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T & P Combo (311)
T - R - O - U - B - L - E (Tritt, Travis)
T B C (Ragazzi)
T B D (Live)
T For Texas (Glaser, Tompall)
T For Texas (Glaser, Tompall)
T For Texas (Misc. Country and Western)
T For Texas2-crd (Rodgers, Jimmie)
T Is Altijd Lente (Meeuwis, Guus)
T Is Weer Voorbij Die Mooie Zomer (Cox, Gerard)
T Klines Decline (Days Away)
T Shirt Suntan (Stereophonics)
T Shirt Weather (Lucksmiths, The)
T-Shirt Sun Tan (Stereophonics)
T.B.D. (Live)
T.V. Studio (Who, The)
Ta av dig klanningen (Johansson, Magnus)
Ta Med Dig Mnen Nr Du Gr (Lemarc, Peter)
Ta Mina Hnder (Hellstrand, Staffan)
Ta Noc Do Innych Jest Niepodobna (Maanam)
Ta Og Fuck Af (Anden)
Ta Vieille Ville (Mitsouko, Rita)
ta You (Watson, Johnny Guitar)
Tabalahan (Grin Department)
Tabang Sunog (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Tabi (Paraluman)
Tabing Ilog (Barbies Cradle)
Table For Glasses (Jimmy Eat World)
Table For Two (Caedmon's Call)
Table Top Show (Living End)
Tabloid Magazine (Living End)
tack (Born Jamericans)
Tackle Box (Bryan, Luke)
tacky (Surg)
Taco Man (Pink)
Tactics (Kenshin, Rurouni)
Tadhana (Moonstar 88)
Tadpoles And Eagles-crd (Stalling, Max)
Taemo Pesticide (Parokya ni Edgar)
Tag Am Meer (Fantasitische Vier)
Tag Min Hand (Eldkvarn)
Tag Mit Schutzumschlag (Bela B)
Tagpuan (Pan)
Taguan (Sugarfree)
Tagumpay Nating Lahat (Salonga, Lea)
Tahdon Sut (Normaali, Eppu)
Tahroja Paperilla (Normaali, Eppu)
Taillights fade (Buffalo Tom)
Tailor Made (Caillat, Colbie)
Tailspin (Jayhawks)
Tain (Decemberists, The)
Tainted Love (Jones, Gloria)
Tainted Love (Living End)
Tainted Love (Social Distortion)
Tainted Love (Soft Cell)
Tainted obligations (R.E.M.)
Tairay Bina (Fuzon)
Tajno Moja (Proeski, Tose)
Tak Bisa Lagi Menyayangmu (Ada Band)
Tak Bisakah (Peterpan)
Tak Rela Berpisah Darimu (Siti Nurhaliza)
Tak Tahu Harga Cinta (Exists)
Tak Terbalas (Drive)
Takapihojen Rockthdet (Klamydia)
Takbuhan (Orpheus)
Take (Hayden)
Take 54 (Nilsson, Harry)
Take A Broken Heart (Bacharach, Burt)
Take A Chance (Magic Numbers, The)
Take A Chance On Me (ABBA)
Take A City Bride (Parsons, Gene)
Take a Friend (Rush)
take a giant step (Monkees, The)
Take A Giant Step (Monkees, The)
Take A Giant Step (Taj Mahal)
Take A Letter Maria (Greaves, R.B.)
