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The Worst

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones- The Worst
TES: sounds best on a 12 string acoustic; figure out the pedal steel
stuff for yourself! Play the F# on the low E with your thumb.
G5 is played (from low to high) 3X0033
I would appreciate it if someone would put the CRDs above the
words for me; every time I try, the editor screws up the placement.
(it probably won't print the CRD names above the tab in the
right place, either)
send comments to me, Steve Campbell (sac772@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu)
INTRO (this part may be a little off;
no guitar here)
	 D-0(let ring)======--0---0----------2--2-2---2-----

	  D-0(let ring)======------2------

                                              SOLO:  CRDs same as verse
Chorus (Extended):
                                                                       Solo: same CRDs as verse
OUTRO: same CRDs as verse
I said from the first
I am the worst kind of guy
For you to be around
Tear me apart
Including this old heart
That is true
And will never ever let you down
You shouldn't stick with me
You trust me too much, you see
Take all the pain
It's yours anyway
Yeah, kid...
Oh, put the blame on me
You ought to pass, you see
somewhere outside
I threw love aside
And now its a tragedy
I said from the first
I am the worst kind of guy
For you to be around
From: sportiga@uoguelph.ca (Steve Portigal)
Subject: CRD: Rolling Stones - The Worst
This is from Voodoo Lounge, the new album
( Article crossposted from alt.rock-n-roll.stones )
( Author was Koen v.d. Drift )
( Posted on Fri, 15 Jul 1994 06:58:12 GMT )
I just could¹t resist. I put down the chords for The Worst. It¹s so simple
and beautiful. All chords are open chords in normal tuning, so no barres.
D(Fis) means D with F-sharp as bass note: curl your thumb around the neck
to string the Fis on the E-string. I left out the lyrics, but just play
along with the record, and you¹ll understand it.
| D | A | D(Fis) | A | D | A | E |
| D | G | D | A | D(Fis) | G | A | E |
| D | G | D | A | D(Fis) | G | A | E |
| A | D | A | D | A | D | A | G |

A A/D Asus2 D D/F# E G G/F# G5
variations - click chord images
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