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My Proud Mountains (Townes Van Zandt)
My Question (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Radio (Stars)
My Randomism (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Reaction (Maximum Hank)
My Reality (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Reason (Spiritfall)
My Reason To Be Alive (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Red Self (Heavens To Betsy)
My Redeemer (Misc. Gospel)
My Redeemer Lives (Hillsong)
My Redeemer Lives (Mullins, Nicole C)
My Refuge (Sonicflood)
My Remedy (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Reply (Ataris)
My Response To The Evil Love Of Person A And Person L In Song Form (Kelly, J Roland)
My Restaurant (Chixdiggit)
My Resurrection (Ill Nino)
My Resurrection (Malmsteen, Yngwie)
My Revenge (Sick Of It All)
My Reward (Circleslide)
My Richochet Acoustic (Northstar)
My Ride Is Here (Springsteen, Bruce)
My Rifle My Pony And Me (Misc. Cowboy)
My Right (Screeching Weasel)
My Rights Versus Yours (New Pornographers)
My Rock (Misc. Gospel)
My Rock-crd (Overstreet, Paul)
My Roller Coaster (Dawson, Kimya)
My Rollercoaster (Dawson, Kimya)
My Romance (Pino, Rick)
my romance (Taylor, James)
My Romance (Taylor, James)
My Room (Strangers With Candy)
My Rules (Black Flag)
My Sacrifice (Creed)
My Salvation (Honorary Title, The)
My Sanity on the Funeral Pyre (Atreyu)
My Saving Grace (Johnson, Jamey)
My Savior (Meyers, Krystal)
My Savior Lives (Desperation Band)
My Savior Loves My Savior Lives (Casting Crowns)
My Savior My God (Shust, Aaron)
My Saviour Lives (Desperation)
My Saviour My God (Shust, Aaron)
My Savoir My God (Shust, Aaron)
My Scandinavian Ride (Hurt Process)
My Scars (Devotchkas)
My Screaming Heart (Angelas Dish)
My secret (Heavens To Betsy)
My Secret (Ternheim, Anna)
My Secret Garden (Various Artists)
My Secret Is My Silence (Woomble, Roddy)
My Selfish Gene (Catatonia)
My Sentimental Melody (Magnetic Fields)
My Seventh Rib (Shins)
My Seventh Rib Tab (Shins)
My Sexual Life (Everclear)
My Shadow (Haunted)
My Shadow (Keane)
My Shadow (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
my sharona (Knack)
My Sharona (Nirvana)
My Sharona The Knack (Number 12 Looks Like You, The)
My Shattered Belief (Parokya ni Edgar)
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (Misc. Gospel)
My Shining Star (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Ships (Banhart, Devendra)
My Shits Fucked Up (Zevon, Warren)
My Shoes (Haney, Ben)
My Side Of The Bed (Hoffs, Susanna)
my side of the bed (Hoffs, Susanna)
My Side Of The City Tab (Beulah)
My Side Of The Story (June)
My Silhouette (A Second Chance)
My Sister (Hatfield, Juliana)
My sister (Hatfield, Juliana)
My Sister Lover (Oasis)
My Sister Rose (10,000 Maniacs)
My Sisters & My Brothers (Misc. Gospel)
My Size (Entwhistle, John)
my size (Entwhistle, John)
My Size (Who, The)
My Skar (Slapshock)
My Skies (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Skin (Merchant, Natalie)
My Sleep Pattern Changed (Early November)
My Slumbering Heart (Kiley, Rilo)
My Small Love (Grandaddy)
My Small Percent Shows Most (Melvins)
My Smile As Fake As Her Love (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Smile Is A Rifle (Frusciante, John)
My So Called Life (Ataris)
My So Called Life (Powter, Daniel)
My Society (Hoax)
My Soldier (Rafael, Aj)
My Son (Deep Trip)
My Song (Carlile, Brandi)
My Song (Harper, Ben)
My Song (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Song (Misc. Your Songs)
My Song (Screeching Weasel)
My Song For The World (Morley, Tom)
My Song is Love Unbroken (Misc. Gospel)
My Songbird (Harris, Emmylou)
My Sorrows (Third Day)
My Soul Finds Rest (All Together Separate)
My Soul Is Complete (Redman, Matt)
My Soul Longs For You (Misty Edwards)
My Soul Sings (Delirious?)