Take A Letter Maria (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Take A Little Trip (Alabama)
take a long line (Angels, The)
Take A Look (Phair, Liz)
Take A Look (Wiches)
take A Look Around (Formal Affair)
Take A Look Around (Soundtracks)
Take A Look At Me Now (Collins, Phil)
Take A Look At My Girlfriend (Gym Class Heroes)
Take A Look At My Girlfriend (Supertramp)
Take A Look At My Heart (Prine, John)
Take A Look At My Heart-crd (Prine, John)
Take A Look At The Guy (Stradlin, Izzy)
Take A Look At Yourself (Sum 41)
Take A Lot Of Pride (Haggard, Merle)
Take A Message (Shand, Remy)
Take A Message To Mary (Everly Brothers, The)
Take A Pebble (Emerson Lake & Palmer)
Take A Picture (Filter)
Take A Puff (Stoney Larue)
Take A Ride (Bautista, Christian)
Take a train (Strayhorn, Billy)
Take A Trip (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Take A Whiff On Me (Byrds, The)
Take All Of Me (Hillsong)
Take All Of Me (St. James, Rebecca)
Take All Of Me (Third Day)
Take All Of Me (United Live)
Take All The Time You Need (Mr T Experience)
Take Another Look (Big D And Kids Table)
Take Away My Pain (Dream Theater)
take back (Green Day)
Take Back The City (Snow Patrol)
Take Care (Copeland)
Take Care (Jackson, Janet)
Take Care (Yo La Tengo)
Take Care Of That Smile (McGuinn, Roger)
Take Care Of Yourself (Owen)
Take Chains From My Heart-crd (Williams, Hank)
Take Chains From My Heart2-crd (Williams, Hank)
Take Cover Acustic (Acceptance)
Take Down The Union Jack (Bragg, Billy)
Take Em As They Come (Jimmy Eat World)
Take Em Away (Old Crow Medicine Show)
Take Everything (Mazzy Star)
Take five (Brubeck, Dave)
Take God Care Of My Baby (Dick Brave And The Backbeats)
Take Good Care Of My Baby (Beatles, The)
Take Good Care Of My Baby (Smokie)
Take Good Care Of My Baby (Vee, Bobby)
Take Good Care Of My Baby (Vee, Bobby)
Take Good Care Of The Poor Boy (Sloan)
Take Heart In Your Hope (Arborise, Dan)
Take Heart My Friend (Ortega, Fernando)
Take Her Back (Pigeon Detectives, The)
Take Her To Dog Fight-crd (Walker, Charlie)
Take Her to the Music Store (From Autumn To Ashes)
Take Hold Of Me (Alex Band)
Take hold of the flame (Queensryche)
Take It (Lavigne, Avril)
Take It All (United Live)
Take It All Away (Cabrera, Ryan)
Take It All Out On You (Robison, Bruce)
Take It As It Comes (Doors, The)
Take It As It Comes (Grand Avenue)
Take It As It Comes (Ramones, The)
Take It Away (McCartney, Paul)
Take It Back (Barenaked Ladies)
Take It Back (Cream)
Take It Back (McEntire, Reba)
Take It Back (Pink Floyd)
Take It Easy (Browne, Jackson)
Take it easy (Browne, Jackson)
Take It Easy (Eagles, The)
Take it easy (Eagles, The)
Take It Easy (Hut, William)
Take it Easy (Various Artists)
Take It Easy (Love Nothing) (Bright Eyes)
Take It Easy On Me (Little River Band)
Take It From Me (Brandt, Paul)
Take It From The Top (Planet Smashers)
Take It Like A Man (Pitney, Gene)
Take It Like A Man-crd (Wright, Michelle)
Take It Off (Donnas)
Take It Off (Kiss)
Take It On The Chin (Whitmore, William Elliott)
Take It Or Leave It (Kurdi, Yasmien)
Take It Or Leave It (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Take It Or Leave It (Strokes, The)
take it out on me (Cowboy Mouth)
Take It Outside (Barenaked Ladies)
Take It Personal (Pro)
Take It Slow (Lynn, Crystal)
Take It So Hard (Richards, Keith)
Take It To Manhattan (Straylight Run)
Take It To The Limit (Eagles, The)
Take it to the limit (Various Artists)
Take It Underground (Seven Mary Three)
Take It Up (World Party)
Take it with Me (Waits, Tom)
Take Me (Hawk, Nelson)
Take Me (Jones, George)
Take Me (Kiss)
Take Me (McCain, Edwin)
