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Price For Love (Wedding, The)
price i pay (Bragg, Billy)
price i pay (Desert Rose Band)
Price I Pay (Harris, Emmylou)
price i pay (Harris, Emmylou)
Price I Pay (Jane's Addiction)
Price Is Right Theme (Misc. Television)
Price Of Fame (Submersed)
Price Of Love (Bad English)
Price Of Love (Br5-49)
Price Of Love (Ferry, Bryan)
Price Of Love (Status Quo)
Price Of Reality (Amen)
Price To Pay (Williams, Lucinda)
Price To Pay-crd (Williams, Lucinda)
Price to Play (Staind)
Price We Pay (A Day To Remember)
Price You Pay (Harris, Emmylou)
Priceless (Copeland)
Priceless (Incubus)
Pricetag Doors In Newfndlnd (Various Artists)
Pricked In The Heart (Fiery Furnaces, The)
Prickly Thorn But Sweetly Worn (White Stripes, The)
Pride (Biohazard)
Pride (Echo And The Bunnymen)
Pride (High And Mighty Color)
Pride (Madball)
Pride (Saliva)
Pride (Seether)
Pride (Soil)
Pride (U2)
Pride (In The Name Of Love) (U2)
Pride And Flame (Bamboo)
Pride and Joy (Vaughan, Stevie Ray)
Pride And The Flame (Bamboo)
Pride In Lucifers Worshipping Lucifer Rex (Spell Forest)
Pride In The Name Of Love (Delirious?)
Pride In The Name Of Love (U2)
Pride Of Cucamonga (Grateful Dead, The)
Pride Of Man (Quicksilver Messenger Service)
Pride Parade (McLean, Don)
Pride-crd (Price, Ray)
Priest (Limp Bizkit)
Priest (Lynch, Stephen)
Priest Alley Song (Red House Painters)
Priest And The Matador (Senses Fail)
Priests And Paramedics (Lion, Pedro The)
Prig (Melvins)
Prima Donna (Lloyd Webber, Andrew)
Prima Guardia (Litfiba)
Primadona (Sherina)
Primadonna (Times, The)
Primal (Cadaver Inc)
primal concrete sledge (Pantera)
Primal Scream (Motley Crue)
Primary (Cure, The)
Primary School (Stewart, Rod)
Primative (Soulfly)
Primavera (Estirpe Imperial)
Primavera (Santana)
Primavera 0 (Soda Stereo)
Primavera Anticipada (Blunt, James)
Primavera Cero (Soda Stereo)
Primavera Di Praga (Francesco, Guccini)
prime (Prong)
Prime Cut (Prong)
Prime Mover (Rush)
Prime of Life (Young, Neil)
Prime Time (Christensen, Tim)
Prime Time Deliverance Acoustic (Good, Matthew)
Primer Meco (Brujeria)
Primetime (Trench, Marianas)
Primitive (Ambulance Ltd)
Primitive (Helmet)
Primitive (Killing Joke)
Primitive (Sunk Loto)
Primitive Future (Sepultura)
Primitive Man (Ruby Blue)
Primitive Man (Stradlin, Izzy)
Primitive Ways (Death)
Primo Appuntamento (Dalessio, Gigi)
Prince (Madness)
Prince Caspian (Phish)
Prince Charming (Ant, Adam)
Prince Charming (Metallica)
Prince Charming Acoustic (Ant, Adam)
Prince Of Darkness (Indigo Girls)
Prince Of Darkness (Megadeth)
Prince Of Darkness (Mekons)
Prince Of Parties (Flight Of The Conchords)
Prince Of Peace (Smith, Michael W.)
