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Whatever It Takes (P.O.D.)
Whatever It Takes Acoustic (Sallie, Nate)
Whatever Lies Will Help You Rest (Ataris)
Whatever Makes You Happy (Cummings, Danyo)
Whatever Makes You Happy (Powderfinger)
Whatever Part 1 (Pillar)
Whatever Reason (Disciple)
Whatever That Hurts (Tiamat)
Whatever Way The Wind Blows-crd (Willis, Kelly)
Whatever We Become (Aparo, Angie)
Whatever You Like (Ti)
Whatever You Please (Dream Syndicate)
Whatever You Say-crd (McBride, Martina)
Whatever you want (Status Quo)
Whatever You Want From Life (Voicst)
Whatever Youre Doing (Sanctus Real)
Whatevers Left (Snow Patrol)
Whatevershebringswesing (Ayers, Kevin)
Whatll You Do About Me-crd (Supernaw, Doug)
Whats A Boy To Do (Kearney, Mat)
Whats A Broken Heart (Loveless, Patty)
Whats A Devil To Do (Poe, Harley)
Whats A Guy Gotta Do (Nichols, Joe)
Whats A Man To Do (Usher)
Whats A Matter Baby (Small Faces)
Whats A Memory (Lawrence, Tracy)
Whats A Memory Like You-crd (Schneider, John)
Whats A Memory Like You2-crd (Schneider, John)
Whats A Woman (Dios, Vaya Con)
Whats Been Going On (Lee, Amos)
Whats Changed (David, Craig)
Whats Eatin You (Airbourne)
Whats Forever For (England, Dan)
whats forever for (Murphey, Michael Martin)
Whats Forever For-crd (Murphey, Michael Martin)
Whats Goin Down (Shepherd, Kenny Wayne)
Whats Goin Down (Shepherd, Kenny Wayne)
Whats Goin On (Gaye, Marvin)
Whats Going On (Gaye, Marvin)
Whats Going On (Gaye, Marvin)
Whats Going On (Santos, Paolo)
Whats Going On (Zebrahead)
Whats Gonna Happen (Reminition)
Whats Good (Reed, Lou)
whats good (Reed, Lou)
Whats Happenin (D4l)
Whats Happenin (Man, Method)
Whats Happening (Byrds, The)
Whats Happening Brother (Gaye, Marvin)
Whats Hideous (Do Me Bad Things)
Whats Holding Me (Fox, George)
Whats In It For Me (Diamond, Amy)
Whats In It For Me (Pitchshifter)
Whats In Store (Architecture In Helsinki)
Whats In The Box (Boo Radleys, The)
whats in the box (Boo Radleys, The)
Whats In The Eye (Grey Daze)
Whats In You (Black Label Society)
Whats In Your Mind (Chamber, Coal)
Whats It About (Opal)
Whats It Gonna Be (Divine, Kim)
Whats It To You-crd (Walker, Clay)
Whats Left (Taproot)
Whats Left Of Me (Lachey, Nick)
Whats Left Of Me-crd (Yoakam, Dwight)
Whats Love (Haddaway)
Whats Love Got To Do With It (Turner, Tina)
Whats Luv (Fat Joe)
Whats My Age Again (Blink 182)
Whats My Age Again Live (Blink 182)
Whats My Age Again? (Blink 182)
Whats My Name (Clash, The)
Whats My Name (Dmx)
Whats My Scene (Hoodoo Gurus)
Whats My Size Again (Uphill Gardeners)
Whats New (Zappa, Frank)
Whats New In Baltimore (Zappa, Frank)
Whats New Pussycat (Bacharach, Burt)
Whats New Scooby Doo (Simple Plan)
Whats New With You (Hunley, Con)
Whats Next (Filter)
Whats Next (Nesian Mystik)
Whats Next To The Moon (AC/DC)
Whats On My Mind (Cranberries, The)
Whats on the mind (Hello Venray)
Whats On Your Mind (Madrugada)
Whats she doing now (Brooks, Garth)
Whats She Like (Roxette)
Whats So Funny (Costello, Elvis)
whats so funny (Costello, Elvis)
Whats So Funny (Kaplansky, Lucy)
Whats So Funny (Lowe, Nick)
Whats So Funny About Peace Love And Understanding (Cornell, Chris)
Whats So Funny Bout (Perfect Circle)
Whats That You Say Little Girl (Fretwell, Stephen)
Whats The Difference (Anti)
Whats The Difference (Dr Dre)
Whats The Difference (McCanzy, Scott)
Whats The Dillio (Mest)
Whats the frequency kenneth (R.E.M.)
whats the frequency kenneth (R.E.M.)
