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Dr King (Jennings, Mason)
Dr Livingstone I Presume (Moody Blues, The)
Dr Lling (Minus The Bear)
Dr Marten Dental Plan (Bound For Glory)
Dr Pepper (American Analog Set, The)
Dr Phibes (Angelwitch)
Dr Robert (Beatles, The)
Dr Rock (Motorhead)
Dr Shavargo Part 3 (Attack Attack)
Dr Sin Is In (Lordi)
Dr stein (Helloween)
Dr Strangeluv (Blonde Redhead)
Dr Worm (They Might Be Giants)
Dr Yang (Folds, Ben)
Dr Yang Lovesick Diagnostician Fake (Folds, Ben)
Dr. Bogenbroom (Jethro Tull)
Dr. Bogenbroom (Various Artists)
Dr. Feelgood (Motley Crue)
Dr. Gore (Mortician)
Dr. Octavia (Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society)
Dr. Phibes Rises Again (Misfits)
Dr. Seuss is Dead (Acid Bath)
Dr. Stein (Helloween)
Dra Til Helvete (Luxus Leverpostei)
Drachentoter (Schandmaul)
Draco (Buckethead)
Draco And Harry (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania (Marduk)
Dracul Va Domni Nou In Transilvania (Marduk)
Dracul Va Domno Din Nov In (Marduk)
Dracula (Iced Earth)
Dracula (Night Shift)
Dracula Family (Mogwai)
Dracula From Houston (Butthole Surfers)
Dracula Moon (Osborne, Joan)
Dracula Mountain (Muse)
Dracula's Castle (New Order)
Draculas Wedding (Outkast)
Draeume Jon (Brings)
Draft Dodger Rag (Ochs, Phil)
Drag (Grey Daze)
Drag (Hole)
Drag City (Jan and Dean)
Drag Me Down (Oil)
Drag Me Down (Tonic)
Drag The Waters (Pantera)
Drag You Down (Finger Eleven)
Dragged Down by the Weight of Existence (Fear Factory)
Dragged Through The Mud To Safety (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Dragged Through The Mud To Saftey (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Draggin My Heart Around-crd (Tritt, Travis)
draggin the line (James)
Draggin The Line (James, Tommy)
Draggin the line (Tommy James and the Shondells)
Dragging Daed Bodies In Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills (Escape The Fate)
Dragon (Neva Dinova)
Dragon Attack (Queen)
Dragon Ball Z (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Dragon On My Shoulder (Serial Joe)
dragon warrior 1 (Misc. Games)
Dragon's Child (Iced Earth)
Dragonball Z Level Theme (Misc. Computer Games)
dragonfly (Glueleg)
Dragonfly (M Craft)
Dragonfly (Malmsteen, Yngwie)
Dragonfly (Malmsteen, Yngwie)
Dragonfly (Marley, Ziggy)
Dragonfly (Mission)
Dragonfly (Spongecola)
Dragonheads (Ensiferum)
Dragonheart (Covenant)
Dragonheart Theme (Misc. Soundtrack)
Dragonlord (Domine)
Dragons Eye (Clark, Gene)
Dragons In The Sky (Trout Fishing In America)
Dragons Of The North (Einherjer)
Dragonships (Fruit Bats)
Dragostea Din Tae (Various Artists)
Dragostea Din Tei (Various Artists)
Dragostein Din Tei (Various Artists)
Dragster (Millencolin)
Dragstrip Superstar (Motley Crue)
Dragula (Zombie, Rob)
Drain Bramaged (Nofx)
Drain Fluid (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Drain the Blood (Distillers)
Drain You (Nirvana)
Drained (Life Of Agony)
Drained (Nadal, Kitchie)
Drake And Josh (Drake Bell)
Drama Queen (New Amsterdams)
Drama Queen That Girl (Lohan, Lindsay)
Drama Summer (Starting Line)
Dramachine (Sugarfree)
Dramamine (Modest Mouse)
Dramma Summer (Starting Line)
Drane2 (Autechre)
Drapery Falls (Opeth)
Drarna Och Jag (Stenmarck, Martin)
Drastic (Loved Ones, The)
Drastic Changes (Bad Religion)
draussen hinterm fenster (Element Of Crime)
Draw (Rocco Deluca And The Burden)
Draw A Map (Takka Takka)
Draw Close (Hall, Charlie)
Draw Me a Map of God's Highway (Misc. Gospel)
Draw Me Close (Katinas, The)
Draw Me Close (Kutless)
Draw Me Close (Misc. Gospel)
Draw Me Close (Misc. Religious)
Draw Me Close (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Draw Me Close (Smith, Michael W.)
