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Hike (A Wilhelm Scream)
hiker (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
hiker (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hilang (Cokelat)
Hilang (Garasi)
Hilf Mir Fliegen (Tokio Hotel)
Hilikus (Incubus)
Hiling (Paramita)
Hill Country Girl-crd (Welch, Kevin)
Hill Country Nights (Hyland, James)
Hill Farmers Blues (Knopfler, Mark)
Hill Groove (Satriani, Joe)
Hill of the Skull (Satriani, Joe)
Hillbillies (Hot Apple Pie)
Hillbilly Blues (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Hillbilly Charm-crd (Reams, Josh)
Hillbilly Deluxe (Brooks and Dunn)
Hillbilly Fever-crd (Vaughn, George)
Hillbilly Girl With The Blues (Dalton, Lacy J.)
Hillbilly Highway-crd (Skaggs, Ricky)
Hillbilly Highway2-crd (Skaggs, Ricky)
Hillbilly Rich (Adkins, Trace)
Hillbilly Rich (CRD) (Adkins, Trace)
Hillbilly Rock (Stuart, Marty)
Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hillbilly Shoes (Gentry, Montgomery)
Hillbilly Shoes-crd (Gentry, Montgomery)
Hillbilly Shoes2-crd (Gentry, Montgomery)
Hills Have Eyes (Blitzkid)
Hills Of Donegal (Goats Dont Shave)
Hills Of Old Juarez (Russell, Tom)
Hills Of Old Wyomin-crd (Sons Of The Pioneers)
Hillside Lullaby (Nel, Gert Vlok)
Hilltop Procession (Momentum Gaining) Tab (Olivia Tremor Control, The)
Hilo (Rivermaya)
Hilot (Ambassadors)
Him (Collective Soul)
Him (Gone With The Sin)
Him (Mcginn, Mark)
Him And Her (Rehab)
Him Dancing (Throwing Muses)
Him Hymn (Rudimentary Peni)
Him In Her (Bad Dogs)
Himala (Jay)
Himala (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Himala (Rivermaya)
Himerus Eros (Canvas Spill)
Himig (Aguilar, Freddie)
Himig Ng Pasko (Apo Hiking Society)
Himlen I Min Famn (Häggkvist, Carola)
Himmel No 7 (Gyllene Tider)
Himmelblau (Die Ärzte)
Himmelreich (Gemeinde, Jesus)
Himno A La Alegria (Rios, Miguel)
himno a la alegria (Rios, Miguel)
Himno De Franz Reinich (Pioneros De Schoenstatt)
Himno Nacional De Guatemala (Ovalle, Rafael Alvarez)
Himno Quilmes 2002 (Quilmes)
Hinahanap (Greyhoundz)
Hinahanap-Hanap Kita (Rivermaya)
Hinata (High And Mighty Color)
Hindi Ako Susuko (Rivermaya)
Hindi Ba (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hindi Kita Malilimutan (Valdez, Basil)
Hindi Ko Kaya (Santana, Josh)
Hindi Magbabago (Santiago, Randy)
Hindi Mo Ba Alam (Siakol)
Hindi Na (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hindi Na Bale (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hindi Na Sana (Zelle)
Hindley Street (Powderfinger)
Hindsight (Death Cab For Cutie)
Hindsight (Pillar)
Hine E Hine (Hayley Westenra)
Hinkley Had A Vision (Crucifucks)
Hint (Treble Charger)
Hint of Her Blood (Danzig)
Hintay (Sugarfree)
Hints (Gonzalez, Jose)
Hip Albatross (Gorillaz)
Hip Hip Hooray (Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos)
Hip Hop (Static X)
Hip Hop At Ihop (Cute Is What We Aim For)
Hip Hop Kids (Devotchkas)
Hip Hop Saved My Life (Fiasco, Lupe)
Hip Hops Kids (Devotchkas)
Hip Rock (Saint Loco)
Hip Today (Extreme)
Hipbones And Microphones (Cute Is What We Aim For)
Hiphopopotamus Vs Rhymenocerus (Flight Of The Conchords)
Hiphopper (Teddybears STHLM)
Hipnotisana Gomila (Partibrejkers)
Hipnotizame (Fobia)
Hipocrecia (La Resistencia)
Hippercrits (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hippie Hippie Hoorah (Black Lips)
Hippie Jam Song (Faith No More)
Hippie Killers (Suicidal Tendencies)
