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Itkevthn Enkelitkin (Apulanta)
Itll All Come Around (Back Door Slam)
Itll Always Be You (Clark Family Experience)
Itll Be A Breeze (Long Winters)
Itll Be A Long Time (Offspring, The)
Itll Be Her (Jennings, Waylon)
itll be her (Jennings, Waylon)
Itll Come Back (Sovine, Red)
Itll Shine When It Shines (Ozark Mountain Daredevils)
Ito Okashi (U2)
Itoshi No Eri (Southern All Stars)
Itoshii Hito (Miyavi)
Itostoto (Fossils)
Its A Beautiful Thing (Brandt, Paul)
its a beautiful thing (Ocean Colour Scene)
Its A Beautiful Thing (Sursok, Tammin)
Its A Big Old Goofy World (Prine, John)
Its A Brand New Day (Straight Outta Junior High)
Its A Brother Sister Thing (Len)
Its A Cheating Situation (Bandy Moe)
its a cheating situation (Bandy Moe)
Its A Cheating Situation (Prine, John)
Its A Crime (Gallagher, Noel)
Its A Crime (Oasis)
Its A Crime I Never Told You About The Diamonds In Your Eyes (Black Heart Procession)
Its A Curse (Wolf Parade)
Its A Dream (Young, Neil)
Its A Fact (Vandals)
Its A Free World Baby (R.E.M.)
its a free world baby (R.E.M.)
Its A Great Day To Be Alive (Tritt, Travis)
Its A Hard Life (Griffith, Nanci)
its a hard life (Griffith, Nanci)
its a hard life (Queen)
Its A Heartache (Stewart, Rod)
Its A Heartache (Tyler, Bonnie)
Its A Hit (Kiley, Rilo)
Its A Hit (We Are Scientists)
Its A Little To Late (Keith, Toby)
Its A Little Too Late-crd (Tucker, Tanya)
Its a long way (AC/DC)
Its A Long Way Back To Germany (Ramones, The)
Its A Long Way Home To Donegal (Larrikin Love)
Its A Long Way To Be Happy (Love, Darlene)
Its A Long Way To The Promised Land (Bad Religion)
Its a long way to the top (AC/DC)
Its A Long Way To The Top (School Of Rock)
Its A Mans World (Shadows, The)
Its A Metaphor Fool Acoustic (Say Anything)
its a monster (Extreme)
Its A New Day (London, Hillsong)
Its A New Day (Will)
Its A Nice World To Visit But Not To Live (Hazlewood, Lee)
Its A Perfect Day Jerome (Plankeye)
Its A Plain Shame (Frampton, Peter)
Its A Plant (Williams, Keller)
Its A Rockin World (Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros)
Its A Shame (Hoge, Will)
Its A Shame (Spinners)
Its A Shame (Third Day)
its a shame about ray (Lemonheads)
Its A Sight To Behold (Banhart, Devendra)
Its A Sin (Arnold, Eddie)
Its A Sin (Gamma Ray)
Its A Sin (Pet Shop Boys)
Its A Sin To Tell A Lie (Monroe, Gerry)
Its A Sin To Tell A Lie-crd (Whitman, Slim)
Its A Small World (Misc. Cartoons)
Its A Small World (Misc. Children)
Its A Small World (Sherman And Sherman)
Its A Small World (Various Artists)
Its A Small World Punk (Misc. Children)
Its A Wonder (Purdy, Joe)
Its A Wonderful Lie (Westerberg, Paul)
Its A Wonderful Life (Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution)
Its A Wonderful Life (Black)
Its About Life (Lillix)
its about time (Lemonheads)
Its About Time (Lillix)
Its About Time-crd (Reeves, Julie)
Its About You (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its All About The Benjamins (Puff Daddy)
Its All About The Money-crd (Tritt, Travis)
Its All About The Pentiums (Yankovic, Weird Al)
Its All About You (Mcfly)
Its All About Your Love (Jimenez, Rj)
Its All Around You (Tortoise)
Its All Because Of You (Puffy Amiyumi)
Its All Been A Dream (Man On Earth)
Its All Been Done (Barenaked Ladies)
Its All Beer And Skittles (Misc. Your Songs)
Its All Coming Back To Me Now (Meat Loaf)
Its All Fucked Up (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its All Gonna Break (Broken Social Scene)
