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Gish Album (Smashing Pumpkins)
Gising Na (Rivermaya)
Git along dogies (Misc. Cowboy)
Gitana (Mana)
Gitans (Cabrel, Francis)
Gitarre Runter (Bela B)
Giudizi Universali (Bersani, Samuele)
Giuliano Poi Sta Male (Negramaro)
give (Dishwalla)
Give (Powderfinger)
Give A Little Bit (Goo Goo Dolls, The)
Give A Little Bit (Supertramp)
Give A Little Love (Marley, Ziggy)
Give A Little Love (Proud Mary)
Give A Little Love (Sinclar, Bob)
Give A Little Respect (Wheatus)
Give A Man A Home (Harper, Ben)
give back the key (Uncle Tupelo)
Give Back The Love (Philosopher Kings, The)
Give Chase (Tegan And Sara)
Give Her Lovin (Kingsmen, The)
Give In (Dickow, Tina)
Give In (Dickow, Tina)
Give Into Me (Jackson, Michael)
Give Ireland Back To The Irish (McCartney, Paul)
Give It 2 Me (Madonna)
Give It A Day (Pavement)
Give It A Try (Spunge)
Give It All Away (Bush)
Give It All Away (Shust, Aaron)
Give It All Up (Corrs, The)
Give It Away (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The)
Give It Away (Smith, Michael W.)
Give It Away (Straight, George)
Give It Away (Strait, George)
Give It Revolution (Suicidal Tendencies)
Give It Time To Be Tender (Kristofferson, Kris)
Give It To Me (Geils Band, J.)
Give It To Me (Musso, Mason)
Give It To Me Strait (McGraw, Tim)
Give It To Me Strait-crd (McGraw, Tim)
Give It Up (Format, The)
Give It Up (K.C. And The Sunshine Band)
Give It Up (Soil)
Give It Up (Talk Talk)
Give It Up To Me (Paul, Sean)
Give Judy My Notice (Folds Five, Ben)
Give Love (Third Day)
Give Love On Christmas Day (Misc. Christmas)
Give Me A Letter (Ocean Colour Scene)
Give Me A Little More Time (Gabrielle)
Give Me A Little More You (Little Big Town)
Give me a Reason (Corrs, The)
Give Me A Sign (Boller, Steve)
Give Me Another Chance (Big Star)
Give Me Another Trojan Song (Fogerty, Tom)
Give Me Back My Name (Talking Heads)
Give Me Forty Acres-crd (Traditional)
Give Me Heart (Suh, Susie)
Give Me It (Cure, The)
Give Me Jesus (Misc. Gospel)
Give Me Jesus (Ortega, Fernando)
Give Me Just A Little More Time (Chairmen Of The Board)
Give Me Just A Little More Time (Jam)
Give Me Love (Harrison, George)
Give Me More (Wonder Stuff)
Give Me Novacaine (Green Day)
Give me Novocaine (Greenday)
Give Me One Good Reason (Blink 182)
Give Me One Good Reason Live (Blink 182)
Give Me One More Chance (Exile)
Give Me One More Shot (Alabama)
Give Me One Reason (Chapman, Tracy)
Give Me Some Love (Blunt, James)
Give Me Strength (Clapton, Eric)
Give Me Sympathy (Metric)
Give Me The News (Moranis, Rick)
Give Me The Night (Benson, George)
Give Me Up Again (Lang, Johnny)
Give Me Words To Speak (Shust, Aaron)
Give Me Your Eyes (Heath, Brandon)
Give Me Your Love (Adams, Bryan)
Give Mother My Crown (Misc. Gospel)
Give My Love To Marie (Clark, Gene)
give my love to nell (Various Artists)
Give My Love To Rose (Cash, Johnny)
Give Myself To Love (Rossi, Francis)
Give of Your Best to the Master (Misc. Gospel)
Give Or Take (Various Artists)
Give peace a chance (Beatles, The)
Give Peace A Chance (Lennon, John)
Give Peace A Chance (Lennon, John)
Give peace a chance (Lennon, John)
Give Thanks (Misc. Gospel)
Give Thanks (Moen, Don)
Give Thanks With A Greatful Heart (Smith, Henry)
Give The Anarchist A Cigarette (Chumbawamba)
Give The Kid A Break (Cooper, Alice)
Give The Mule What He Wants (Queens Of The Stone Age)
Give To Live (Hagar, Sammy)
give to live (Hagar, Sammy)
Give To Live (Van Halen)
Give Up (Sherwood)
Give Up Giving In (Marshall, Amanda)
Give Up Your Guns (Buoys, The)
Give Us Clean Hands (Hall, Charlie)
Give Us Clean Hands (Tomlin, Chris)
Give You Back (Vertical Horizon)
Give You Glory (Camp, Jeremy)
Give You My All (Eyes Set To Kill)
give you my loving (Mazzy Star)
Give You My World (Wickham, Phil)
Give You Nothing (Bad Religion)
Give Yourself To Love (Wolf, Kate)
Given (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Given A Chance (Starting Line)
Given To Fly (Pearl Jam)
Giverny (Rea, Chris)
givin herself away (Mcguinn Clark And Hillman)
Givin It Up (Rouse, Josh)
Giving (Collective Soul)
Giving It All (Gungor, Michael)
Giving It All (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Giving It All Away (Daltrey, Roger)
Giving It All Away (Simpson, Ashlee)
Giving It All Away (Who, The)
