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M T V (Misc. Television)
M+M's (Blink 182)
M.I.A. (Foo Fighters)
Ma and Pa (Fishbone)
Ma Baker (Boney M)
Ma come fanno i marinai (Various Artists)
Ma Kog Me Boga Za Tebe Pitaju (Prljavo Kazaliste)
Ma la notte no (Renzo Arbore)
Ma la notte no (Various Artists)
Ma Mlodie (Chedid, Mathieu)
Ma Poubelle (Sum 41)
Ma Reverence (Sanson, Veronique)
Ma Vie Tient En Deux Mots (Segara, Helene)
Ma? (Buffett, Jimmy)
Maa (Nagarbaul)
Maaeri (Euphoria)
Maafkan (Slank)
Maafkan Aku (Paman Band)
Maailma On Sun (Tehosekoitin)
Maailma Tuntuu Pahalta (Ripsipiirakka)
Maailmanpyora (Apulanta)
Maalala Mo Sana (Silent Sanctuary)
Maalalahanin (Eraserheads)
Maalloes (Noehr, Rasmus)
Maana Que Mas Da (Tranzas)
Maanantai (Apulanta)
Maanemannen (Vamp)
Mabel (Libido)
Mable (Goldfinger)
Mabuhay Lahat Ng Single (Giniling Festival)
Mabuk (Spider)
Mabuk Cinta (Fals, Iwan)
mac (Great Big Sea)
Mac Arthur Park (Jennings, Waylon)
Macabre (Samhain)
Macarthur Park Revisited (Bicycle Thief)
Macdonnell On The Heights (Rogers, Stan)
mach 5 (The Presidents of the United States of America)
Mach 5 (The Presidents of the United States of America)
Mach Die Augen Zu (Aerzte)
Mach Die Augen Zu (Die Ärzte)
Mach Die Augn Zu (Stands)
Machine (Groban, Josh)
Machine 15 Acoustic (Millencolin)
Machine Gun Kelly (Taylor, James)
Machine Head (Bush)
Machine Man (Perry, Linda)
Machinehead (Bush)
Machines (Clyro, Biffy)
Machmal Haben Frauen Ein Bischen Haue Gern (Die Ärzte)
Macho Gwapito (Protein Shake)
Macho Macho (Fendrich, Rainhard)
Machs Gut (Clueso)
Mack The Knife (Darin, Bobby)
Mack The Knife (Traditional)
Macka Splaff (Steel Pulse)
Macy's Day Parade (Green Day)
Mad (Ne)
Mad About The Boy (Status Quo)
Mad About You (Bachelor Girl)
Mad About You (Carlisle, Belinda)
Mad about you (Sting)
Mad As Rabbits (Panic At The Disco)
Mad at God (Deicide)
Mad Dog 20 (Teenage Fanclub)
Mad Dog 2020 (Teenage Fanclub)
Mad John (Small Faces)
Mad Loves Comin (Golden Earring)
Mad Mad World (Andrews, Michael)
Mad World (Andrews, Michael)
Mad World (Finch)
Mad World (Tears For Fears)
Madame Van Damme (Lightspeed Champion)
Madchen Und Rabauken (Pohlmann)
Maddening Cloud (Blonde Redhead)
Maddys Song (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Made A Quite Impressive Noise (Manchester Orchestra)
Made For Each Other (Mannequin, Jacks)
Made In America (Sambora, Richie)
Made In Heaven (Queen)
Made In The Dark (Hot Chip)
Made In The Shade (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Made Me Glad (Hillsong)
Made Me Glad (United Live)
Made Me Glade (Hillsong)
Made Me Hard (Whitlams, The)
Made Of Clay (Griffin, Patty)
Made Of Glass (Thoughtless Jolly)
Made Of Stone (Stone Roses)
made of wood (Orbit)
Made To Be Broken (Poison Idea)
Made to Last (Semisonic)
Made to Lie (Default)
Made To Love (tobyMac)
Made To Worship (Tomlin, Chris)
Made To Worship C (Tomlin, Chris)
Made Up Lovesong 43 (Guillemots)
Made You A Place For You (Cry Cry Cry)
Madeline (Embrace)
Madeline (Hanson)
Madeline (Tickle Me Pink)
Madeline-crd (Warden, Monte)
Mademoiselle Juliette (lizee,)
Madi Dont Leave (Play Radio Play)
Madly (Hall, Charlie)