Whats The Kim (Future Kings Of Spain)
Whats The Matter (Nofx)
Whats The Matter Baby (Dire Straits)
Whats The Matter Boy (Jazz Butcher Conspiracy)
Whats The Matter Please (Furay, Richie)
Whats The Matter With Parents Today (Nofx)
Whats The Matter With The Kids Today (Nofx)
Whats The New Mary Jane (Beatles, The)
Whats The Reason (Silkstone)
Whats The Story (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Whats The Story (Oasis)
whats the story morning glory album (Oasis)
Whats The Ugliest Part Of Your Body (Zappa, Frank)
Whats The Use (Phish)
Whats The Use Acoustic (Lidell, Jamie)
Whats The Word (We Are Scientists)
Whats There To Decide (Sloan)
Whats This (Elfman, Danny)
Whats This (Fall Out Boy)
Whats This Life For (Creed)
Whats This Life For Acoustic (Creed)
Whats Troubling You (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
whats up (4 Non Blondes)
Whats Up Now (Scary Kids Scaring Kids)
Whats Up With You (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
Whats With Blink (Stumping Lizards)
Whats Wrong (Zornik)
Whats Yer Number Whats Yer Name (Subhumans)
Whats Your Mamas Name-crd (Tucker, Tanya)
Whats Your Number (Cypress Hill)
Whats Your Problem (Circle Jerks)
Whats Your Sign (Nilsson, Harry)
Whats Your Take On Cassavettes (Le Tigre)
Whatsername (Green Day)
Whaur Dau Ye Lie? (MALINKY)
wheat kings (Tragically Hip, The)
Wheat kings (Tragically Hip, The)
Wheathered (Creed)
Wheatland (for Peter) (Lawson, Russell)
Wheel (Mayer, John)
Wheel (Mayer, John)
wheel chair epidemic (Jesus Lizard)
Wheel In Motion (Moke)
Wheel In The Shy Live (Journey)
Wheel In The Sky (Journey)
Wheel Of Fortune Theme (Misc. Television)
Wheel Of The World (Underwood, Carrie)
Wheel Of Time (Clark, Gene)
Wheel's on Fire (Dylan, Bob)
Wheelchair (Madrugada)
Wheels (AC/DC)
Wheels (Cake)
wheels (Flying Burrito Brothers)
Wheels (Harris, Emmylou)
Wheels (Hometown News)
Wheels (Levellers)
Wheels (Lone Justice)
Wheels (Marchman, Houston)
Wheels 2 (Harris, Emmylou)
Wheels Of Fortune (Doobie Brothers, The)
wheels of fortune (Doobie Brothers, The)
Wheels Of Love (Harris, Emmylou)
Wheels Of Steel (Saxon)
Wheels On Fire (Magic Numbers, The)
Wheels On The Bus (Raffi)
Wheels Within Wheels (Gallagher, Rory)
Whem Im Gone (Angelas Dish)
When (Megadeth)
When (Taproot)
When (Twain, Shania)
when a blind man cries (Deep Purple)
When A Child is Born (Misc. Christmas)
When A Child Is Born (Zimmerman, Roy)
When A Dead Man Walks (Lacuna Coil)
When A Fool Loves A Fool (Hazlewood, Lee)
When A Heart Breaks (Barnes, Dave)
When A Man Can't Get A Woman Off His Mind (Morgan, Craig)
When A Man Cant Get A Woman Off His Mind (Morgan, Craig)
When A Man Dies A Woman (Amen)
When A Man Is Wrong (Seal)
When A Man Loves A Woman (Sledge, Percy)
when a man loves a woman (Sledge, Percy)
When A Woman (Gabrielle)
When A Woman Loves A Man-crd (Parnell, Lee Roy)
When A Woman Loves A Man2-crd (Parnell, Lee Roy)
When Abyss Winds Return (Angelcorpse)
When All Around Is Fading Whole World In His Hands (Hughes, Tim)
When All Else Fails It Fails (Ataris)
When All Is Said And Done (ABBA)
When All Is Said And Done (Trapt)
When All Is Said And Done (Wells, Tyrone)
When All The Lights Go Out (Fratellis, The)
When All Thy Mercies (Ortega, Fernando)
When All We Have Is Taken (Glass, Edison)
When Am Gonna Get Over Your-lyr (Rimes, LeAnn)
When an old cricketer (Harper, Roy)
When And Where A Real World Occurs (Youinseries)
When Angels Carry Me Home-crd (Third Tyme Out)
When Angels Die (Sudden, Nikki)
When Angels Fly Away (Cold)
When Anger Shows (Editors)
When Animals Attack (Institute)
When Animals Write Poetry (My Hero Is Me)
When Are You Coming Home (Martin, Heather)
When Big Joan Sets Up (Captain Beefheart)
When Book Of Life Is Read-crd (Williams, Hank)
When Can I Go Home (O.A.R.)
