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H W C (Phair, Liz)

H. (Tool)

ha (Emiliana Torrini)

Ha (R.E.M.)

Ha Ha Said The Clown (Manfred Mann)

Ha Ha You Are Dead! (Green Day)

Ha Itt Lennel Velem (Republic)

Ha Tempos (Legiro Urbana)

Ha We Get Paid For It (R.E.M.)

Haare (Hegenberg, Jan)

Haaveissa Vainko Oot Mun (Riki Sorsa)

Hab Keine Angst (Bela B)

Habambuhay (Constantino, Yeng)

Habang May Buhay (Alamid)

habit (Pearl Jam)

Habits Of The Heart-crd (Woodys)

Hablame (Moreno, Anette)

Hablando De La Libertad (La Renga)

Hachochavim Dolkim Al Esh Ktana (Mashina)

Hackensack (Fountains Of Wayne)

Hacksore (Gorerotted)

Hacky Sack (Vortex, Zebedee)

Had A Bad Day (Powter, Daniel)

Had a Dad (Jane's Addiction)

Had a Dream About You, Baby (Dylan, Bob)

Had Enough (Aepoc)

Had Enough (Breaking Benjamin)

Had Enough (Goo Goo Dolls, The)

had enough (Telegraph)

Had Enough (Who, The)

Had I Wings (Misc. Traditional)

Had It With You (Rolling Stones, The)

Had Me A Girl (Waits, Tom)

Had To Cry Today (Blind Faith)

Had To Fall In Love (Moody Blues, The)

Had To Make You Mine (Trick, Cheap)

Had to make you mine (Trick, Cheap)

Hadapi Dengan Senyuman (Dewa)

Hadapi Dengan Senyuman (Dewa 19)

Hadlock Padlock (Dawson, Kimya)

Hagamos Algo Superficial Y Vulgar (Fangoria)

Hagatna Bay (Hale)

Hagbong (Phylum)

Hagelangs (DumDum Boys)

Haggis (Red Label)

Hagupit (Siakol)

Hahaha (Eraserheads)

Hai Jazba Junoon (Junoon)

Hai Un Momento Dio (Ligabue)

Haiku (Tally Hall)

Hail (Anouk)

Hail The Sunny Days (Mando Diao)

Hail To The Geek (Deaf Pedestrians)

Haillie Sellasse Up Your Ass (Propagandhi)

Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer (Corb Lund Band)

Hair Of The Dog (Jennings, Shooter)

Hair Of The Dog (Nazareth)

Hair of the Dog (Ramones, The)

Hair Theme (Misc. Soundtrack)

Hair Trigger Colt 44 (LeDoux, Chris)

Haircut (Waifs)

Hairdresser On Fire (Morrissey)

Hairless Heart (Genesis)

Hairpin (Sandwich)

Hairshirt (R.E.M.)

hairspray (Selecter)

Hairy Woman (Green, Adam)

Haistakoon Veen (Normaali, Eppu)

Haiti (Arcade Fire)

Haitian Divorce (Steely Dan)

Hajaru de då, Jack? (Vreeswijk, Cornelis)

Hakuna Matata (John, Elton)

Halaga (Parokya ni Edgar)

Halah (Mazzy Star)

Halbwegs (Echt)

Halelujah (Various Artists)

Haley (Needtobreathe)

Haleys Comet (Alvin, Dave)

Half A Chance (Gill, Vince)

Half A Heart (Barenaked Ladies)

Half A Heart Tatoo (Hanson, Jennifer)

Half A Life (Love Spit Love)

Half A Man (Lynch, Stephen)

Half A Man (Various Artists)

Half A Man Half A Man (Baird, Bill)

Half A Man-crd (Smith, Anthony)

Half A Mind (Tubb, Ernest)

Half A Person (Smiths)

Half A World Away (R.E.M.)