Prince Of Peace (Supertones)
Prince of Spades (Dispatch)
Prince Of The Punks (Kinks)
Prince Of The Rodeo (Turbonegro)
Princely Ghetto (Hanley, Kay)
Princes And Princesses (Cay)
Princes Familiar (Morissette, Alanis)
Princes Of The Universe (Queen)
Princesa (Andrè, Fabrizio De)
princesa (Andrè, Fabrizio De)
Princesa (Apo Hiking Society)
Princesa (Itchyworms)
Princess (Edwards, Sean)
Princess (Santos, Paolo)
Princess (Seal)
Princess Aurora (Turilli, Luca)
Princess Familiar (Morissette, Alanis)
Princess In Rags (Pitney, Gene)
Princess Of Little Italy (Little Steven)
Princess Of My Mind (Kooks, The)
Princess of the Dawn (Accept)
Princess Of The Night (Saxon)
Princess of the Streets (Stranglers)
Princessa (Gipsy Kings)
Princeton Review (Team Sleep)
Principle Heroes (Kalmah)
Principles Of The Perverse (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Prinsesa Ng Kaba (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Prinsipal (Missing Filemon)
Printre Nori (Zob)
Prinzesschen (Lafee)
prinzessin (Samsas Traum)
Prinzessin Auf Der Erbse (Fish, Eric)
Priscilla (Scorpions, The)
Prism Of Life (Enigma)
Prism Of You (Daysend)
Prison (Anavrin)
Prison (Etheridge, Melissa)
Prison (System Of A Down)
Prison Blues (Led Zeppelin)
Prison Bound (Social Distortion)
prison breaker (Therapy)
Prison Cell Blues (Blind Lemon Jefferson)
Prison Grove (Zevon, Warren)
Prison Of The Damned (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Prison On Route 41 (Wine, Iron And)
Prison Sex (Tool)
Prison Song (Nash, Graham)
prison song (Nash, Graham)
Prison Song (System Of A Down)
Prison Song (Zug Izland)
Prison Song Live (System Of A Down)
Prison Trilogy Billy Rose (Baez, Joan)
Prisoner (311)
Prisoner (Clash, The)
Prisoner (King's X)
prisoner in disguise (Souther Hillman Furay Band)
Prisoner Of Love (Kiss)
Prisoner Of Our Time (Running Wild)
prisoner of society (Living End)
Prisoner Of Spain (Offbeatz)
Prisoner Of Today (Talent, Billy)
Prisoner Of Your Love (Harvest, Barclay James)
Prisoner On The Inside (Living End)
Prisoner, The (Iron Maiden)
Prisoners (Regina Spektor)
Prisoners in Paradise (Europe)
Prisoners Of Fate (Chrono Cross)
Prisoners of rock and roll (Young, Neil)
Prisoners of Today (Talent, Billy)
Prisoners Song (Atkins, Chet)
Prisonor Of War (Hoax)
Privacy (Jackson, Michael)
Private (Amen)
private ale (Green Day)
Private Education (Pyke, Josh)
Private Emotion (Martin, Ricky)
Private Eye (Alkaline Trio)
Private Eyes (Hall and Oates)
Private Hall Of Shame (Horrorpops)
Private Hell (Jam)
private hell (Misery Loves Co)
Private Hell (Pop, Iggy)
Private Hell (Pop, Iggy)
Private Idaho (Band)
Private Investigations (Dire Straits)
Private Lawns (Angus and Julia Stone)
Private Malone (Ball, David)
Private Pain Techno Destructo (Gwar)
Private Radio (Bouncing Souls)
Private Shipwreck Tab (Temple, Luke)
Private Universe (Crowded House)
Privatei (Dire Straits)
Privateman (Powderfinger)
Privation Of Faith Inc (Haunted)
Privilege (Incubus)
Privilegio Es Vivir En Una Democracia (Jodio Loco Sucio)
Prize Fighter (Bush)
Prizefighter (Bush)
Prizefighter (Slo Burn)
Prizm (Pax 217)
Prizrachnyj Vzvod (Kipelov)
Prleude (Chopin, Frederic)
Probably (Devine, Kevin)
Probably Couldnt See For Lights (Arctic Monkeys)
Probably will (Concrete Blonde)
Probably Wouldn't Be This Way (Rimes, LeAnn)
Probably Wouldnt Be This Way (Rimes, LeAnn)
Probation (Misc. Your Songs)
Probing (Murder Squad)
Probinsya (Geronimo, Sarah)
Probinsyana (Bamboo)
Problem (Living End)
Problem (Various Artists)
Problem Child (AC/DC)
Problem Child (Andreone, Leah)
problem child (Andreone, Leah)
Problem Child (Doyle, Bramhall)
Problem Country (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Problem Girl (Thomas, Rob)
Problem Solving Skillz (Harry And The Potters)
Problematic (All)
Problematic (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Problems (Against Me)
Problems (Ben Kweller)