When can i see you (Babyface)
When can i see you again (Babyface)
When Canyons Ruled The City (Walker, Butch)
When Country Was Ugly-lyr (Wilson, Tim)
When Cowboys Didnt Dance (Lonestar)
When Darkness Falls (Killswitch Engage)
When Death Calls (Black Sabbath)
When Death Had No Name (Samhain)
When Death Replaces Life (Cannibal Corpse)
When Demons Awake (Rhapsody)
When Did You Fall In Love (Rice, Chris)
When Did You Get Back From Mars (I Mother Earth)
When Did You Stop Lovin Me-crd (Strait, George)
When Did You Stop Loving Me (Strait, George)
When Did Your Heart Go Missing (Rooney)
When Do I Get To Sing My Way (Sparks)
When Dolphins Cry (Live)
When Doves Cry (Barenaked Ladies)
When Doves Cry (Prince)
When Doves Cry (Rice, Damien)
When Dreams Catch Fire (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
When Dreams Come True (Ghost Mice)
When Everthing Turns To Dust (Valley Of Chrome)
When Everybody's Happy (Violent Femmes)
When Exs Meet Ohs (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
When Finally Set Free (Copeland)
When First Unto This Country (Dylan, Bob)
When Girl Becomes Wife (Wynette, Tammy)
When Girl Becomes Wife-lyr (Wynette, Tammy)
When Girls Telephone Boys (Deftones)
When Gjallarhorn Will Sound (Falkenbach)
When God Gathers Jewels-crd (Williams, Hank)
When God Made Me (Young, Neil)
When God Ran (Hester, Benny)
When Going Home (Bering Strait)
When Got Said (Caspi, Matti)
when got said (Caspi, Matti)
When Grandfather Dies (Lynch, Stephen)
When Grass Grows Over Me (Jones, George)
When He Calls Me Kitten (Deal, Kelley)
When He Leaves You-crd (Twain, Shania)
When He Offers His Hand (Townes Van Zandt)
When He Returns (Misc. Gospel)
When Heaven Burns (Deicide)
When Heaven Gets Dirty (Lab)
When Heavens Not Far Away (Cold)
When Hell Freezes Over (Mccready, Rich)
When Hell Freezes Over-lyr (Mccready, Rich)
When Hes Not Around (Corrs, The)
When Horsepower Meant Someting (Thom, Sandi)
When I (Devotion)
When I Am King (Great Big Sea)
When I Argue I See Shapes (Idlewild)
When I Call Your Name (Gill, Vince)
When I Can Afford To Lose (Hoge, Will)
When I Cant Hear You (West, Matthew)
When I Cant Sleep (The Sunday Drivers)
When i close my eyes (Basics)
When I Close My Eyes (Chesney, Kenny)
when i close my eyes (Chesney, Kenny)
When I Close My Eyes (Trooper, Greg)
when i come around (Green Day)
When I Come Around (Various Artists)
When I Come Around Acoustic (Green Day)
When I Come Around Interlude (Green Day)
When I Come Around Live (Green Day)
When I Come Arround (Green Day)
When I Come To You (Lang, Jonny)
when i come to you (Lang, Jonny)
When I Could Fly-crd (Keith, Perry)
When I Die (Allin, GG)
When I Die (Lush)
When I Die (Motherlode)
When I Dream Of Michelangelo (Counting Crows)
When I Drink (Avett Brothers, The)
When I Drown (Audiovent)
When I Fall (Barenaked Ladies)
When I Fall (Earle, Steve)
When I Fall (Lampa, Rachael)
When I Fall In Love (Nat King Cole)
When I Feel Again (Sweet, Matthew)
When I First Kissed You (Extreme)
When I Get Big (Jennings, Waylon)
When I Get Home (Beatles, The)
When I Get Home (Brood, Herman)
When I Get Home (Mayday Parade)
When I Get Home For Christmas (Snow Patrol)
When I Get Home Your So Dead (Mayday Parade)
When I Get Home Youre So Dead Acoustic (Mayday Parade)
When I Get My Reward (Band)
When I Get My Rewards (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
When I Get My Wings (Shaver, Billy Joe)