Its All Good (Dempsey, Damien)
Its All Good (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its All I Can Do (Cars, The)
Its All In My Head (Screeching Weasel)
Its All In My Mind (Teenage Fanclub)
Its All In The Game (Four Tops, The)
Its All In The Gravity (Crowbar)
Its All In The Movies (Haggard, Merle)
Its All In Your Mind (Beck)
Its All Love (Rossi, Lukas)
Its All Love (Supernova)
Its All Moving Faster (Electric Frankenstein)
Its All On Me (Patent Pending)
Its All Over (Cash, Johnny)
Its All Over (Distortion)
Its All Over (Nile, Willie)
Its All Over (Richard, Cliff)
Its All Over But (Garbage)
Its All Over But The Cryin (Williams Jr., Hank)
Its All Over Now (Byrds, The)
Its All Over Now (Hatchet, Molly)
its all over now (Rolling Stones, The)
Its All Over Now Baby Blue (Animals)
Its All Over Now Baby Blue (Byrds, The)
Its All Over Now Baby Blue (Dylan, Bob)
Its All Over Now Baby Blue (Dylan, Bob)
Its All Over Now Baby Blue (Morrison, Van)
Its All Over Now Baby Blue (Them)
Its All Over-crd (Reckless Kelly)
Its All Related (Hot Water Music)
its all right (Impressions)
Its All Right (Kinks)
Its All Right (Marlango)
Its All Tears (Him)
Its All Tears Acoustic (Him)
Its All Tears Unplugged (Him)
Its All The Same (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its All The Same To Me (Cyrus, Billy Ray)
its all true (Lemonheads)
Its All Understood (Johnson, Jack)
Its All Up To You (Earle, Steve)
Its All Up To You (No Fun At All)
Its All Your Fault (Pink)
Its Allright (Camden)
Its Almost Halloween (Panic At The Disco)
Its Alright (Bandits)
Its Alright (Black Sabbath)
Its Alright (Echo And The Bunnymen)
its alright (Indigo Girls)
Its Alright (Montgomery, Monte)
its alright (Rothberg, Patti)
Its Alright (Rothberg, Patti)
Its Alright (Third Day)
Its Alright (Useless Id)
Its Alright Its Ok (Andreone, Leah)
its alright its ok (Andreone, Leah)
Its Alright Ma (Dylan, Bob)
Its Alright Ma (Dylan, Bob)
Its Alright Now (Herman's Hermits)
Its Always Something (Diffie, Joe)
Its Always Something 2 (Diffie, Joe)
Its Always Something2 (Diffie, Joe)
Its Always The Quiet Ones (Clyro, Biffy)
Its Amateur Night At The Apollo Creed (Cobra Starship)
Its Amazing (Jem)
Its Another Day (Thunder)
Its Beautiful (Eleventyseven)
Its Because I Love You (Masters Apprentices)
Its Been A Blue Day (Shadows, The)
Its Been A Good Day (Fogerty, Tom)
Its Been A Great Afternoon (Haggard, Merle)
Its Been A Long Time (FFH)
Its Been A Summer (New Found Glory)
Its Been A While (Staind)
Its Been Awhile (Staind)
Its Been Awhile Acoustic (Staind)
Its Been Awhile Live (Staind)
Its Been Awhile Since I Was Your Man (Good, Matthew)
Its Been So Long (Nilsson, Harry)
Its Been So Long Darling-crd (Tubb, Ernest)
Its Been Too Long (Terminal Karma)
Its Beginning To Get To Me (Snow Patrol)
Its Beginning To Smell Alot Like Christmas (Kelly, Hello)
Its Better People (Oasis)
Its Better This Way (Rafferty, Gerry)
Its Better This Way-crd (White, Joy Lynn)
Its Breaking Me Up (Jethro Tull)
Its Christmas Lets Be Glad (Sufjan, Stevens)
Its Christmas Time (Caedmon's Call)
Its Christmas Time (Status Quo)
Its Chubby Time (Chubby, Popa)
its closing soon (Nirvana)
Its Cold Outside (Choir, The)
its cold outside (Raspberries)
Its Come To This (Fuel)
Its Coming Down (Danzig)
Its Cool We Can Just Be Friends (Bright Eyes)
Its Cool We Can Still Be Friends (Bright Eyes)
Its Criminal (Pride Of Lions)