Hippies (Burma Shave)
Hippies Hate Water (Mucky Pup)
Hippies Lament (Wally Pleasant)
Hippo (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hippy Hut (Skyhooks)
Hips Dont Lie (Shakira)
Hiram (Session Road)
Hiram Hubbard (Dylan, Bob)
Hired Gun (Babyshambles)
Hiring Snoop Dogg As A Private Investigator Probely Wasnt My Greatest Idea (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hiros Song (Folds, Ben)
Hiroshima (Ferry, Bryan)
Hiroshima (Folds, Ben)
Hiroshima (Moore, Gary)
Hiroshima (Puhdys)
Hiroshima Mon Amour (Ultravox)
Hiroshis Ebay Bike (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
His Eye On The Sparrow (Hill, Lauryn)
His eye on the sparrow (Misc. Gospel)
His Favorite Christmas Story (Capital Lights)
His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin (Simon, Carly)
His Girl Friday (The Academy Is)
His Hand in Mine (Misc. Gospel)
His Hands (Who, The)
His Indie World (Lord, Mary Lou)
His Kind Of Money / My Kind Of Love (Church, Eric)
His Last Painting (Manic Street Preachers)
His Latest Flame (Presley, Elvis)
His latest flame (Presley, Elvis)
His Latest Flame (Scorpions, The)
His Love (Tegan And Sara)
His Lovin' Her Is Gettin' In My Way (Jones, George)
His Majesty Rides (Rouse, Josh)
His Mistakes (Usher)
His Name is Wonderful (Misc. Gospel)
His Sheep Am I (Christian)
His Shoes (Cyrus, Billy Ray)
His Strengh Is Perfect (Chapman, Steven Curtis)
His Way With Thee (Misc. Gospel)
His World (Crush 40)
Hiss the Villain (Sparta)
Histionics (Higher, The)
histoires sans paroles (Harmonium)
Historia Calamitatum (Rise Against)
Historia de las sillas (Rodriguez, Silvio)
historia de las sillas (Rodriguez, Silvio)
Historia De Taxi (Arjona, Ricardo)
Historia De Un Minuto (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Historia De Un Taxi (Arjona, Ricardo)
Historia Dun Amor (Bandera Latina)
Historia Jednej Znajomoci (Czerwone Gitary)
History (Bush)
History (Funeral For A Friend)
History (Thirteen Senses)
History (Verve, The)
history (Verve, The)
history lessens (Skyclad)
History Lesson (Minutemen)
History Lesson Part Two (Minutemen)
History Maker (Delirious?)
History Never Repeats (Split Enz)
History of a Boring Town (Less Than Jake)
History Of A Boring Town Acoustic (Less Than Jake)
History Of Lovers (Wine, Iron And)
History of Us (Indigo Girls)
History Song (Good The Bad And The Queen, The)
History Will Repeat Itself (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Historys Stranglers (Bronx, The)
Histrionics (Higher, The)
Histrionics (Popsicle)
hit (Sugarcubes)
Hit And Rape (Frankenstein Drag Queens From The Planet 13)
Hit And Run (Super Furry Animals)
Hit By A Train (Step Up From Nothing)
Hit Em Up (Shakur, Tupac)
Hit In The Usa (Beat Crusaders)
Hit It (Donnas)
Hit It And Quit It (Funkadelic)
Hit It And Quit It Cover (Icarus Line)
hit it hold it (Nofx)
Hit Itand Quit It (Funkadelic)
Hit Machine (Guttermouth)
Hit Me Baby One More Time (Bowling For Soup)
Hit Me Baby One More Time (Spears, Britney)
Hit Me Baby One More Time (Travis)
Hit Me Baby One More Time (Weezer)
Hit Me Baby One More Time Acoustic (Bowling For Soup)
Hit Me In The Heart-crd (Strait, George)
Hit Me Score (Mothersbaugh, Mark)
hit me with your best shot (Benatar, Pat)
Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Jett, Joan)
Hit Me With Your Best Shot (My American Heart)
Hit Me With Your Light (Cabrera, Ryan)