When I Get My Wings-crd (Shaver, Billy Joe)
When I Get Old (Descendents, The)
When I Get To The Border (Kaplansky, Lucy)
When I Get To The Border (Thompson, Richard)
when i get to the border (Thompson, Richard)
When I Get To The Green Building (Electric Six)
When I Get Where I'm Going (Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton)
When I Get Where I'm Going (Misc. Gospel)
When I Go (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
When I Go (Over the Rhine)
When I Go Home (Benjy Davis Project, The)
When I Go Out With Artists (Crash Test Dummies)
When I Goose Step (Shins)
When I Got Troubles (Dylan, Bob)
When i grow up (Beach Boys, The)
When I Grow Up (Garbage)
When I Grow Up (Pussy Cat Dolls)
When I Grow Up (Pussycat Dolls)
When I Had You-crd (Shannon, Del)
When I Have It (A1)
When I Have My Vision (Plaskett, Joel)
When I Hear My Name (White Stripes, The)
When I Hear You Call (Valenciano, Gary)
When I Hit San Antone-crd (Temple, Owen)
When I Kissed The Teacher (ABBA)
When I Kneel Down to Pray (Misc. Gospel)
When I Lay My Hands On You (Prince)
When I Leave This House (Adam Gregory & Billy Ray Cyrus)
When I Lie (Clockwise)
When I Live My Dreams (Jorge, Seu)
When I Look Around (Coburn, David)
When I Look At The World (U2)
When I Look Into Your Eyes (Firehouse)
When I Look Into Your Holiness (Hillsong)
When I Look to the Sky (Train)
When I Look Your Way (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
When I Loved Her (Kristofferson, Kris)
When I Loved You-crd (Robison, Bruce)
When I Met You (Apo Hiking Society)
When I Met You (Barbie Almalbis)
When I Met You (Geronimo, Sarah)
When I Need You (Dion, Celine)
When I Need You (Hammond, Albert)
when i need you (Hammond, Albert)
When i needed you (Aerosmith)
When I Needed You (Erasure)
When I Needed You (Supergrass)
When I Needed You The Most (Vanwarmer, Randy)
When I Open My Eyes (Across The Sky)
When I Paint My Masterpiece (Band)
When I paint my Masterpiece (Dylan, Bob)
When I Ran Off And Left Her (Vic Chesnutt)
When I Reach the Place I'm Going (Misc. Gospel)
When I Said I Do (Black, Clint)
When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog (Lekman, Jens)
When I Said I Would (Duncan, Whitney)
When I Saw You (Ronettes)
When I Say (Badfinger)
When I Say You I Mean Me (Vandals)
When I See You Again (Fleetwood Mac)
When i see you smile (Bad English)
When I See You Smile (Lawrence, Kris)
When I See You Smile (Runga, Bic)
When I Stop Dreaming (Harris, Emmylou)
when i stop dreaming (Harris, Emmylou)
when i stop dreaming (Jim And Jesse)
when i stop dreaming (Lemonheads)
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Misc. Gospel)
When I Think About Angels (O'Neal, Jamie)
When I Think About Cheatin (Wilson, Gretchen)
When I Think About Cheating (Wilson, Gretchen)
When I Think About Cheating-crd (Wilson, Gretchen)
When I Think About Cheating2-crd (Wilson, Gretchen)
When I Think About Cheating3-crd (Wilson, Gretchen)
When I Think About The Lord (Shane And Shane)
When I Think About You (Girls Under Glass)
When I Think of You (Journey)
When I Wake Up To Slep No More (Misc. Gospel)
When I Want (Jimmy Eat World)
When I Want To Know (Remains)
When I Was A Baby (New Pornographers)
When I Was A Boy (Who, The)
when i was a boy (Who, The)
When I Was A Boy (Williams, Dar)
When I Was A Little Girl (Talent, Billy)
When i was a painter (Breeders)
When I Was An Orphan (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