Its Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door (Underoath)
Its dangerous out there (Morrisey, Bill)
its dangerous out there (Morrisey, Bill)
Its Different For Girls (Jackson, Joe)
Its Easy (Brainstorm)
Its Easy (Cale, J J)
Its Easy (Weezer)
Its Easy To Get Bored (Helmet)
Its Easy To Sleep When Youre Dead (Of Montreal)
Its Easy To Tell (Berg, Matraca)
its easy to tell (Berg, Matraca)
Its Expected Im Gone (Minutemen)
Its Five Oclock Somewhere (Jackson, Alan)
Its For The Best (Straylight Run)
Its Four In The Mornin (Young, Faron)
Its Fun To Play With Knives (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its Funny The Way You Think (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its Gettin Better Man (Oasis)
Its Getting Better (Mamas And The Papas, The)
Its Getting Better All The Time (Brooks and Dunn)
Its Getting Better Man (Oasis)
Its Getting Light Outside (Clearlake)
Its Goin Down (Linkin Park)
Its Goin Down (X)
Its Goin Down (Young Joc)
Its Going Down (Linkin Park)
Its Going To Be A Cold Winter (Ceremony)
Its Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better (Piebald)
Its Golden (Isolation Years)
Its Gone (Lynn, Loretta)
Its Gone (McGuinn, Roger)
its gone (McGuinn, Roger)
Its Gonna Be All Right (Gerry And The Pacemakers)
Its Gonna Be Alright (Ween)
Its Gonna Be Love (Moore, Mandy)
Its Gonna Be Me (N Sync)
Its Gonna Be Ok (Nodes Of Ranvier)
Its Gonna Go Away (Korn)
Its Gonna Kill Me (Filter)
Its Gonna Rain (Violent Femmes)
Its Gonna Rain Today-crd (Souther, J. D.)
Its Gonna Take An Airplane (Destroyer)
Its Good News Week (Hedgehoppers Anonymous)
Its Good To Be Free Acoustic (Oasis)
Its Good To Be In Love (Frou Frou)
Its Good To Be King (Petty, Tom)
its good to be king (Petty, Tom)
Its Gunna Be Ok (Nodes Of Ranvier)
Its Happening (Number One Fan)
Its Happening To Me Acoustic (Fallon, Jimmy)
Its Happening To You (Hillman, Chris)
Its Happening To You (Prine, John)
Its Happy Line (Yui)
Its Hard (Various Artists)
its hard letting (Bon Jovi)
Its Hard To Be A Saint In The City (Springsteen, Bruce)
Its Hard To Be Humble (Davis, Mac)
its hard to be humble (Davis, Mac)
Its Hard To Make A Stand (Crow, Sheryl)
its hard to make a stand (Crow, Sheryl)
Its Hard To Say (Used)
Its Harvest Time (Shack)
Its Her (Radio Racer)
Its Hot Tonight (Cooper, Alice)
Its Impossible (Presley, Elvis)
Its In His Kiss (Shepard, Vonda)
Its In The Rain (Enya)
Its In The Way That You Use It (Clapton, Eric)
Its In Your Blood (Lydia)
Its In Your Eyes (Collins, Phil)
Its Just A Matter Of Time (Benton, Brooke)
Its Just A Matter Of Time (Travis, Randy)
Its Just A Matter Of Time-crd (Travis, Randy)
Its Just A Song (Ordinary Boys)
Its Just A Thought (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Its Just As Well (Halley, David)
Its Just Like You (Lauderdale, Jim)
Its Just Me (Blue October)
Its Just Me (Escape The Fate)
Its Just Porn Mom (Trucks)
Its Just Porn Mum (Trucks)
Its Just That Song (Cramps, The)
Its Just The Motion (Thompson, Richard)
its just the motion (Thompson, Richard)
its just the rain (Journey)
Its Just The Sun (McLean, Don)
its just the sun (McLean, Don)
Its Just What I Do (Trick Pony)
Its Just You (Lmnt)
Its Kickin In (They Might Be Giants)
Its Killing Me (DC TALK)
Its Late (Nelson, Ricky)
its late (Queen)
Its Like A Chore (Motorhead)
Its Like Me (Kutless)
Its Like Rain (Josephine Collective)
Its Like That (Carey, Mariah)
Its Loaded (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its Lonely (Orbison, Roy)
