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Lets Dance Instead (Madcon)
Lets Dance On (Monkees, The)
Lets Dance Tonight (Poco)
Lets Do It (Sinatra, Frank)
Lets Do It Again (Groovie Ghoulies)
Lets Do It For Johnny (Bowling For Soup)
Lets Do This (Straight Faced)
Lets Drink (Korpiklaani)
Lets Drink Some Beer (Gang Green)
Lets Duet (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Lets Fall To Pieces Together (Strait, George)
Lets Fight (Aerosmith)
Lets Fuck (Dwarves)
Lets Fuck (Murderdolls)
Lets Get Crazy (Limbeck)
Lets Get Crazy (Quiet Riot)
Lets Get Down (Dj Quik)
Lets Get Drunk And Fight (Lines, Aaron)
Lets Get Free (Crow, Sheryl)
Lets Get Fucked Up (Smut Peddlers)
Lets Get Fucked Up (Start Trouble)
Lets Get It On (Black, Jack)
Lets Get It On (Dylan, Matt)
Lets Get It On (Gaye, Marvin)
Lets Get It On (Matthew Good Band)
Lets Get It On Marvin Gaye Cover (Degraw, Gavin)
Lets Get It Started (Black Eyed Peas)
lets get it up (AC/DC)
Lets Get Lifted Again (Legend, John)
Lets Get Loaded Like We Used To Do (Riopelle, Jerry)
Lets Get Lost (Deus)
Lets Get Lost (Marshall, Amanda)
lets get lost (Marshall, Amanda)
Lets Get Married (Proclaimers)
Lets Get Married (Star, Archie)
Lets Get Out Of This Country (Camera Obscura)
Lets Get Pissed (King Sized Braces)
Lets Get Retarded (Black Eyed Peas)
Lets Get Retarted (Black Eyed Peas)
Lets Get Sandy (Be Your Own Pet)
Lets Get Serious (Jackson, Jermaine)
Lets Get Tatoos (Carter USM)
Lets Get The Baby High (Dead Milkmen)
Lets Get The Party Started (Korn)
Lets Get The Show On The Road (Michael Stanly Band)
Lets Get Together (Gorky's Zygotic Mynci)
Lets Give Em Something (Raitt, Bonnie)
lets give em something (Raitt, Bonnie)
Lets Go (Adicts)
Lets Go (Cars, The)
Lets Go (Feelies)
Lets Go (Lil Jon And The East Side Boys)
Lets Go (Ramones, The)
Lets Go (Trick Daddy)
Lets Go All The Way (Insane Clown Posse)
Lets Go Away (Ace Troubleshooter)
Lets Go Away (Wipers)
Lets Go Away For Awhile (Beach Boys, The)
Lets Go Back (Everyday Sunday)
Lets Go Bowling (Camera Obscura)
Lets Go Crazy (Prince)
Lets Go Crime (Nigel 6)
Lets Go Dancing (Drivin And Cryin)
Lets Go Dancing (Teitur)
Lets Go Get Stoned (Charles, Ray)
Lets Go Get Wasted (Supagroup)
Lets Go Mano (Donnas)
Lets Go Runnin (Blue Mountain)
Lets Go To Haiti (Exit)
Lets Go To The Beach (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Lets Go To The Moon (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Lets Go To War (Murderdolls)
Lets Go! (Roxette)
Lets Groove (Earth, Wind and Fire)
Lets Hang On (Four Seasons, The)
Lets Hang The Landlord (King Blues, The)
Lets Have A Party (Jackson, Wanda)
Lets Head Out (Figurines)
Lets Hear It For Love (Smoking Popes)
Lets Hear It For Rock Buttom (Offspring, The)
Lets Impeach The President (Young, Neil)
Lets Invite Them Over (Prine, John)
Lets Just Be (Ne)
Lets Just Fall (Reckless Kelly)
Lets Keep A Beat (MxPx)
Lets Kill Ourselves A Son (Raisanen, Timo)
Lets Kill Saturday Night-lyr (Pinmonkey)
Lets Leave It At That (Rogers, Tammy)
lets leave it at that (Rogers, Tammy)
Lets Leave It Like That-crd (Rogers, Tammy)
Lets Live And Lets Die Young (Cal Red)
Lets Live For Today (Grass Roots, The)
Lets Love (C, Melanie)
Lets Love The Bad Times Away-crd (Skaggs, Ricky)
Lets Lynch The Landlord (Dead Kennedys)
Lets Make A Memory (Orbison, Roy)
Lets Make A Night To Remeber (Adams, Bryan)