My Souls In Louisiana (Taylor, Otis)
My Special Angel (Helms, Bobby)
My Spirit Flies To You (Monjes Budistas)
My Spirit Will Fly (Shadow River)
My Star (Brainstorm)
My Star (Brown, Ian)
My Stars (Cooper, Alice)
My Stepdads Not Mean (Misc. Soundtrack)
My Stoney Baby (311)
My Strange Uncles From Abroad (Gogol Bordello)
My Street (Nilsen, Kurt)
My Strife (Fc Five)
My Strife (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Strings Attached (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Stupid Mouth (Mayer, John)
My Stupid Mouth (Mayer, John)
My Style (Black Eyed Peas)
My Sun Is Setting Over Her Magic (Fair, Marjorie)
My Sunday Feeling (Jethro Tull)
My Sundown (Jimmy Eat World)
My Sweet Annette (Drive)
My Sweet Blue Eyed Darling (Lonesome River Band)
My Sweet Fracture (Saves The Day)
my sweet lady (Denver, John)
My Sweet Lily (Hurriganes)
My Sweet Lord (Harrison, George)
My Sweet Lord (Harrison, George)
My Sweet Lord (Harrison, George)
My Sweet Lord Live (Harrison, George)
My Sweet Love Aint Around-crd (Williams, Hank)
My Sweet My Lovely (Plumb)
My Sweet Prince (Placebo)
My Sweet Rose (Costa, Matt)
My Sweet Rose (Stamp, Rachel)
My Sweet Shadow (In Flames)
My Sweet Thang-lyr (Twitty, Conway)
My Sweet Time (Johnson, Alexz)
My Sweet Unvalentine (New Years Day)
My Sword Never Sleeps (Countess)
My Sword Versus Your Dagger (Silverstein)
My Teacher Is A Werewolf (Harry And The Potters)
My Tennessee Mountain Home (Scruggs, Earl)
My Thin Sides (Army Navy)
My Throat Is An Open Grave (Demon Hunter)
My Tiger My Heart (The Boy Least Likely To)
My Time (Earshot)
My Time (Golden Dawn)
my time (Jackopierce)
My Time (Jane's Addiction)
My Time Has Come (Caliban)
My Time In Exile (Third Eye Blind)
My Time Is Now (Cena, John)
My Time Is Yet To Come (Blood For Blood)
My Time With You (Choi, David)
My Tire (Batchelor, Tom)
My Town (Armor For Sleep)
My Town (Buck-O-Nine)
My Town (Glass Tiger)
My Town (Md 45)
My Town (Various Artists)
My Town-crd (Gentry, Montgomery)
My Town2-crd (Gentry, Montgomery)
My Toy Soldier (50 Cent)
My Travelling Star (Taylor, James)
My Travels To Sadness Hate And Depression (Mutiilation)
My Tribute (Misc. Gospel)
My True Love (La's, The)
My True Love (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Turn (Fourbanger)
My Twin (Katatonia)
My Two Feet (Old 97's, The)
My Typical Angel (Rocket Summer)
My Uncle (Earle, Steve)
My Uncle (Flying Burrito Brothers)
My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died (Miller, Roger)
My Uncle2 (Earle, Steve)
My Uptight Life (Teenage Fanclub)
My Vagina (Nofx)
My Valentine (Brickman, Jim)
My Valentine (Miller, Rhett)
my valuable hunting knife (Guided By Voices)
My Valuable Hunting Knife (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Very Own Flag (Less Than Jake)
My Vien Llin (Leo, Ted)
My Vietnam (Pink)
My Voice (Kaia)
My Voice Is Changing (Arrogant Worms)
My Voice-crd (Novelty)
My Walking Stick (Redbone, Leon)
my wall (Ten Foot Pole)
My Wandering Days Are Over (Belle And Sebastian)
My Wandering Days Are Over Tab (Belle And Sebastian)
My War (Black Flag)
My Wave (Soundgarden)
My Way (Bleach)
My Way (Kiss)
My Way (Limp Bizkit)
My Way (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
My Way (Presley, Elvis)
My Way (Pritchett, Aaron)
My Way (Pritchett, Aaron)
My Way (Sex Pistols)
My Way (Sinatra, Frank)
My Way (Sinatra, Frank)
My Way (Williams, Robbie)
My Way Back Home (Chesnutt, Mark)
My Way Home (Lloyd, Alex)
My Way Home (Rootlifter)
My Way Home Acoustic (Lloyd, Alex)
My Way Of Giving (Small Faces)
My Way Or The Highway To Hell (Relient, K.)