Its Lonely I Cant Stand-crd (Major, Charlie)
Its Lonely Out (Crowell, Rodney)
Its Love (England, Ty)
Its Love That Really Counts (Bacharach, Burt)
Its Martini Time (Reverend Horton Heat)
Its Me (Cooper, Alice)
Its Money That I Love (Newman, Randy)
Its Money That Matters (Newman, Randy)
Its money that matters (Newman, Randy)
Its Much Too Late (Cooper, Alice)
Its Must Be Hard (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite (Nofx)
Its My Lazy Day (Autry, Gene)
Its My Life (Animals)
Its My Life (Kiss)
Its My Life (No Doubt)
Its My Life (Talk Talk)
Its My Life Acoustic (Bon Jovi)
Its My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry (Glasvegas)
Its My Party (Gore, Lesley)
Its My Prerogatuve (Brown, Bobby)
its my shadow (Ocean Colour Scene)
Its My Time-crd (McBride, Martina)
Its Myself Vs Being A Man (Inhale Exhale)
Its Never Getting Better (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its Never Gonna Happen (Kicking Buckets)
Its Never Over (Walsh, Kate)
Its Never Too Late (Amitri, Del)
its never too late (Amitri, Del)
Its Never Too Late (Steppenwolf)
Its Never Too Late (Three Days Grace)
Its Nice To Be Out In The Morning (Herman's Hermits)
Its No Game (Bowie, David)
its no game (Bowie, David)
Its No Good (Chevelle)
Its No Good (Depeche Mode)
Its no good trying (Barrett, Syd)
its no good trying (Barrett, Syd)
its no reason (Church, The)
Its No Reason (Church, The)
Its no secret (Jefferson Airplane)
its no use (Byrds, The)
Its Not (Mann, Aimee)
Its Not A Side Effect Of The Cocaine I Am Thinking It Must Be Love (Fall Out Boy)
Its Not About You (Ennis Sisters)
Its Not About You (Scouting For Girls)
Its Not Because You Are (Renaud)
Its Not Cricket (Squeeze)
Its Not Easy (Five For Fighting)
Its Not Easy (Suicidal Tendencies)
Its Not Easy To Be Me (Gray, David)
Its Not Easy With Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer (Reel Big Fish)
Its Not Enough (Thunders, Johnny)
Its Not Enough (Who, The)
Its Not Fair (Ben Kweller)
Its Not For Me To Know (Ramone, Dee Dee)
its not for me to know (Ramone, Dee Dee)
Its Not Like Everyones My Friend (Morning Runner)
Its Not Like That Anymore (Youth Brigade)
its not love (Dokken)
Its Not Love (Haggard, Merle)
its not love (Haggard, Merle)
Its Not Love (Harris, Emmylou)
its not love (Harris, Emmylou)
Its Not Love (Hillman, Chris)
its not love (Hillman, Chris)
Its Not Me (Supergrass)
Its Not My Birthday (They Might Be Giants)
Its Not My Blood (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its Not My Cross To Bear (Allman Brothers Band, The)
Its Not My Place (Ramones, The)
Its Not My Scene (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its Not Ok (Refused)
Its not on (Hayward, Justin)
Its Not Over (Daughtry)
Its Not Over (Secondhand Serenade)
Its Not Real (Greenhornes)
Its Not Right (Falconhead)
Its Not Right But Its Ok (Houston, Whitney)
Its Not Safe (Mann, Aimee)
Its Not So Perfect (My Sweet Disaster)
Its Not Supposed To Go Like That (Rascal Flatts)
Its Not That Easy (Lemar)
Its Not That I Dont Love You (Pitney, Gene)
Its Not The End Of The World (Lostprophets)
Its Not The End Of The World (Super Furry Animals)
Its Not The Fall That Hurts (Ceasars, The)
Its Not The Only Way To Feel Happy (Field Music)
Its Not The Spotlight (Beth Orton)
Its Not Too Beautiful (Beta Band)
Its Not Too Late (Last Tuesday)
its not too late (Monkees, The)
Its Not Too Late (Monkees, The)