Half A World Away (Secret Garden)

Half Alive (Secondhand Serenade)

Half As Much (Williams Jr., Hank)

Half Boyfriend (Brannan, Jay)

Half Crazy (Freestyle)

Half Crazy (Gill, Johnny)

Half Dead (Mountain Goats)

Half Empty Half Full (Cueshe)

Half For Me (Hayden)

Half Heaven Half Heartache (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Half Heaven Half Heartache (Pitney, Gene)

Half Life (Sheik, Duncan)

Half Life (Too Much Joy)

Half Life Acoustic (Sheik, Duncan)

Half moon cafe (Indigo Girls)

Half Moon Rising (Yonder Mountain String Band)

Half Of My Mistakes (Everett, Jace)

Half Past France (Cale, John)

Half Past Midnight (Five Man Electrical Band)

Half Right (Jimmy Eat World)

Half The Lies You Tell Aint True (Stereophonics)

Half The Man I Used To Be (Nirvana)

Half The Man-crd (Wade, Scotty)

half the time (Lemonheads)

Half The World (Carlisle, Belinda)

Half the World Away (Oasis)

Half The World Away Acoustic (Oasis)

Half The World Away Live (Oasis)

Half Time (Hot Tuna)

Half Truism (Offspring, The)

Half Way Up (Black, Clint)

Half Who I Could Be (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Half Your Age (Kid Rock)

Halfcrazy (Musiq Soulchild)

Halfway Around The World (Bowling For Soup)

Halfway Down (Loveless, Patty)

Halfway Home (Tv On The Radio)

Halfway Home Cafe (Skaggs, Ricky)

Halfway Home Cafe-crd (Skaggs, Ricky)

Halfway House (Fair, Marjorie)

Halfway Round The World (Simon, Carly)

Halfway To A Threeway (Orourke, Jim)

Halfway To Crazy (Jesus And Mary Chain)

Halfway To Fivepoints (Ternheim, Anna)

Halfway To Freedom (Harvest, Barclay James)

Halfway to Heaven (Europe)

Halfway To Paradise (Fury, Billy)

Halfway To Paradise (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Halfway To Sanity Album (Ramones, The)

Halfway-crd (Trooper, Greg)

Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh (Bright Eyes)

Halika Ka Na (Siakol)

Halil Ibrahim Sofrasi (Baris, Manco)

Halimiz Duman (Duman)

Halina Sa Parokya (Parokya ni Edgar)

Hall Mitt Hjarta (Skifs, Bjørn)

Hall of Mirrors (Distillers)

Hall Of Mirrors (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Hall Of The Mountain King (Who, The)

Halla Halla (Ville Pusa)

Hallaa (Apulanta)

Halleljuah Your Love Is Amazing (Brown, Brenton)

Halleluja (Cohen, Leonard)

Halleluja, jag är frisk igen! (Vreeswijk, Cornelis)

Hallelujah (Adams, Ryan)

Hallelujah (Bon Jovi)

Hallelujah (Buckley, Jeff)

Hallelujah (Buckley, Jeff)

Hallelujah (Cale, John)

Hallelujah (Carlile, Brandi)

Hallelujah (Cave, Nick)

Hallelujah (Cohen, Leonard)

Hallelujah (Deep Purple)

Hallelujah (Helio Sequence, The)

Hallelujah (Kids In The Way)

Hallelujah (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Hallelujah (Skaggs, Ricky)

Hallelujah (U2)

Hallelujah (Wainwright, Rufus)

Hallelujah (Wickham, Phil)

Hallelujah Acoustic (Paramore)

Hallelujah Barfuss (Garvey, Rea)

Hallelujah for the Cross (Misc. Gospel)

Hallelujah God Is Near (Robbie Seay Band)

Hallelujah I Love Her So (Charles, Ray)

Hallelujah Jesus (Monk And Neagle)

Hallelujah Our God Reigns (Hillsong United)

Hallelujah To The Lamb (Moen, Don)

Hallelujah Your Love Is Amazing (Brown, Brenton)

Hallelujah! I Want to Sing About It (Misc. Gospel)

Hallelujah2-crd (Skaggs, Ricky)

Halley Came To Jackson (Carpenter, Mary Chapin)

Halling (Ulver)

Hallo Klaus (Cornelius)

Hallo Worum Gehts Ich Bin Dagegen (Gitarre, Der Junge Mit Der)

Hallowed (Knapp, Jennifer)

Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iced Earth)

Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden)

Hallowed by thy name (Iron Maiden)

Hallowed Father (Riddle, Jeremy)

Hallowed Ground (Cole, Jude)

Hallowed Ground (W.A.S.P.)

Halloween (Ash)

Halloween (King Diamond)

Halloween (Lynch, Stephen)

Halloweenhead (Adams, Ryan)

Halloweenhead (Adams, Ryan)

Hallow~1 (Iron Maiden)

Hallow~2 (Iron Maiden)

Halo (Deep Blue Something)

Halo (Foo Fighters)

Halo (Knowles, Beyonce)

Halo (Oleander)

Halo (Texas)

Halo (Wallflowers, The)

Halv (Jokke & Valentinerne)

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