Draw Me Close To You (Hillsong)
Draw Me Close To You (Smith, Michael W.)
Draw Me Close To You (Vineyard)
Draw Me Closer (Smith, Craig)
Draw Me Closer (Smith, Craig)
Draw Me Closer (United Live)
Draw Me Nearer (Robinson, Gareth)
Draw The Curtian (Pigeon Detectives, The)
Draw The Line (Aerosmith)
Draw The Line (P.O.D.)
Draw You (Bedingfield, Daniel)
Drawback (Joy Division)
Drawback The (Joy Division)
Drawbacks (Starting Line)
Drawdownthestars (Various Artists)
Drawerings (Dinosaur Jr)
Drawing Board (Mest)
Drawing Flies (Soundgarden)
Drawn From Memory (Embrace)
Drawn Out (Dishwalla)
Drawn To The Fire (Buffy The Musical)
Drawn To The Rhythm (McLachlan, Sarah)
Dread (Takida)
Dread and the Fugitive Mind (Megadeth)
Dread Prevailed (Red Chord, The)
Dreadful Selfish Crime (Keen, Robert Earl)
dreadful selfish crime (Keen, Robert Earl)
Dreadful Selfish Crime (Robert Earl Keen Jr)
Dreadlock holiday (10cc)
Dreadventurouz (Diabolical Masquerade)
Dream (Built To Spill)
Dream (Dope)
Dream (Everly Brothers, The)
Dream (Firehouse)
Dream (Goodlive, Alex)
Dream (Groundation)
Dream (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Dream (R.E.M.)
dream (R.E.M.)
Dream (Sterile Ground)
Dream (Transplants)
Dream A Little Dream (Mamas And The Papas, The)
dream a little dream (Mamas And The Papas, The)
Dream a little dream (Various Artists)
Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Fygi, Laura)
Dream a little dream of me (Mamas And The Papas, The)
Dream About Me (Moby)
Dream About You (B, Stevie)
Dream Again (Ferdinand, Franz)
Dream All Day (Posies)
Dream Away (Harrison, George)
Dream Baby (Jennings, Waylon)
Dream Baby (Orbison, Roy)
Dream Big (Ryan Shupe And the Rubberband)
Dream Brother (Buckley, Jeff)
Dream Caravan (Disney)
Dream Catch Me (Faulkner, Newton)
Dream Catch Me Acoustic (Faulkner, Newton)
Dream Catcher (Lufkin, Olivia)
Dream Come True (S Club 7)
Dream Date (Finn, Neil)
Dream Gets Clear (Zelmani, Sophie)
Dream Girl (Hanson)
Dream Goes On Forever (Rundgren, Todd)
Dream In Color (Ryan, Bianca)
dream in my life (King's X)
Dream Is Dead (Heaven Shall Burn)
Dream Is Dead (Type O Negative)
Dream Is Over (Death Cab For Cutie)
Dream Is Over (Mando Diao)
Dream Is Over (Mushroomhead)
Dream Letter (Buckley, Tim)
dream letter (Buckley, Tim)
Dream Life Of Rand Mcnally (Mraz, Jason)
Dream Lost (Various Artists)
Dream Love (Nilsson, Harry)
Dream lover (Darin, Bobby)
dream lover (Darin, Bobby)
Dream Lover (Marshall Tucker Band)
Dream Lover (Misfits)
Dream Lover-crd (Tucker, Tanya)
Dream Lover-tab (Marshall Tucker Band)
Dream Myself Awake (Hicks, Taylor)
Dream Of A Miners Child (Ragan, Chuck)
Dream Of Evan And Chan Acoustic (Gibbard, Ben)
Dream Of Me (Dunst, Kirsten)
Dream Of Mirrors (Iron Maiden)
Dream Of Thee (May, Brian)
Dream Of Unity (Bad Religion)
Dream on (Aerosmith)
Dream On (Catatonia)
Dream On (Depeche Mode)
Dream On (Hay, Colin)
Dream On (King Kobra)
Dream on (Mission)