Its Not True (Fitzsimmons, William)
Its Not True (McCartney, Paul)
Its Not True (Wonder Stuff)
Its Not Unusual (Jones, Tom)
Its Not What You Say (Thunders, Johnny)
Its Not Your Fault (New Found Glory)
Its Nothing (Ghost Of The Robot)
Its Nothing To Me (Hazlewood, Lee)
Its Now Or Never (Presley, Elvis)
Its now or never (Presley, Elvis)
Its oh so quiet (Bjork)
Its Ok (Dead Moon)
Its Ok (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its Ok (Parokya ni Edgar)
Its Ok (Pearl Jam)
Its Ok But Just This Once (Gym Class Heroes)
Its Ok Love (Saybia)
Its Okay (Atomic Kitten)
Its Okay (Bounty Killer)
Its On (Nesian Mystik)
Its On (Superchick)
Its On Fie For You (Parton, Dolly)
Its On Fire (Unplugged)
Its On The Tip Of My Tongue (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its Only Divine Right (New Pornographers)
Its Only Life (Voegele, Kate)
Its Only Love (Adams, Bryan)
Its Only Love (Beatles, The)
its only love (Beatles, The)
Its Only Love (Carpenter, Mary Chapin)
Its Only Make Believe (Twitty, Conway)
its only make believe (Twitty, Conway)
Its Only Me (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its Only Money Tyrone (Marah)
Its Only Natural (Better Than Ezra)
Its Only Natural (Crowded House)
Its Only Over For You-crd (Tucker, Tanya)
Its Only Over For You2-crd (Tucker, Tanya)
its only rock n roll (Rolling Stones, The)
Its Only Time (Drake Bell)
Its Only Us (Williams, Robbie)
Its Only Your Life (Devine, Kevin)
Its Our Burden To Bleed (Caliban)
Its Our Time (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its Over (Bad Dogs)
its over (Boz Scaggs)
Its Over (Donots)
Its Over (Filter)
Its Over (Goo Goo Dolls, The)
Its Over (Level 42)
Its Over (Mccartney, Jesse)
Its Over (Orbison, Roy)
Its Over (Runga, Bic)
Its Over (Smith, Corey)
Its Over (Spunge)
Its Over (Squish)
Its Over (Sunny Blunder)
Its Over (Tuuli)
Its Over (Vertical Horizon)
Its Over (White Lion)
Its Over Now (Bad Examples)
Its Over Now (Busted)
Its Over Now (L.A. Guns)
Its Over Now (Neve)
Its Over Now (Thomas, Natasha)
Its probably me (Sting)
Its Quite Alright (Rancid)
Its Raining Cats And Dogs (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its Rising Up (Redman, Matt)
Its Rock (Nemesis)
Its Sad To Belong (England, Dan)
Its Safe To Say You Dig The Backseat (Dance Gavin Dance)
Its Saturday (Marcy Playground)
Its Saturday Night (Proclaimers)
Its Showtime (Electric Six)
Its Showtime (Roth, David Lee)
Its Sickening (Various Artists)
Its So Easy (Guns N'roses)
Its So Easy (Hawkwind)
Its So Easy (Holly, Buddy)
Its So Easy To Please Me (Mercey Brothers)
Its So Hard (Lennon, John)
Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday (Boys II Men)
Its So Nice To Be Stoned (White Witch)
Its So Simple (Saosin)
Its So Unreal (Zornik)
Its Still Love (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Its Still Rock & Roll To Me (Joel, Billy)
its still rock and roll to me (Joel, Billy)
Its Summertime (Flaming Lips)
Its Sweet (Phair, Liz)
Its Terror Time Again (Skycycle)
its the end of the world (R.E.M.)
Its The End Of The World As We Know It (Great Big Sea)
its the end of the world as we know it (R.E.M.)
Its The End Of The World As We Know It (Riddlin Kids)
Its The Girl That Makes Him Sad (Louis Xiv)
Its The Incredible (Fast Crew)
Its The Limit (Cro)
Its The Little Things (Keen, Robert Earl)
Its The Little Things We Do (Zutons, The)
Its The Nighttime (Rouse, Josh)
Its The Same (Souther, J. D.)
its the same (Souther, J. D.)