If I Fell


                If I fell in love with you
                Would you promise to be true
                And help me understand
                'Cause I've been in love before
                And found that love is more
                Than just holding hands
                If I give my heart to you
                I must be sure from the very  start
                That you would love me more than her 
                If I trust in you
                Oh please, don't run and hide
                If I love you too
                Oh please, don't hurt my pride like her
                Cause I couldn't stand the pain
                And I would be sad if our new love was in vain
                So I hope you'll see
                That I would love to love you
                And that she will cry
                When she learns we are two
                If I fell in love with you

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A A7 Bbm C D D9 Db Ebm Em Em7 F#m G Gm
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All1Song (report video to admin):
As played with corrected chords
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UPDATED Video solo acoustic
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prisoner (report comment to admin):
Just about every time going into the straight "A" chord...try this.  Go from an Asus4, to a straight A, to a Asus2, then back to a straight A.  You're only moving one finger and going with the

inflection of the voice up & down. i.e. "Love to love you" Love (Asus4) to (A) Love (Asus4) you (A)
joepartyband (report comment to admin):
Hi, great website!! very helpfull...can`t help thinking that a particular chord in `If I fell`(Beatles) isn`t correct....ie...

Em A
`That you would love me
D Em A
more than her`

The last `Em` afetr the word `her` should surely be `Bb`???
Joe Carter
All1Song (report comment to admin):
Note about video: Guitar is tuned down one whole step to DGCFAD for singing purposes.
dillono (report comment to admin):
the chord after the d is f#m
servetbasol (report comment to admin):
Try to play it with my chords at