hit me with your rhythm stick (Ian Dury and the Blockheads)
Hit N Run (Horrorpops)
Hit of the Search Party (Every Time I Die)
Hit or Miss (New Found Glory)
Hit So Hard (Hole)
Hit Somebody The Hockey Song (Zevon, Warren)
Hit That (Offspring, The)
Hit The City (Lanegan, Mark)
Hit The Fence (Transplants)
Hit the Floor (Linkin Park)
Hit The Heartbrakes Tab (Black Kids)
Hit The Heartbreaks (Black Kids)
Hit The Lights (Metallica)
Hit The Road Jack (Boegershausen, Ulli)
Hit The Road Jack (Charles, Ray)
hit the road jack (Charles, Ray)
Hit The Road Jack (Miyavi)
Hit The Road Jack (Stampeders)
Hit The Road, Jack (Mayfield, Percy)
Hit the Road, Jack (Traditional)
Hit The Roof (Cub Country)
Hit the Switch (Bright Eyes)
Hitamku (Andra And The Backbone)
Hitch (Nothingface)
Hitchcock Railway (Cocker, Joe)
Hitchhiker (Young, Neil)
hitchhiker (Young, Neil)
Hitchin A Ride (Eraserheads)
Hitchin A Ride (Green Day)
Hitchin A Ride (Vanity Fare)
Hitchin a Ride (Various Artists)
Hitchin' A Ride (Green Day)
Hitchin' a Ride (Greenday)
Hitler (Rammstein)
Hitler Bad Vandals Good (Vandals)
Hitler Was A Sensitive Man (Anal Cunt)
Hitlers Girlfriend (Dime Store Prophets)
Hitlers Still A Nazi (Flux Of Pink Indians)
Hitman (Metal Church)
Hitoiro (Nana)
Hitomino Junin (L'Arc-en-Ciel)
Hitori No Yoru (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hits From The Bong (Cypress Hill)
Hitsville Uk (Clash, The)
Hitten (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hitten (Those Dancing Days)
Hitter (Dover)
Hittin The Bottle Again (Jennings, Waylon)
Hittin The Trail (Wilf, Carter)
Hitting The Lotto (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hiv song (Ween)
Hive (311)
Hive (Nonpoint)
Hives Are Law You Are Crime (Hives)
Hives Factory (Cooper, Stephen)
Hiwaga (Up Dharma Down)
Hjarta Mot Hjarta (Ville Pusa)
Hjarter Dam (Various Artists)
Hjarter Dams Sista Sang (Winnerbäck, Lars)
Hk Farewell (Placebo)
Hll Om Mig (Lemarc, Peter)
Hlsingevind (Kapell, Engmans)
Hmp (Zebrahead)
Hng Gud (Ebba Grön)
Ho (Hey)
Ho Ancora La Forza (Ligabue)
Ho Ma Jolie (Les Trois Accords)
Ho Messo Via (Ligabue)
Ho Perso Le Parole (Ligabue)
ho Silver Lining (Beck, Jeff)
Ho un anno di pi? (Battisti, Lucio)
Ho un anno di più (Battisti, Lucio)
Ho un anno di più (Various Artists)
ho visto nina volare (Andrè, Fabrizio De)
Ho Visto Nina Volare (Andrè, Fabrizio De)
Ho visto un re (Jannacci, Enzo)
Hoamweh Nach Ba (Ausseer Hardbradler)
Hoard (As Cities Burn)
Hobart Paving (Saint Etienne)
Hobbit On The Rocks (Toad The Wet Sprocket)
Hobo Bills Last Ride-crd (Rodgers, Jimmie)
Hobo Bills Last Ride2-crd (Rodgers, Jimmie)
Hobo Blues (Lonesome River Band)
Hobo Humping Slobo Babe (Whale)
Hobo Low (Seasick Steve)
Hobo Song (Misc. Your Songs)
Hoboken (Operation Ivy)
Hoboken Czar (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hobophobic (Nofx)
Hobophobic (Scared Of Bums) (Nofx)
Hobos Lullaby (Harris, Emmylou)
Hobos Meditation (Rogers, Jimmy)
hobos meditation (Rogers, Jimmy)
Hobos Meditation2-crd (Rodgers, Jimmie)
Hobys Song (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Hockens Hey (Shack)
Hockey Night In Canada (Misc. Traditional)
Hockey Night In Canada (Misc. Your Songs)
Hockey Night In Canada Theme (Cbc Guy)
Hockey Nite In Canada (Forgotten Rebels)
Hockey Skates (Edwards, Kathleen)
hocus pocus (Focus)
Hocus Pocus (Helloween)
hocus pocus (Hoey, Gary)
Hodgeston's Hallelujah Tab (Gorky's Zygotic Mynci)