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Freedom  Richie Havens

Thanks to Richie's input, we now have the correct chords to the Anthemic "Freedom".....
I've corrected the previous chords - here is the correct version (finally!):


For more information on Richie Havens playing style look here:

Thanx a ton to Dan Haas for additional information on
how to tune to Open D and the chord voicings in that tuning.
(scroll right down)

([Bm]Freedom, Fr[Bm]eedom ) x 8 times
[Bm]Sometimes I feel like I'm a Motherles[Bm]s child
[Em]Sometimes I feel like I'm a Mo[Bm]therless child
[Bm]Sometimes I feel like I'm a Motherless child
a [F#m]long long long....wa[F#]y......
w[F#7]ay-ayye from my Ho[Bm]me.... Yeah!
(continue the same way)

Freedom, Freedom) x 10 times
(Sometimes I feel like I'm almost gone) x 3 times
Yeah , a long long long way
way-ayye from my Home.... Yeah!

[Bm](Clap your hands) x 8 times
[Bm]( Yeah, Yeah) x 10 times
[Bm](I got a telephone in my bosom and i can call him up from my heart) x 2times
[Bm]When I need my brother, I say Brother! (brother) Brother! (brother)...
.....(Mother (mother) Mother (mother)) x 2 times
Yeah...Yeah... fade *phew*


D minor open tuning: D-A-D-F-A-D (D75345) i.e. tune Bass string (1st) to D,
then fret 1st string at fret 7 for the second string, fret 2nd string at 5 for
the 3rd, etc. Then check the three D strings with each other, and the two A
strings with each other. A critical interval is the two high strings. Get
that right and check the others against them.

to get other chords, just barre the appropriate fret:
Bm = 9th fret
Em = 2nd fret
F#m = 4th fret
F# = barre at 4th fret, plus fret the F string (third from the floor) at the
5th fret to make the chord major. i.e. 444544, Bass string to high.
F#7 = haven't figured out yet --- maybe 4X4554 ?

Christian Kuechler wrote in to suggest this voicing for the
F#7 = 444574. He tells us it sounds try that!


**************corrections/improvements welcome!!!!!**************

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Bm Em F# F#7 F#m
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