Giving It All To You (Gungor, Michael)
Giving It All To You (Phair, Liz)
Giving It Up (Harvest, Barclay James)
Giving It Up For You (Brook, Holly)
Giving That Heaven Away (Browne, Jackson)
Giving Up (Silverstein)
Giving Up Acoustic (Silverstein)
Gjeld (Jokke & Valentinerne)
Gkt (Spongecola)
Glace Bay Blues (Guess Who, The)
Glad (Hilton, Tyler)
Glad Acoustic (Hilton, Tyler)
Glad All Over (Dave Clark Five)
Glad Att Det Ar Over (Scocco, Mauro)
Glad Girls (Guided By Voices)
glad i dont know (Lemonheads)
Glad To Be Gay (Robinson, Tom)
Glad To Be Going (Roberts, Rick)
Glad To See You Go (Ramones, The)
Glad to See You Go (Ramones, The)
Gladdest Thing (Deb Talan)
Glade Jul (Misc. Christmas)
Gladiator (Zimmer, Hans)
gladys ridge (Keelaghan, James)
Gladys Ridge (Keelaghan, James)
Glam Stomp (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Glamorous Day (Nana)
Glamorous Indie Rock N Roll (Killers, The)
Glamorous Sky (Nakashima, Mika)
Glamorous Sky (Nana)
Glaring Dream (Kotani, Kinya)
Glass (Eyedea And Abilities)
Glass And Steel (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)
Glass And The Ghost Children (Smashing Pumpkins)
Glass Ceiling (Metric)
Glass Concrete Stone (Byrne, David)
glass Expectations (After The Tragedy)
Glass Hearts (Desert Rose Band)
Glass Onion (Beatles, The)
Glass Smash (View, The)
Glastonbury (Muse)
Glastonbury Revisited (Cosmic Rough Riders)
Glastonbury Song (Waterboys, The)
Gleis 7 16 Uhr 10 (Anajo)
Glemte Minner (deLillos)
Glenda (Toy Dolls)
Glenda And The Test Tube Baby (Toy Dolls)
Glendale Train-crd (Traditional)
Glenn Tipton (Sun Kil Moon)
Gli Angeli (Rossi, Vasco)
Gli Uccelli (Battiato, Franco)
Glimmer (Aqualung)
Glimpses Of Glory (Allchurch, Rex)
Glitter Gulch (Costello, Elvis)
Glitterball (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Glitterbug (Vanity Project, The)
Glittering Cloud (Imogen Heap)
Glittering Girl (Who, The)
Globe Alone (Blur)
Globe Of Frogs (Hitchcock, Robyn)
Globe of frogs album (Hitchcock, Robyn)
Gloom (Kashmir)
Gloomy (Costa, Matt)
Gloomy Sunday (Holiday, Billie)
Gloria (Branigan, Laura)
Gloria (Brave Saint Saturn)
Gloria (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Gloria (Shadows Of Knight)
Gloria (Smalltown Poets)
Gloria (Smith, Patti)
Gloria (Tozzi, Umberto)
Gloria (U2)
Gloria (Various Artists)
Gloria All Gods Children (Colman, Paul)
Gloriana (Extol)
Glorification Of The Black God (Marduk)
Glorified (Parachute Band)
Glorifila (Zed)
Glorify (Ever Stays Red)
Glorify Thy Name (Lewis, Crystal)
Glorify Thy Name (Misc. Gospel)
Glorious (Breeders)
Glorious (Ever Stays Red)
Glorious (Everclear)
Glorious (Gordon, Al)
Glorious (Imbruglia, Natalie)
Glorious (Johnson, Andreas)
Glorious (Munizzi, Martha)
Glorious (Tomlin, Chris)
Glorious Acoustic (Johnson, Andreas)
Glorious Day (Embrace)
Glorious Day (Todd, Agnew)
Glorious Day (Weezer)
Glorious One (Fee, Steve)
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken (Misc. Gospel)
Gloriuos Day (Embrace)
Glory (Hillsong)
Glory (Shane, Bernard)
Glory (United Live)
Glory & Consequence (Harper, Ben)
Glory Be to the Father (Misc. Gospel)
Glory Bound (Sexton, Martin)
Glory Bound (Sexton, Martin)
Glory Days (Springsteen, Bruce)
Glory Days (Springsteen, Bruce)
Glory Days To Come (Johnossi)
Glory Glory (Byrds, The)
Glory Glory Lord (Caedmon's Call)
Glory Hallelujah (Schuerzenjaeger)
Glory of love (Cetera, Peter)
Glory Of Love (New Found Glory)
Glory Of Love (Santana, Josh)
Glory Of True Love (Prine, John)
Glory Of War (Redwalls, The)
Glory Of You (Cappa, Adam)
Glory Of Your Name (United Live)
Glory Road (Haynes, Warren)
Glory To God (Fee, Steve)
Glory To God (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Glory to His Name (Misc. Gospel)
Glory To The Day (Winchester, Jesse)
Glory To The Lord (Moen, Don)
Glory To You (Shust, Aaron)
Gloryland March (Misc. Gospel)
Glove Sex Guy (Rosenstrøm, Bjørn)
Glow (Alien Ant Farm)
Glow (Katy, Rose)
Glow Girl (Who, The)
Glow Girl (Who, The)
Glow Of The Kerosene Light (Buddy Wasisname And The Other Fellers)
Glow Stars (Nova, Heather)
Glow Worm (Mills Brothers, The)
Glowing Inside (Gil, Nikki)
Glowworm Tab (Apples In Stereo)
Gluck Gluck Gluck (Gemeinde, Jesus)
Glue (Neutral Milk Hotel)
Glue Machine (Tad)
Glue Tab (Page France)
Glutton Of Sympathy (Jellyfish)
Glycerine (Bush)