Dream On (Nazareth)
Dream On (Oak Ridge Boys, The)
Dream On (Robyn)
Dream On Texas Ladies (Montgomery, John Michael)
Dream police (Trick, Cheap)
Dream River-crd (Mavericks, The)
Dream Sequence (Deus)
Dream Sequence No.1 (Deus)
Dream Song (Fogerty, John)
Dream Song (Fogerty, John)
Dream Song (Matthews, Scott)
dream theater var (Dream Theater)
Dream Thrum (James)
Dream Time (Jam)
Dream To Live (Great Big Sea)
Dream To Make Believe (Armor For Sleep)
Dream Walkin (Keith, Toby)
Dream Walkin' (Keith, Toby)
Dream Weaver (Wright, Gary)
dream weaver (Wright, Gary)
Dream Without You (Mymp)
Dream World (Midnight Oil)
Dream Your Way To Me (Lawson, Shannon)
Dreamaker (Renaissance)
Dreamalittledreamofme (Mamas And The Papas, The)
Dreamboat (Hum)
Dreamboat Annie (Heart)
Dreambrother (Buckley, Jeff)
Dreamcatcher (Our Last Night)
Dreamdemons (Lake Of Tears)
Dreamed About Last Night-crd (Williams, Hank)
Dreamer (Dillon, Bethany)
Dreamer (Duff, Hilary)
Dreamer (Eggstone)
Dreamer (Europe)
Dreamer (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Dreamer (Osbourne, Ozzy)
Dreamer (Osbourne, Ozzy)
Dreamer (Seahorses)
Dreamer (Supertramp)
Dreamer Deceiver (Judas Priest)
Dreamer's Ball (Queen)
Dreamers (Savoretti, Jack)
Dreamers (Sister Hazel)
Dreamers And Renegades (Milow)
Dreamers ball (Queen)
Dreamers Dream (Cochrane, Tom)
Dreamers Dream (Youngbloods)
Dreamgirl (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Dreamin (Malmsteen, Yngwie)
Dreamin (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Dreamin (Onerepublic)
Dreamin (Status Quo)
Dreamin man (Young, Neil)
dreamin man (Young, Neil)
Dreamin with eyes open (Walker, Clay)
dreamin with eyes open (Walker, Clay)
Dreamin' (Burnette, Johnny)
Dreamin' (Kiss)
Dreamin' Man (Young, Neil)
Dreamin' Out Loud (Adkins, Trace)
Dreamin-crd (Rambler)
Dreaming (Blondie)
Dreaming (Dark Fortress)
Dreaming (Fool's Garden)
Dreaming (Malmsteen, Yngwie)
dreaming (Smashing Pumpkins)
Dreaming a Reality (Senses Fail)
Dreaming From The Waist (Who, The)
Dreaming I Am (Mould, Bob)
Dreaming in Red (Calling)
Dreaming in Red (Dismember)
Dreaming My Dream (Cranberries, The)
dreaming my dream (Cranberries, The)
Dreaming My Dreams (Cranberries, The)
Dreaming My Dreams (Cranberries, The)
dreaming my dreams (Jennings, Waylon)
Dreaming my dreams of you (Cranberries, The)
Dreaming My Dreams With You (Johnson, Jamey)
Dreaming Neon Black (Nevermore)
Dreaming of a Little Cabin (Misc. Gospel)
Dreaming Of Love (Absurd)
Dreaming Of Me (Depeche Mode)
Dreaming Of The Queen (Pet Shop Boys)
Dreaming Of This (Jamestown Story)
Dreaming Of You (Coral)
Dreaming Of You (Libertines)
Dreaming Of You (Lovi Poe)
Dreaming Of You (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
dreaming of you (Selena)
Dreaming Of You (Sloan)
Dreaming Out Loud (Onerepublic)
Dreaming With A Broken Heart (Mayer, John)
Dreamings Free Im Alright Today (Adams, Ryan)
Dreamland (Garfunkel, Art)
