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Patience   Guns 'n Roses

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Patience  Guns 'n Roses

One two, one two three four

 whistle, 1 guitar, once through 

[C]     [G]      [A]      [D]        [C]       [G]       [A]      [D] 

[C]     [G]      [C]      [Em]       [C]       [G]       [D] 

[C]Shed a tear 'cause I'm missing you

I'm [G]still alright to smile

[A]Girl I think about you every [D]day now

[C]Was a time when I wasn't sure

but you [G]set my mind at ease

[A]There is no doubt your in my [D]heart now


[C]Said woman [G]take it slow

It will [C]work itself out [Em]fine

[C]All we need is [G]just a little (( [D]patience ))

[C]Said sugar [G]make it slow

and [C]we come together [Em]fine

[C]All we need is [G]just a little (( [D]patience ))

Patience! Ooh - ooh - ooh - ooh - ya - a

I sit here on the stairs

'cause I'd rather be alone

If I can't have you right now

I'll wait here

Sometimes I get so tense

but I can't speed up the time

but you know love is one more thing to consider


Said woman take it slow

and things will be just fine

You and I just use a little (( patience ))

Said sugar take the time

'cause the lights are shining bright

You and I got what it takes to (( make it ))

[D]We won't fake it

[D]Oh I'll never break it

[D]'cause I can take it

 guitar solo: repeat several times: 

[C]      [G]      [C]      [Em]      [C]      [G]      [D]      

 whistle - break 


[D]...a little [Gmaj7]patience

[D]mmmm ya - a - a, ooh - ooh - [Gmaj7]ya - a

	(( You need a little patience,  ya - a

Just a little patience,  ya - a ))

	( Some more patience, ya - a )

[D]I've been walking the streets tonight [Gmaj7]Just trying to get it right

	( Some more patience, ya - a )

[D]It's hard to see with so many around No, I [Gmaj7]don't like being stuck in a crowd

	( Some more patience, ya - a )

and the [D]streets don't change but maybe the name I [Gmaj7]ain't got the time for the game

	( You got to have more patience, ya - a )

'cause I [D]need you, ya - ee - ya Well I [Gmaj7]need you

	( Some more patience, ya - a )

Ooh I [D]need you, Ooh - wa I [Gmaj7]need you

	( Some more patience, ya - a )

Ooh this [D]time - i - i - i - i - i - ime [Gmaj7] 

 breath in - guitar lick  











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drehaster (report)

I also think Am sounds better in place of the A major.

Warren0 (report)

Just put a Capo on the First Fret.

goldilocks (report)

use c g a7 d and thats it

djbGuitar (report)

playing back and forth w/ two people on this.. what scale/key is recommended to solo on Patience?

davy_p (report)

yeah i agree definatley e minor,,,and just plain oold g,,, gm7 does not soun right at all

beau7170 (report)

@eddiebo1967: Keep stretching those fingers and practice every day! Have fun with it! :-)

Riverdales (report)

Yes definitely use an Em on the E and use a G on the Gmaj7. G sounds way better anyway.

eddiebo1967 (report)

I'm a there any substition for the Gmaj7???

nicolasdamato (report)

G chord

march (report)

E is definitely played with EM

sharleeguitarlee (report)

I agree with the em That is the only way you can sing it too

Rage27 (report)

You'll have much better luck if you play this tuned down 1/2 step and in the chorus throw a D9 and a Dsus4 with the D on the word patience.

kbeck001 (report)

I changed all of the E chords to Em chords. I think that just sounds better. -- Ken, Minneapolis, MN