Take Me (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Take Me Acoustic (Hawk, Nelson)
Take Me Alive (Cornell, Chris)
Take Me Anthem (Live)
Take me anywhere (School Of Fish)
Take Me Anywhere (Taylor, Chris)
Take Me As I Am (Duprees, The)
Take Me As I Am (Fm Static)
Take Me As I Am (Hill, Faith)
Take Me As I Am (Seven Wiser)
Take Me Away (Blue Oyster Cult)
Take Me Away (Lash, The)
Take Me Away (Lavigne, Avril)
Take Me Away (Lifehouse)
Take Me Away (Misc. Religious)
Take Me Away (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Take Me Away (Oasis)
Take Me Away (Plain White T's)
Take Me Away (Together As One) (Kiss)
Take Me Away Acoustic (Lifehouse)
Take Me Back (Adams, Bryan)
Take Me Back (Humble Pie)
Take Me Back (Noiseworks)
Take me back (Van Halen)
Take Me Back (Vines, The)
Take me back to tulsa (Various Artists)
Take Me By Surprise (Lamontagne, Ray)
Take Me Down (Alabama)
Take Me Down (Bamboo)
Take Me Down (Smashing Pumpkins)
Take Me Down To The Infirmary (Cracker)
Take Me Down-crd (Willis, Kelly)
Take Me For Longing (Krauss, Alison)
Take Me For What (Searchers, The)
Take Me Home (Amethyst)
Take Me Home (Collins, Phil)
Take Me Home (Collins, Phil)
Take Me Home (Concrete Blonde)
Take Me Home (Newton, Olivia)
Take Me Home (Waits, Tom)
Take Me Home Acoustic (Collins, Phil)
Take Me Home Country Roads (Denver, John)
Take Me Home Country Roads (Toots and the Maytals)
Take Me Home Country Roads (CRD) (Denver, John)
Take Me Home Tonight (Money, Eddie)
Take Me Im Yours (Squeeze)
Take Me In (Kutless)
Take Me In Your Arms (Suzy, Lil)
Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me (Knight & The Pips, Gladys)
Take Me In Your Arms Rock Me A Little While (Weston, Kim)
Take Me Now (Bread)
Take Me Now (Gates, David)
Take Me On (Sambora, Richie)
Take Me Out (Ferdinand, Franz)
Take me out (Red House Painters)
Take Me Out To The Ball Game (Goo Goo Dolls, The)
Take Me Out To The Ball Game (Misc. Traditional)
Take Me There (Escueta, Miguel)
Take Me There (Rascal Flatts)
Take Me To Heart (Quarterflash)
Take Me To The Otherside (Aerosmith)
Take Me To The Pilot (John, Elton)
Take Me To The Riot (Stars)
take me to the river (Green, Al)
Take Me To The River (Green, Al)
Take Me To The River (Misc. Soundtrack)
Take me to the River (Talking Heads)
Take Me To The Tundra (Williams, Keller)
Take Me To Your Captain (Prism)
Take Me To Your Heart (Michael Learns To Rock)
Take Me To Your Heaven (Perrelli, Charlotte)
Take Me to Your Leader (Incubus)
Take Me To Your World-crd (Wynette, Tammy)
Take me with you (Jayhawks)
Take Me With You (Secondhand Serenade)
Take Me With You (Whitesnake)
Take My Arms Away And Hold Me (Arnold, Eddy)
Take My Breath Away (Bunton, Emma)
Take My Breath Away (Copeland)
Take My Hand (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Take My Head (Amen)
Take My Heart (Soko)
Take My Heart (Wickham, Phil)
Take My Heart Back (Hewitt, Jennifer Love)
Take My Leave (Hannah)
Take My Life (Third Day)
Take My Life (Tomlin, Chris)
Take My Life and Let It Be (Misc. Gospel)
Take My Life And Let It Be (Tomlin, Chris)
Take My Ring Off Your Finger (Smith, Carl)
Take My Scares (Machine Head)
Take My Scars (Machine Head)
Take My Time (Crash, The)
Take My Tip (Bowie, David)
Take No (Hale)
Take No Prisoners (Megadeth)
Take No Rogues (Lakeman, Seth)
Take On Me (A-ha)
Take On Me (Detd, Janez)
Take On Me (MxPx)
Take Our Lives (United Live)
Take Out Some Insurance (Cale, J J)
Take Over (Parachute Band)
Take Over The Breaks Over (Fall Out Boy)
take ring off your finger (Smith, Carl)
Take That Look Off Your Face (Lloyd Webber, Andrew)