Dreamland (Hammerfall)
Dreamland (McGuinn, Roger)
dreamland (McGuinn, Roger)
Dreamline (Rush)
Dreamon (Aerosmith)
Dreams (All Saints)
Dreams (Boston)
Dreams (Boys II Men)
Dreams (Corrs, The)
Dreams (Cranberries, The)
Dreams (Degraw, Gavin)
Dreams (Fiction)
dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
Dreams (Gabrielle)
Dreams (Gerry And The Pacemakers)
Dreams (Hagar, Sammy)
Dreams (Hey)
Dreams (King Diamond)
Dreams (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Dreams (Schmidt, Pete)
Dreams (Sebadoh)
Dreams (Taproot)
Dreams (Van Halen)
Dreams Acoustic (Fleetwood Mac)
Dreams And Saturday Nights-crd (Woodruff, Bob)
Dreams Are Not My Home (Cash, Rosanne)
Dreams Be Dreams (Johnson, Jack)
Dreams Call Out To Me (Evermore)
Dreams Come True (Hammerfall)
Dreams For Plans (Shakira)
Dreams Go By (Chapin, Harry)
dreams go by (Chapin, Harry)
Dreams Il Never See (Hatchet, Molly)
Dreams Ill Never See (Hatchet, Molly)
Dreams In My Head (Moa, Anika)
Dreams Never End (New Order)
Dreams Of A Dreamer (McCall, Darrell)
Dreams Of Candlelight (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
Dreams Of Children (Jam)
Dreams Of Home (Marley, Ziggy)
Dreams Of Reason (Tea Party)
Dreams Tab (Apples In Stereo)
Dreams That Dont Come True (Zao)
Dreamscape (Alan Parsons Project)
Dreamscape (instrumental) (In Flames)
Dreamside Dominions (Dimmu Borgir)
Dreamstate (Dickinson, Bruce)
Dreamtime (Chamber, Coal)
Dreamtime In Glasgow (Hay, Colin)
Dreamville (Petty, Tom)
Dreamville (Petty, Tom)
Dreamwalkin Along With Me (Lee Ritenour)
Dreamworks Theme (Various Artists)
Dreamworld (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Dreamy (Joe)
Dreamy Lady (T Rex)
Dreamy Lullaby Yodel (Wilf, Carter)
Dreemkast (Derkholm)
Dreganomics (Mac Dre)
Dreggs (Damaged)
Dreh Dich Nicht Um (Oomph)
Dreidel (McLean, Don)
Drejt Fatit Tim (Ritfolk)
Drems (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Drenge Som Mig (Misc. Your Songs)
Dresden (Left Unsaid)
Dress (Harvey, P J)
Dress Like A Target (Superjoint Ritual)
Dress Me Like A Clown (Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos)
Dress Me Up As A Robber (McCartney, Paul)
Dress Rehearsal Rag (Cohen, Leonard)
Dress Up In You (Belle And Sebastian)
Dress Up In You Tab (Belle And Sebastian)
Dress Ups (Sneeze)
Dressed For Friend Requests (Drop Dead Gorgeous)
Dressed For Success (Roxette)
Dressed In Black (Depeche Mode)
Dressed In Black (Hoodoo Gurus)
Dressed in Decay (CKY)
Dressed In White (Karlzen, Mary)
dressed in white (Karlzen, Mary)
Dressed In White (King Diamond)
Dressed to Depress (Murderdolls)
Dressed to Kill (New Found Glory)
Dressed Up Like Dreams (Backseat Goodbye)
Dressed Up Like Nebraska (Rouse, Josh)
dresser (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Dressing Up (Cure, The)
Dressing up (Cure, The)
Drew Carey Show Theme (Misc. Television)
Drew Lynch Gary Foster (Lynch, Stephen)
Drfsr (Warrant)