Madly (Prettyman, Tristan)
Madman (Beatles, The)
madman (Silverchair)
Madman (Ugly Kid Joe)
Madman Acoustic (Thrice)
Madman Across The Water (John, Elton)
MadMax (Cope, Julian)
MadMax (Various Artists)
Madmen (Bowie, David)
Madness (Prince Buster)
Madness (Rasmus)
Madnight Flyer (Eagles, The)
Madonna Complex (Singer, David)
Madonna?s Dickdarm (Aerzte)
Madonnas Dickdarm (Die Ärzte)
Madre Hay Una Sola (Bersuit Vergarabat)
Madrigal (Yes)
Madrigal Love Part One (After Crying)
Madrigals (Day, Howie)
Maedchen Aus Greifswald (Tempeau)
Maenner (Groenemeyer, Herbert)
Maenner Sind Schweine (Die Ärzte)
Maennerliebe (Sekoys)
Maerkelig Dag (Tue West)
Mag Ik Naar Je Kijken (de Groot, Marcel)
Magandang Gulat (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Magandang U (Kiko Machine)
Magasin (Eraserheads)
Magasin (Santos, Paolo)
Magasingatan (Hellström, Håkan)
magazine (Heart)
Magazine Angels (Diffie, Joe)
Magazines (Brand New)
Magazines (Hold Steady, The)
Magdalena (Deus)
Magdalene (Clark, Guy)
Magdalene (Kravitz, Lenny)
Magdalene My Regal Zonophone (Procol Harum)
Magdalene Street (Stone Gods)
Magdamag (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Magdelina (Big Head Todd and Monsters)
Magenta (Enrique Bunbury)
Maggie (Hay, Colin)
Maggie Coulter (Uisce, Beatha)
Maggie M'Gill (Doors, The)
Maggie Mae (Beatles, The)
Maggie Mae (Pogues)
Maggie May (Stewart, Rod)
Maggie May (Wet Wet Wet)
Maggie Mgill (Doors, The)
Maggies farm (Dylan, Bob)
Maggies Farm (Dylan, Bob)
Maghanap Ng Iba (Paraluman)
Maghihintay Nalang (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Maghihintay Sayo (Dingdong Avanzado)
Maghihintay Sayo (Eraserheads)
Magia (Sin Bandera)
Magia Blanca (Turf)
Magic (Cars, The)
Magic (Davis, Andy)
Magic (Folds Five, Ben)
Magic (King Diamond)
Magic (McCartney, Paul)
Magic (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Magic (Pilot)
Magic (Springsteen, Bruce)
Magic America (Blur)
Magic Beans And Truth Machines Tab (Say Hi)
Magic Bus (Who, The)
Magic Bus (live) (Who, The)
Magic Carpet Ride (Pizzicato Five)
Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf)
Magic Hour Tab (Fruit Bats)
Magic Man (Heart)
Magic Penny (Reynolds, Malvina)
Magic Pie (Oasis)
Magic Position (Wolf, Patrick)
Magic Spaceship (Parokya ni Edgar)
Magic Theatre (Kula Shaker)
Magic Touch (Aerosmith)
Magic Touch (Kiss)
magic town (Vogues, The)
Magic Trick (Ward M)
Magic Words (Lee, Coco)
Magic Works (Doyle, Patrick)
Magical Child (Crosby Stills and Nash)
Magical Girl (Guitar Vader)
Magical Mystery Tour (Beatles, The)
Magical Spring (Ride)
Magics In The Makeup (No Doubt)
Magik Hour (Deus)
Maging Sino Ka Man (Milby, Sam)
Magiska Fingrar (Grease)
Magkayakap (Blanco, Rico)
Magliliwanag Rin Muli (Geronimo, Sarah)
Magmahal Muli (Orange And Lemons)
Magmamahal Muli (Milby, Sam)
Magnet (Lohan, Lindsay)
Magnet And Steel (Eagan, Walter)
Magnet And Steele (Egan, Walter)
Magnets coil (Sebadoh)
Magnificent (Hillsong)
Magnificent Seven (Clash, The)
Magnolia (Cale, J J)
Magnolia Mountain (Adams, Ryan)
Magnolia Tree (Truckstop Honeymoon)
Magnolia Wind (Clark, Guy)
Magpie (Mountain Goats)
Magpie (Tyson, Ian)
Magtiwala Ka (Shamrock)