Blink 182)
Anthem Part Ii (Blink 182)
Anthem Part Two (Blink 182)
Anthem Pt Ii (Blink 182)
Anthems For A 17 Year Old Girl (Broken Social Scene)
Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk (Emperor)
Anthing Cept The Truth (Eagles Of Death Metal)
Anthology (Creed)
Anthony (Nickel Creek)
Anthrax (Anthrax)
anti (Snowden)
Anti Anti (Bonaparte)
Anti Everything (Jerks)
Anti Everything (Mansun)
Anti Graviti (Spider)
Anti Hero (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Anti Matter (N.E.R.D)
Anti Pop (Deadsy)
Anti Pop (Gazette)
Anti Social (Skrewdriver)
anti-christ (Slayer)
Anti-Fashion (Social Distortion)
Antichrist (Sepultura)
Antichrist Superstar (Manson, Marilyn)
Antichrist Superstar (Manson, Marilyn)
Antichrist Television Blues (Arcade Fire)
Antichristanticop (Sepultura)
Anticipate (DiFranco, Ani)
Anticipation (Chevelle)
Anticonformity (Meyers, Krystal)
Antidote (Hives)
Antidote (Moonspell)
Antidote (Pain)
Antidote (Story Of The Year)
Antifaith (Superjoint Ritual)
Antigone (Nebula)
Antikrist (Dimmu Borgir)
Antique Sandy (Byrds, The)
antique sandy (Byrds, The)
antisocial (Trust)
Antithesis (Converge)
Antithetic To The Cure (Anti)
Antologia De Caricias (Santos, Antony)
Antonin artaud (Bauhaus)
Antopopone (Malicious Midgets)
Ants Of The Sky (Between The Buried And Me)
Anu (Legg, Adrian)
Anus Benus (Anus Benus)
Anus Mouth (Bad Dogs)
Anxiety (Goldfinger)
Anxiety (Roach, Papa)
Anxiety Anxieties (Trophy Scars)
Anxious (Housemartins)
Anxious Heart (Red Goodbye)
Any Advice (Nonpoint)
Any Advice? (Nonpoint)
Any Body Seen My Baby(Bass) (Rolling Stones, The)
Any Colour (Pink Floyd)
Any Colour - 2 (Pink Floyd)
Any Given Day (Mudmen)
Any Major Dude (Steely Dan)
Any Man Of Mine (Twain, Shania)
Any Man Of Mine-crd (Twain, Shania)
Any Man Of Mine-tab (Twain, Shania)
Any Minute Now (Soulwax)
Any Other Day (Jackopierce)
Any Other Girl (Boss, Stabilo)
Any Other Girl (Nu)
Any Other Way (Theory Of A Deadman)
Any Other World (Mika)
Any Time (Lawson, Happy Herbert)
Any Time Now (O.A.R.)
Any Town (Reagan Youth)
Any Way You Slice It (Kiss)
Any Way You Want It (Journey)
Any Way You Want It (Rise Against)
Anyalysis 13 (Elevator To Hell)
Anybody Listening (Face To Face)
Anybody listening (Queensryche)
Anybody Listening? (Queensryche)
Anybody Seen Amy (Wiggins John And Audrey)
Anybody Seen Amy-lyr (Wiggins John And Audrey)
Anybody Seen My Baby? (Rolling Stones, The)
Anybody Seen My Girl (Mo, Keb)
Anybody There (Rainbow)
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home ? (Adams, Ryan)
Anybod~1 (Queensryche)
Anyday (Clapton, Eric)
anyday (Clapton, Eric)
Anyday (Derek And The Dominos)
Anyday Anyhow (Grinspoon)
Anyday Now (Riddlin Kids)
Anymore (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Anymore (Switched)
Anymore (Tritt, Travis)
Anymore (Tritt, Travis)
Anyone (Everlast)
Anyone Else (Raye, Collin)
Anyone Listening (Pennywise)
Anyone Thats Yet To Come (Casey, Paddy)
Anyone Whos Anyone (Fleet Foxes)
Anyones Daughter (Deep Purple)
Anyplace Anywhere Anytime (Wilde, Kim)
Anything (Ace Troubleshooter)
Anything (Danzig)
Anything (Goldfinger)
Anything (Headstones)
Anything (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Anything Acoustic (Third Eye Blind)
Anything Anything (Buckcherry)
Anything Anything (Dramarama)
Anything Anything (Lucky Boys Confusion)
Anything But Fine (Zox)
Anything But Mine3 (Chesney, Kenny)
Anything But This (Static X)
Anything But You (Chamber, Coal)
Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour Tapping (Enter Shikari)
Anything Else But The Truth (Honorary Title, The)
Anything For My Baby (Kiss)
Anything For Now (Do Make Say Think)
Anything For Two (Chicosci)
Anything For You (Evanescence)
Anything Goes (End Of Fashion)
Anything Goes (Houser, Randy)
Anything Is Possible (Zoegirl)
Anything Right (P.O.D.)
Anything Without You-lyr (Wills, Mark)
Anything You Wanna Do (Eddie & the Hot Rods)
Anytime (Arnold, Eddie)
Anytime (Eve 6)
Anytime And Anywhere (Superfly)
Anytime You Find (Wipers)
Anytime You Want (Eric's Trip)
anytime you want (Eric's Trip)
Anyway (Castle, Jeremy)
Anyway (Dynamite Hack)
anyway (Lemonheads)
Anyway (McBride, Martina)
Anyway (McCartney, Paul)
Anyway You Want It (Dave Clark Five)
Anyway You Want It (Rise Against)
Anywhere (Avantasia)
Anywhere (King Missile)
Anywhere But Here (Lewis, Aaron)
Anywhere But Here (Rise Against)
Anywhere With You (Saves The Day)