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I & You (Ringo, Hindu)

I Abstain (Napalm Death)

I Against I (Bad Brains)

I Ain't Got You (Clapton, Eric)

I Ain't the One (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

I Aint Down (The Sunday Drivers)

I aint got you (Aerosmith)

I Aint Got You (Clapton, Eric)

I Aint Like You (Suicidal Tendencies)

I Aint Living (Jennings, Waylon)

i aint living (Jennings, Waylon)

I Aint Living Long Like This (Harris, Emmylou)

i aint living long like this (Harris, Emmylou)

I Aint Loosing Any Sleep (Sunshine Underground, The)

I Aint No Miracle Worker (Brogues)

I Aint No Nice Guy (Motorhead)

I Aint Sayin (Dinosaur Jr)

I Aint Saying My Goodbyes (Vek, Tom)

I Aint Superstitious (Howlin' Wolf)

I Almost Forgot (Sweet, Matthew)

I Almost Forgot (Wynette, Tammy)

I Almost Forgot-lyr (Wynette, Tammy)

I Almost Lost My Mind (Madder Rose)

I Alone (Live)

I Already Fell (Brandt, Paul)

I Always Get What I Want (Lavigne, Avril)

I Am (Box Car Racer)

I Am (Dope)

I Am (Drowning Pool)

I Am (Godsmack)

I Am (Homesick)

I Am (Norman, Bebo)

I Am (Slave)

I Am (Static X)

I Am (Zebrahead)

I am a C (Misc. Gospel)

I am a child (Young, Neil)

i am a child (Young, Neil)

I Am A Heart Watson (Forgive Durden)

I Am A Highway Acoustic (Umbilical Noose)

I Am A Human Head (They Might Be Giants)

I Am a Lonesome Hobo (Dylan, Bob)

I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow Acoustic (Soggy Bottom Boys, The)

I Am A Marionette (ABBA)

I Am A Pilgrim (Byrds, The)

i am a pilgrim (Byrds, The)

I Am A Pilgrim (Misc. Gospel)

I Am A Pilgrim (Travis, Merle)

I Am A Pilgrim-lyr (Travis, Merle)

I Am A Pilgrim-tab (Travis, Merle)

I Am A Revenant (Distillers)

i am a rock (Simon & Garfunkel)

I Am A Scientist (Guided By Voices)

I Am A Transylvanian (Say Anything)

I Am A Tree (Guided By Voices)

I Am a Viking (Malmsteen, Yngwie)

I am a viking (Malmsteen, Yngwie)

I Am Abandoned (Flatliners, The)

I Am An Elephant (Pinhead Gunpowder)

I Am An Idiot (Class 3 Midemeanor)

I Am An Island (Haggard, Merle)

I Am For You (Waking Ashland)

I Am Forever (Rancid)

I Am Found In You (Chapman, Steven Curtis)

I Am Fred Astaire (Taking Back Sunday)

I Am God (Broken Hope)

I Am Hated (Slipknot)

I Am Hatred (Slipknot)

I Am Here For You (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

I Am Him (Nothingface)

I Am Hollywood (He Is Legend)

I Am Hydrogen (Phish)

I Am I (Queensryche)

I am i said (Diamond, Neil)

i am i said (Diamond, Neil)

I Am Im Me (Snider, Dee)

I Am In Command (Annihilator)

I Am Like You (Nu)

I Am Loco (Ill Nino)

I Am Mine (Pearl Jam)

I Am Misery (Samhain)

I Am Murloc (Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftan)

I am my own god (Day Glo Abortions, The)

I Am No One (Deicide)

I Am Not (Ferrick, Melissa)

i am not (Ferrick, Melissa)

I Am Not Not My Hair (Arie, India)

I Am Not Suprised (Organ, The)

I Am Not Your Gameboy (Freezepop)

I Am Nothing (Dope)

I am one (Smashing Pumpkins)

I Am Revenant (Distillers)

I Am Seeing Ufos (Ramone, Dee Dee)

I Am Siam (Grates, The)

I Am The Arsonist (Funeral For A Friend)

I Am The Bloody Earth (My Dying Bride)

I Am The Bull God (Kid Rock)

I Am the Bullgod (Kid Rock)

I Am The Cancer (Sloan)

I Am The City (ABBA)

I Am The Doctor (Socratic)

I Am The Door (Day Of Fire)

I Am The Killer (Thursday)

I Am The Killer Of Trolls (Impaled Nazarene)

I Am the Law (Anthrax)

I Am The Lazer Viking (An Albatross)

I Am The Mob (Catatonia)

I Am The One (Crackout)

I Am The One (Nofx)

I Am The Party (Million Dead)

I Am The Resurrection (Stone Roses)

I Am The Sword (Motorhead)

I am the Walrus (Beatles, The)

i am the walrus (Beatles, The)

I Am The Walrus (Oasis)

I Am Vengeance (Naglfar)

I Am Weighing Me Down (Blacklisted)

I Am Yours (Chapman, Tracy)

I am yours (Derek And The Dominos)

I And I (Bayside)

I And Identify (P.O.D.)