My Way Out (Usher, David)
My Way With You (Join The Club)
My Weakness Is None Of Your Buisness (Embrace)
My weiner (Various Artists)
My Whole Family (Burnham, Bo)
My Wife (Mull, Martin)
My Wife (Mull, Martin)
My Wife (Who, The)
My Wife Thinks You're Dead (Brown, Junior)
My Wild Child (Cowboy Junkies)
My Wild Love (Doors, The)
My Wildest Dreams Grow Wilder Every Day (Flatlanders)
My Will (DC TALK)
My Will You Die (Dying Tribe)
My Winding Wheel (Adams, Ryan)
My Winding Wheel 2 (Adams, Ryan)
My Window Faces The South (Wills, Bob)
My Window Faces The South-crd (Wills, Bob)
My Wine (Dorian)
My Wine in Silence (My Dying Bride)
My Wings (Lacuna Coil)
My Wish (Rascal Flatts)
My Wishing Well Disease (Northstar)
My Woman (Prine, John)
my woman (Prine, John)
My Woman My Woman My Wife-crd (Robbins, Marty)
My Women My Guitars (ChesnuTT, Cody)
My Wonder Moon (Hands On Approach)
My World (3 Doors Down)
My World (Asian Kung)
My World (Brand New Sin)
My world (Descendents, The)
My World (Descendents, The)
My World (Go Team, The)
My World (Lavigne, Avril)
My World (Metallica)
My World (Sr)
My World Acoustic (Sick Puppies)
My World Down (Beck Mongolian Chop Squad)
My World Fell Down (Sagittarius)
My World Is Empty Without You (Supremes, The)
My Worst Fear (Rascal Flatts)
My Worst Nightmare (Forever The Sickest Kids)
My Would-Be Savior (8 Stops 7)
My Yard (Cullum, Jamie)
My Year For Mexico (Pride, Charley)
My Year For Mexico-lyr (Pride, Charley)
My Young Man (Rusby, Kate)
My Youngest Son Came Home Today (Costello, Elvis)
My Youth (Seasick Steve)
My Youtube Song (Stutsman, Jesse)
My Yvonne (Penate, Jack)
Myage (Descendents, The)
Mye (Sparta)
Myfriendjane (Nevershoutnever)
Myhope (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Mykel & Carli (Weezer)
Mykel and carli (Weezer)
Mykonos (Fleet Foxes)
Mykonos (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Mylene Is Calling (Farmer, Mylene)
Myli I Sowa (Bajm)
Myriad Harbour (New Pornographers)
Myrrh (Church, The)
Myrtle (Vic Chesnutt)
Myself (Ataris)
Myself (Rasmus)
Myself (Taproot)
Myself In You (Spongecola)
Myspace (Eleventyseven)
Myspace (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Myspace Girl (Afters, The)
Myspace Song (Good Clean Fun)
Mysteri (Wiches)
Mysteria (Edguy)
Mysteria (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Mysteries (Gibbons, Beth)
Mysteries (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
Mysteries Of Life (Locklin, Hank)
Mysterious (Scorpions, The)
Mysterious Cities Of Gold Theme (Misc. Television)
Mysterious Girl (Andre, Peter)
Mysterious Ways (U2)
Mysterious Ways (Various Artists)
Mysterons (Portishead)
Mystery (Baker, Anita)
Mystery (Fraser, Brooke)
Mystery (Indigo Girls)
Mystery (Laurie, Hugh)
Mystery (Live)
Mystery (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Mystery (Wipers)
Mystery Ana (Xiii Stoleti)
Mystery And Crime (Plaskett, Joel)
Mystery Babylon Babylon Queendom (Tosh, Peter)
Mystery Dance (Costello, Elvis)
Mystery Girl (Boy On A Dolphin)
Mystery Girl (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Mystery Girl (U2)
Mystery Girl (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
Mystery Juice (Lennon, Sean)
Mystery Man (Baker)
Mystery Man (Sebadoh)
Mystery Of Mercy (Caedmon's Call)
Mystery Plane (Cramps, The)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Theme (Misc. Soundtrack)
Mystery Song (Status Quo)
Mystery Tab (Apples In Stereo)
Mystery To Me (Dr Dog)
Mystery To Me (Headstones)
Mystery To Me (R.E.M.)
Mystery Train (Band)
Mystery Train (Bon Jovi)
Mystery Train (Harris, Emmylou)
Mystery Train (Presley, Elvis)
Mysteryland (Die Ärzte)
Mystic Knights (Kelly Family)
Mystic Lady (T Rex)
Mystic Love (Dover)
Mystic Rhythms (Rush)
Mystica (Blood Divine)
Mystical End (Iced Earth)
Mystical Machine (Kula Shaker)
Mystical Magical (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Mystified (Fleetwood Mac)
Mystified (Rocco Deluca And The Burden)
Mystified Heavy (Roberts, Sam)
Mystifies Me (Misc. Country and Western)
Mystifies Me (Son Volt)
Mystify (INXS)
Mystify (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Mystify Verse (INXS)
Myszy I Ludzie (Myslovitz)
Mythopeia In D Minor (Misc. Unsigned Bands)