Take That Shot (Blasted Mechanism)
Take The A Train (Ellington, Duke)
Take the a train (Strayhorn, Billy)
Take The Blame (Alterrain)
Take The Box (Winehouse, Amy)
Take The Hand (Nazz)
Take The Keys To My Heart (Brooks, Garth)
Take The Keys To My Heart (2) (Brooks, Garth)
Take The Long Way Home (Supertramp)
Take The Long Way Home-crd (Schneider, John)
Take The Money & Run (Cabeso, Juan)
Take The Money And Run (Cabeso, Juan)
Take The Money And Run (Miller, Steve)
Take the Name of Jesus With You (Misc. Gospel)
Take The News To Mother (Louvin Brothers, The)
Take the Pain Away (Ramones, The)
Take The Skinheads Bowling (Camper Van Beethoven)
Take The Star Out Of The Window (Prine, John)
Take the Time (Dream Theater)
Take The Wheel (Ruttan, Deric)
Take The World (Hughes, Tim)
Take These Chains (Charles, Ray)
Take These Chains (Judas Priest)
Take these Chains (Traditional)
Take These Chains (Uncle Earl)
Take This Bottle (Faith No More)
Take This Heart (Return)
Take This Job And Shove It (Paycheck, Johnny)
Take This Life (Paul, Wright)
Take This Longing (Cohen, Leonard)
Take This Rain (Browne, Jackson)
Take This To Your Heart (Mayday Parade)
Take This Waltz (Cohen, Leonard)
Take Time For A Little Lie Acoustic (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Take Time to Be Holy (Misc. Gospel)
Take Time To Know Her (Sledge, Percy)
Take To The World (Webb, Derek)
Take Tomorrow One Day At A Time (Walker, Butch)
Take Up A Course In Happiness (Wonder, Stevie)
Take What You Want (Karas Flowers)
Take You Back (Camp, Jeremy)
Take You Down (Gabe Bondoc)
Take You There (Kingston, Sean)
Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It (Belle And Sebastian)
Take Your Chances (Hayward, Justin)
Take Your Mama (Scissor Sisters)
Take Your Mama Out (Scissor Sisters)
Take Your Medicine (Cloud Cult)
Take Your Momma Out (Scissor Sisters)
Take Your Money (Ruby Blue)
Take Your Sweet Time (Mccartney, Jesse)
Take Your Time (Clarks, The)
Take Your Time (Holly, Buddy)
Take, Take, Take (White Stripes, The)
Takeback (Green Day)
Takedown (Yellowcard)
Taken At All (Crosby and Nash)
Taken at all (Crosby Stills and Nash)
Taken For A Ride (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Taken For A Ride (Tally Hall)
Takes A Little Time (Grant, Amy)
Takes Lot To Rock You Baby (Yoakam, Dwight)
takes lot to rock you baby (Yoakam, Dwight)
Takes One To Know One (Diamond, Amy)
Takin Care Of Business (Bachman Turner Overdrive)
Takin It To The Streets (Doobie Brothers, The)
Takin My Love (Jam)
Takin Off This Pain (Shepherd, Ashton)
Takin The Country Back (Anderson, John)
Takin' It Easy (Dalton, Lacy J.)
Takin' Off This Pain (Shepherd, Ashton)
Taking a chance on love (Neverisky, Mike)
Taking A Trip To Carolina (Beatles, The)
Taking A Walk (Prine, John)
Taking Cassandra To The End Of The World Party (Fear Before The March Of Flames)
Taking Chances (Dion, Celine)
Taking Control (Eisley)
Taking It All Away (Cale, John)
Taking It Back (Bon Jovi)
Taking Me Undertidalwave (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Taking My Life Away (Default)
Taking My Own Sweet Time (Hanson)
Taking My Time (Little Feat)
Taking Off (Cure, The)
Taking Off (Cure, The)
Taking Off This Pain (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Taking Over Me (Evanescence)
Taking Over Now (Desperation Band)
Taking People (Cat Power)
Taking Pictures (Phillips, Sam)
Taking The You Out Of Us (Sparks Kimber)
Taking You Home (Henley, Don)
Taking Your Life In Your Hands (Cale, John)
Takipsilim (Paramita)
Takkan Melupakanmu (Radja)
Takkan Pernah Melupakanmu (Couple)
Takkan Pernah Menyesal (Sheila On 7)