I and you (Ringo, Hindu)

i and you (Ringo, Hindu)

I Apologize (Husker Du)

I Asked When (Dennen, Brett)

I Awake (Soundgarden)

I Been Gone a Long Time (Every Time I Die)

I Been Workin On You (Doobie Brothers, The)

I Believe (Bon Jovi)

I Believe (I Am Kloot)

I Believe (Isaak, Chris)

i believe (Isaak, Chris)

I Believe (Misc. Gospel)

I believe (R.E.M.)

I Believe (Santos, Paolo)

I Believe (Satriani, Joe)

I believe (Satriani, Joe)

i believe (Tears For Fears)

I Believe I Can Fly (Kelly, R.)

I Believe I'll Have Me A Beer (Johnson, Jamey)

I Believe in Anarchy (Exploited)

I Believe in Miracles (Misc. Gospel)

I believe in miracles (Ramones, The)

I Believe In Thing Called Love (Darkness, The)

I Believe In You (Marshall, Amanda)

i believe in you (Rebels Cross)

I Believe In You (Williams, Don)

i believe in you (Williams, Don)

I Believe In You (Young, Neil)

i believe in you (Young, Neil)

I believe in you2 (Young, Neil)

i believe in you2 (Young, Neil)

I Believe-crd (Presley, Elvis)

I Belong To You (Anastacia)

I Belong To You (Kravitz, Lenny)

I Belong To You (R.E.M.)

I Bin Aus Oesterreich (Stands)

I Blame You (They Might Be Giants)

I Bleed (Hedley)

I Bleed Black (Saint Vitus)

I Blew It (Poor Mans Band)

I Blotted Happy School Days (Williams, Hank)

I Blotted Happy School Days-crd (Williams, Hank)

I Bought You (Tsunami Bomb)

I Break (Katatonia)

I Breate In, I Breathe Out (Cagle, Chris)

I C You Are Felling Drake (American Nightmare)

I Call You Love (Meister)

I Call Your Name (Beatles, The)

i call your name (Beatles, The)

I Came as a Rat (Modest Mouse)

I Came To Dance (Lofgren, Nils)

I Can (Helloween)

I Can (Nas)

I Can Climb Mountains (Hell Is For Heroes)

I Can Do Better (Haney, Ben)

I Can Do Better Acoustic (Lavigne, Avril)

I Can Do It (Rubettes)

I Can Do This On An Island (Hopesfall)

I Can Feel A Hot One (Manchester Orchestra)

I Can Feel It (Sloan)

I Can Fly (Reminition)

I Can Get Off (Jennings, Waylon)

i can get off (Jennings, Waylon)

I Can Hardly Wait (Harvey, P J)

I Can Hear You (They Might Be Giants)

I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (Cotton, Paul)

i can hear your heartbeat (Cotton, Paul)

I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

I Can Help (Swan, Billy)

I Can Help You (Bodyjar)

I Can Kill You In A Heartbeat My Dear (Spookshow, The)

I Can Love You Like That (Montgomery, John Michael)

I Can Only Dissapoint You (Mansun)

I Can Only Imagine (Hillsong)

I Can Remember (Korn)

I Can Ride My Bike With No Handle Bars (Flobots)

i can see clearly now (Nash, Johnny)

I Can See For Miles (Who, The)

I Can Stop This Feeling Ive Got (Razorlight)

I Can T Leave (Apollo)

I can tell (Harding, John Wesley)

i can tell (Harding, John Wesley)

I Can Tell (Thunders, Johnny)

I Can Walk In Your Mind (Servant)

I Can't Be With You (Cranberries, The)

I Can't Die (Slaves On Dope)

I Can't Explain (Bass) (Who, The)

I Can't Move (Everlast)

I Can't Remember (Alice In Chains)

I Can't See Until I See Your Eyes (Frusciante, John)

I Can't Stand Being With You (Anti Flag)

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