Lets Make A Night To Remember (Adams, Bryan)
Lets Make A Pact (Pretenders, The)
lets make a pact (Pretenders, The)
Lets Make Evil (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The)
Lets Make It (AC/DC)
Lets Make It Last (Heath, Brandon)
Lets Make Love (Sparks)
Lets Make Love In The Club (Usher)
Lets Make Love In This Club (Usher)
lets make the water (Zappa, Frank)
Lets Make The Water Turn Black (Zappa, Frank)
Lets Make This Moment A Crime (Format, The)
Lets Make Trouble (Crowell, Rodney)
Lets Not Shit Ourselves (Bright Eyes)
Lets Not Talk About Love (Nova, Heather)
Lets Party (Moffatts)
Lets Play Count The Bodies (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Lets Play Life (Wally Pleasant)
Lets Pretend (Life Of Agony)
lets pretend (Raspberries)
Lets Push Things Forward (Streets, The)
Lets Put It All Together (Stylistics, The)
Lets Put Love Back To Work (Skaggs, Ricky)
Lets Put Love Back To Work2-crd (Skaggs, Ricky)
Lets Ride (Choclair)
Lets Rock (Smash Mouth)
Lets Roll (Young, Neil)
Lets Run (Le Tigre)
Lets See It (We Are Scientists)
Lets Shake Hands (White Stripes, The)
Lets Sit Back In Our Lawn Chairs And Watch You Fup (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Lets Spend The Night Together (Bowie, David)
Lets Spend The Night Together (Rolling Stones, The)
lets spend the night together (Rolling Stones, The)
Lets Split (Barrett, Syd)
Lets Start A Band (Macdonald, Amy)
Lets Start A War (Exploited)
Lets Start Over (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Lets Start Over (Underoath)
Lets Start With Goodbye (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Lets Stay Together (Green, Al)
Lets Stick Together (Ferry, Bryan)
lets stick together (Ferry, Bryan)
Lets Stop Hanging Out (Reuben)
Lets Take Our Time (Cabrera, Ryan)
Lets Take Slow Steps (Yesterdays Rising)
Lets Take The Long Way Home (Beautiful Girls)
Lets Talk About It (White Denim)
Lets Talk About Love (Farrell, Jessie)
Lets Talk About Love (Modern Talking)
Lets Talk About Me (Alan Parsons Project)
Lets Talk About Our Love (Chesnutt, Mark)
Lets Talk About Space Ships (Say Hi To Your Mom)
Lets Talk Turkey (Ima Robot)
Lets Think About Livin (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Lets Think About Living (Luman, Bob)
Lets Tie Ourself To Whales And Burn Down All The Trees (Misc. Your Songs)
Lets Toast (New Years Day)
Lets Turn Back The Years (Jennings, Waylon)
Lets Turn Back The Years (Williams, Hank)
Lets Turn Back The Years-crd (Williams, Hank)
Lets Twist Again (Checker, Chubby)
Lets Work (Prince)
Lets Write Something Down (Perishers)
Letter (Box Tops)
Letter (Clarks, The)
Letter (Cocker, Joe)
Letter (Merchant, Natalie)
Letter (Morrison, James)
Letter And A Ring-lyr (Twitty, Conway)
Letter Edged In Black-crd (Robbins, Marty)
Letter From A Concerned Follower (Lion, Pedro The)
Letter from a friend (Blues Traveler)
Letter From America (Proclaimers)
Letter From An Occupant (New Pornographers)
Letter From An Old Friend (Pinhead Gunpowder)
Letter From Belgium (Mountain Goats)
Letter From Home (Metheny, Pat)
Letter From Iraq (Bouncing Souls)
Letter From Louise (Saw Doctors)
Letter From My Darling (Monroe, Bill)
letter from my darling (Monroe, Bill)
Letter From Ohmaha (Ritter, Josh)
Letter From Prison (Boy Hits Car)
Letter From Spain (Electric Light Orchestra)
Letter Home (Defiance Ohio)
Letter In My Hand (O.A.R.)