Problems (Everly Brothers, The)
Problems (Hillman, Chris)
Problems (Megadeth)
Problems (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Problems (Push To Talk)
Problems (Sex Pistols)
Problems And Bigger Ones (Harvey Danger)
Problems Posing As Solutions (Mclusky)
Procastinator (Sandwich)
Proceed With Caution (New Amsterdams)
Process (Less Than Jake)
Processed Beats (Kasabian)
Procession (Agony Scene)
Procession (Queen)
Procession Of Cherry Blossom Spritis (Six Organs Of Admittance)
Prochecies (Motograter)
Procrastinator (Sandwich)
Procreation Of The Wicked (Sepultura)
Prod (Mudvayne)
Prodicus When (Relic)
Prodigal (Casting Crowns)
Prodigal (Face To Face)
Prodigal (Myopic Son)
Prodigal (Onerepublic)
Prodigal daughter (Shocked, Michelle)
Prodigal Me (Shane, Bernard)
Prodigal Son (Iron Maiden)
Prodigal Son (Kid Rock)
Prodigal Son (Misc. Gospel)
Prodigal Son (Rolling Stones, The)
Prodigal Son (Steel Pulse)
Prodigal Son (Two Gallants)
Prodigal Son-crd (Williams, Hank)
Prodigal Sons Prayer (Bentley, Dierks)
Prodigal's Son's Prayer (Bentley, Dierks)
Profane Creation (Thrower, Bolt)
Profane Wishes (Amulet)
Profecy Within (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Profesor Satchafunkilus (Satriani, Joe)
professional crastination (Nofx)
Professional Killer (KMFDM)
Professional Widow (Amos, Tori)
Professor La Fille Danse (Rice, Damien)
Profetenes Apenbaring (Gorgoroth)
Profile (Sparks)
Profit (Ebba Grön)
Profit In Peace (Ocean Colour Scene)
Profit In Your Poetry (Butcher Boy)
Profoundly In Love With Pandora (Ian Dury and the Blockheads)
Progenies of the Great Apocalypse (Dimmu Borgir)
Programme (Plainsunset)
Progress (Bad Religion)
Progress (Flux Of Pink Indians)
Progress (Lion, Pedro The)
Progress With Punishment (Awakened)
progressive melodic study number 1 (Carcassi, Matteo)
Prohibido (Callejeros)
Prohibido (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Project Mayhem (Finch)
Prolog (Padi)
Prologue (Lloyd Webber, Andrew)
Prologue (Opeth)
Prologue Transcribed For Guitar (Mae)
Prolouge (Guthrie, Arlo)
Prom (Sugarfree)
Prom Girl (Best Interest)
Prom Night (Drowning Fish)
Prom Queen (Lil' Wayne)
Prom Theme (Fountains Of Wayne)
Promenade (U2)
Promesasdecepciones (Panda)
Promesasdesepciones (Panda)
Prometheus (Pervertum)
Prometheus Song (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Prominent Men (Velvet Underground)
Promiscuous (Furtado, Nelly)
Promiscuous Daughter (Camp Kill Yourself)
Promiscuous Daughter (CKY)
Promise (Arie, India)
Promise (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
Promise (Chapman, Tracy)
promise (Chapman, Tracy)
Promise (Delirious?)
Promise (Eve 6)
Promise (Lillix)
Promise (Matchbook Romance)
Promise (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Promise (Pinder, Mike)
promise (Pinder, Mike)
Promise (Reamonn)
Promise (Simple Plan)
Promise (Spoken)
Promise (Strike Anywhere)
Promise (Tourniquet)
Promise (Trapt)
Promise (Violent Femmes)
Promise (Walker, Butch)
Promise And The Threat (Evans Blue)
Promise Breaker (Home Grown)
Promise Broken (Ruttan, Deric)
Promise Me (Cauterize)
Promise Me (Craven, Beverley)
promise me (Craven, Beverley)
Promise me (Craven, Beverly)
Promise Me (Craven, Beverly)
Promise Me (Hot Lies, The)
Promise Me (Salonga, Lea)
Promise Of A Lifetime (Kutless)
Promise Of Love (American Analog Set, The)
Promise Of Redemption (Valencia)
Promise Of You (McCain, Edwin)
Promise Promise (You Me At Six)
Promise Ring (Tremolo)
Promise The Moon (Dangerous Toys)
Promise To Try (Naess, Leona)
Promise To You Girl (McCartney, Paul)
Promise What You Will (Wine, Iron And)
Promise You Cant Keep-crd (Yoakam, Dwight)
Promised Land (Band)
Promised Land (Berry, Chuck)
Promised Land (Casey, Paddy)
Promised Land (Grateful Dead, The)
Promised Land (Plant, Robert)
Promised Land (Presley, Elvis)
Promised Land2-crd (Presley, Elvis)
Promises (Adema)
Promises (Buzzcocks)
Promises (Clapton, Eric)