When I Was Drinking (Hem)
When I Was On Horseback (Steeleye Span)
When I Was Running Out Of Time (Arthur, Joseph)
When I Was Six (Lodger)
When I Was Young (Animals)
When I Was Young (Ramones, The)
When I Was Yours (Harris, Emmylou)
When I Write The Book (Lowe, Nick)
When I'm 64 (Beatles, The)
When I'm Away From You (Bellamy Brothers)
When I'm Down (Cornell, Chris)
When I'm Gone (3 Doors Down)
When I'm Lonely (Hootie and The Blowfish)
When I'm President (Extreme)
When I'm Sixty Four (Beatles, The)
When I'm Sixty-Four (Beatles, The)
When I'm Sixty-Four (Various Artists)
When I'm Up (Great Big Sea)
When I'm With You (Simple Plan)
When Im Alone (Heath, Brandon)
When Im Cleaning Windows (Formby, George)
When Im Dead And Gone (Mcguinness, Flint)
When Im Dead And Gone (Status Quo)
When Im Down (Cornell, Chris)
When Im Free Again (Crowell, Rodney)
When Im Gone (Last Night Rival)
When Im Gone (Misc. Your Songs)
When Im Gone (Msg)
When im gone (Ochs, Phil)
when im gone (Ochs, Phil)
When Im Gone (Simple Plan)
When Im Gone Acoustic (Simple Plan)
When Im Lonely (Hootie and The Blowfish)
When Im Missing You (A1)
When Im Not There (Saves The Day)
when im president (Extreme)
When Im Sixty Four (Beatles, The)
when im thinking about you (Sundays)
When Im Up (Great Big Sea)
When Im Up I Cant Get Down (Great Big Sea)
When Im With You (Brodie)
When Im With You (Faber Drive)
When Im With You (Sheriff)
When Im With You (Simple Plan)
When In Doubt (Thousand Foot Krutch)
When In Love (Tears For Fears)
When In Rome (Mudhoney)
When In Rome (Nickel Creek)
When Is Pearl Harbour Day (Sundays Best)
When It All Falls Apart (Veronicas, The)
When It All Goes South (Alabama)
When It All Goes Wrong Again (Everclear)
When It Began (Replacements)
When It Begins (Drew, Kevin)
When It Comes (Hilton, Tyler)
When It Comes (Incubus)
When It Comes My Turn (Myles, David)
When It Comes To You (Carter, Aaron)
When It Comes To You (Fixer)
When It Crashes (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
When It Cuts (Ill Nino)
When It Dies (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
When It Falls Apart (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
When It Falls Apart (Veronicas, The)
When It Goes Down (Something Corporate)
When It Hurts (Avant)
When It Isn't Like It Should Be (Saves The Day)
When It Rains (Eli Young Band)
When It Rains (Robison, Bruce)
When It Rains It Snows (They Might Be Giants)
When It Was Over (Groves, Sara)
When It's All Burning (Strata)
When It's Good (Harper, Ben)
When It's Love (Van Halen)
When It's Over (Sugar Ray)
When Its All Burnin (Misc. Unsigned Bands)
When Its All Burning (Strata)
When Its Good (Harper, Ben)
When Its Over (Loverboy)
When Its Over (Sugar Ray)
When Its Too Late For Pf Flyers (Forgive Durden)
When Jesus Beckons Me Home (Lewis, Jerry Lee)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Misc. Traditional)
When Jokers Attack (Brian Jonestown Massacre)
When King Jesus Calls His Children Home (Misc. Gospel)
When Last I Spoke To Carol Acoustic (Morrissey)
When Love & Hate Collide (Def Leppard)
When Love and Death Embrace (H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty))
When Love And Death Embrace (Him)
When Love And Hate Collide (Def Leppard)
When Love Breaks Down (Prefab Sprout)
When Love Comes Around (Donna the Buffalo)
When Love Comes Around (Jackson, Alan)
When Love Comes Knockin (Monkees, The)