Letter Never Sent (R.E.M.)
letter never sent (R.E.M.)
Letter Of Light (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Letter Of Registration (Weakerthans)
Letter Song (Hilton, Tyler)
Letter To Angelina Jolie (Giniling Festival)
Letter To Dana (Sonata Arctica)
Letter To Dominique (Louis Xiv)
Letter To Elise (Cure, The)
letter to elise (Cure, The)
Letter To God (Crow, Sheryl)
Letter To Hermione (Bowie, David)
letter to hermione (Bowie, David)
Letter To La (Ely, Joe)
Letter To Laredo (Ely, Joe)
Letter To Laredo (Ely, Joe)
Letter To Me (Paisley, Brad)
Letter to Memphis (Pixies)
Letter To My Abuser (Light This City)
letter to my girlfriend (Duarte, Chris)
Letter To My Love (Nozuka, Justin)
Letter To My Penis (Carrington, Rodney)
Letter To My Son (Bloc Party)
Letter to the Unborn (Lamb Of God)
letter Word (Bon Jovi)
Lettera A G (Ligabue)
Letterbomb (Green Day)
Letterbox (They Might Be Giants)
Letters (Love Apple)
Letters (Stellar Kart)
Letters Drawings (Jurado, Damien)
Letters From Earth (Black Sabbath)
Letters From Earth (Alternate) (Black Sabbath)
Letters From Home (Montgomery, John Michael)
Letters From Iwo Jima Main Theme (Eastwood, Kyle)
Letters From The Wasteland (Wallflowers, The)
Letters From War (Schultz, Mark)
Letters Have No Arms-crd (Tubb, Ernest)
Letters Home (Good Riddance)
Letters Of Regret (Amber Pacific)
Letters to God (Box Car Racer)
Letters To Noelle (Something Corporate)
Letters To The President Acoustic (Hawk, Nelson)
Letters to You (Finch)
Letters To You (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Letters To You Acoustic (Finch)
Letting Go (Bogguss, Suzy)
Letting Go (Ill Nino)
Letting Go (McCartney, Paul)
Letting Go (MxPx)
Letting Go (Sozzi)
Letting Go (Wings)
Letting Go of Tonight (Underoath)
Letting the Cables Sleep (Bush)
Lettre ?? Levesque (Cowboys Fringants, Les)
Lettre La Maison Blanche (Corneille)
Letzte Bahn (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Letzte Minute (Killerpilze)
Leuchturm (Nena)
Leva Livet (Gessle, Per)
Leva Pa Kna (Totalitar)
Levanto Mis Manos (Hernandez, Samuel)
Levas Polka (Loituma)
Levee Gonna Break (Dylan, Bob)
Level (Misc. Computer Games)
Level (Raconteurs, The)
Level 4 Outbreak (Nerve Agents)
Level Complete (Mario)
Level Complete (Misc. Computer Games)
Levelland (Keen, Robert Earl)
Levelling Dust (Marduk)
Levels (Nonpoint)
Levemente (Reik)
Leven Na De Dood (Freek de Jonge)
Lever (Silverchair)
Lever Pulled (Frusciante, John)
Leverage of Space (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The)
Levi stubbs tears (Bragg, Billy)
levi stubbs tears (Bragg, Billy)
Leviathan (Akercocke)
Leviathan (Malmsteen, Yngwie)
Leviathan (Malmsteen, Yngwie)
Leviathan (Venom)
Levis Ice Cream Ad (Misc. Television)
Levis Icecrem Van Roof Theme (Misc. Television)
levitate (I Mother Earth)
Levitate Me (Pixies)
Leviticus Song (Mulgrew, Garry)
Levittown Is For Lovers (Patent Pending)
Levon (John, Elton)
Levon (John, Elton)
Levoton Tuhkimo (Dingo)
Levy (From First to Last)
Lewis (Radiohead)
Lewis (Mistreated) (Radiohead)
Lewis Hollow (Enigk, Jeremy)
Lewis mistreated (Radiohead)
Lex (Ratatat)
Lexicon Devil (Germs)
Lexington (Chiodos)
Leyes Narcos (Brujeria)
Lfm Song (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Lhabia (Deftones)
Lhan Detto Anche Gli Stones (Ligabue)
Lhiver Sapproche (Cowboys Fringants, Les)
Li Tuormy (Gipsy Kings)