Promises (Clapton, Eric)
Promises (Cranberries, The)
Promises (Cranberries, The)
Promises (Def Leppard)
Promises (Face To Face)
Promises (Fugazi)
Promises (Lillix)
Promises (Marshall, Amanda)
promises (Marshall, Amanda)
Promises (Megadeth)
Promises (Savage Garden)
Promises (Soul Asylum)
Promises As The Years Go By (Iq)
promises broken (Soul Asylum)
Promises In The Dark (Benatar, Pat)
Promises Kept (Champion)
Promises Kept (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Promises Promises (Cooper Temple Clause)
Promises Under The Rain (Beto Vazquez Infinity)
Promises-crd (Travis, Randy)
Promising Light (Wine, Iron And)
Proof (Coldplay)
Proof (I Am Kloot)
Proof Acoustic (Coldplay)
Proof Of Destruction (Hall, Trevor)
Prop Me Up Beside The Juke Box When I Die (Diffie, Joe)
Propaganda (Eve 6)
Propaganda (Limp Bizkit)
Propaganda (Sepultura)
Propaganda Day (Purple Kangaroo)
propagandhi (Propagandhi)
Propechies In Kodak (Mozart Season)
Property (Feline)
Property Line (Marshall Tucker Band)
Property Line-tab (Marshall Tucker Band)
Property Of Goatfucker (Beatles, The)
Property Quiz (Beautiful South)
Prophecies of Pagan Fire (Enthroned)
Prophecy (Candlemass)
Prophecy (Iced Earth)
Prophecy (Judas Priest)
Prophecy (Soulfly)
Prophecy Fulfilled And The Dark Night Entered (Haggard)
Prophecy Of Gehenna (Ancient)
Prophesy Acoustic (Sawhney, Nitin)
Prophet (Asia)
Prophet (Moi Dix Mois)
Prophet (Slightly Stoopid)
Prophet (Soulfly)
Prophet (Sublime)
Prophet 15 (Supergrass)
Prophet Song (Delirious?)
Prophicies Of Kodak (Mozart Season)
Propinquity (Various Artists)
Prorok (Kipelov)
Pros & Cons Album (Waters, Roger)
pros and cons album (Waters, Roger)
Prospect Lane (Seasick Steve)
Prospekts March (Coldplay)
Prospettiva Nevskij (Battiato, Franco)
Prospettiva Nevskij (Various Artists)
Prosthetic Head (Green Day)
Prosthetic Leg (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Prosthetics (Slipknot)
prostitute (Alphaville)
Prostitute Laundry (Sifl And Olly)
Prostitution Is The Worlds Oldest Profession (Cobra Starship)
Protect And Survive (Runrig)
Protect Her (Grannis, Kina)
Protect Me (James)
Protect Me from What I Want (Placebo)
Protect Me You (Sonic Youth)
Protected By Prayer (Daniels, Charlie)
Protecting Me (Aly And Aj)
Protection (Kent)
Protection (Massive Attack)
Protege (World In Roachclips)
Protest (Grinspoon)
Protest & Survive (Anthrax)
Protest and Survive (Anthrax)
Protest And Survive (Varukers)
Protest Song (Anti)
Protest Song (Die Ärzte)
Protest Song (Laurie, Hugh)
Protest To The Caves (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Protibad (Cryptic Fate)
Protibad (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Prototype (Outkast)
Protoype (Outkast)
Proud (Bruce Lee Band)
Proud (Small, Heather)
Proud (Tegan And Sara)
Proud Division (Prong)
Proud Jez (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Proud Mary (Fogerty, John)
Proud Mary (Fogerty, John)
Proud Mary (Presley, Elvis)
Proud Mary (Turner, Tina)
Proud Of The House We Built (Brooks and Dunn)
Proud Of You (Fung, Fiona)
Proud Souls (Boland, Jason)
Proud To Be (Smile Empty Soul)
Proud To Be A Redneck (Barefoot, Jerry)
Proud To Be A Stoner (Kottonmouth Kings)
Proud to be canadian (Day Glo Abortions, The)
Proud to Be Punk (Casualties)
Proud To Be Straight (Ten Yard Fight)
Proud White Man (Achtung Juden)
Prove It (Bad Religion)
Prove It All Night (Springsteen, Bruce)
Prove It To The World (MxPx)
Prove Me Wrong (Bokomolech)
Prove Me Wrong (Caedmon's Call)
Prove My Hypothesis (Death Cab For Cutie)
Prove My Love (Violent Femmes)
Prove my love (Williams, Lucinda)
Prove To You (Chevelle)
Prove You Wrong (Benjy Davis Project, The)
Prove Yourself (Radiohead)
Proven (Hatebreed)
Proven (Pressure 4)
Providence (Cohn, Marc)
Providence (Fat Lady Sings)
Provider (N.E.R.D)
Province (Tv On The Radio)
Provisional (Fugazi)
Prowler (Iron Maiden)
Proxima Centuari (At The Drive-in)