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Puff the magic dragon  Peter, Paul And Mary

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#Hey this was what was posted about a week or two ago. Enjoy.# Puff (The Magic Dragon)#(my Peter Paul & Mary songbook has this in Bb; I've transposed to C to#[C]Puff, the magic [Em]drag-on [F]lived by the [C]sea  And [F]frol-icked in the
[C]         [Am]         [D7]                     [G7]     [C]              [Em]                                                                                                              
au-tumn mist in a land called Ho-nah-Lee-,  Lit-tle Jack-ie Pa-per 

[F]loved that rascal [C]Puff   And [F]brought him strings and
[C]sealing [Am]wax and [D7]other [G7]fancy [C]stuff. [G7]Oh!
[C]Puff, the magic [Em]drag-on [F]lived by the [C]sea  And [F]frol-icked in the
[C]         [Am]         [D7]                     [G7]                                                                                                                                 
au-tumn mist in a land called Ho-nah-Lee-,  

[C]Puff, the magic [Em]drag-on [F]lived by the [C]sea  And [F]frol-icked in the
[C]         [Am]         [D7]            [G7]       [C]                                                                                                                                   
au-tumn mist in a land called Ho-nah-Lee. -  

last time to Coda
  [C]                          [Em]             [F]                           [C]                                                                                                    
1. - To- get-her they would trav-el on a boat  with  bil-lowed  sail,-
2. - A   drag-on  lives for-ev-er  but   not   so    lit - tle  boys,-
3. - His head was bent in   sor-row      green scales fell like rain,-

   [F]                   [C]         [Am7]           [D7]                  [G7]                                                                                                            
1. Jack-ie  kept  a   look-out perched on Puff's gi-gan-tic tail,
2. Paint-ed wings and gi-ant   rings make way   for oth-er  toys,
3. Puff  no  long-er  went to  play   a - long  the cher-ry lane,  With-

   [C]                  [Em]                   [F]                   [C]                                                                                                             
1. No-ble kings  and princ-es   would   bow when-e'er they came,
2. One grey night it hap-pened, Jack-ie Pa-per   came  no  more    And

3. out his life-long friend Puff could not be brave So
1. [F]Pi-rate ships would [C]low'r their [Am7]flag when [D7]Puff roared [G7]out  his  [C]name. [G7]Oh!
2. Puff that might-y   drag-on,         he   ceased his  fear-less roar. Oh!
3. Puff that might-y   drag-on,    sad - ly  slipped  in-to his    cave. Oh!

Coda: [D7]land  called  [G7]Ho - nah - [C]Le[F]e.[C]  [G7]

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Am Am7 C D7 Em F G7
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fergee (report)

I'm at an age (38) when I find myself feeling very emotional about lots of things ( a bit like the film Analyse This/That) and I find this song very emotional. I know there is a lot of debate about whether it's about drugs or growing up, I prefer to think of it as a growing up song and the loss of childhood innocence. A truly beautiful song....RIP Mary

JJ ember (report)

Great Song! I'm gonna learn this one.

JJ Ember