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In article <1c4j16INNj2s@bigboote.WPI.EDU>, murpup@wpi.WPI.EDU (Christopher Jame Murray) writes: > > Does anyone out there in net-land know or have these songs and if so would they > be willing to post them or e-mail them to me: > > Queensryche: Della Brown > The Lady Wore Black > I Will Remember
Hey! I know quite a bit of Queensryche, but since I don't exactly have a guitar with me now, I'll transcribe from memory (so there might be one or two mistakes...sorry) Anyway, I'll do "I Will Remember" first, because I think Rage for Order is one of their best albums to date, and not enough people seem to be familiar with it...Here goes! (song is in Dm...or F, which ever you prefer...typical Aeolian!)
(Rhythm 1) -arpeggio-
E---1-----1-----1---0-----0-----3---1-----1-----1---0-----0-----5--- B-----3-----3----------3-----3----------3-----3---------3-----3------- G-------2-----2----------3-----3----------2-----2---------3-----3----- D--(0)-------------------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------
(Chorus part) -arpeggio-
E------------------------------0--------------------------------------- B----------3----------------3---3-----------3----------------3------- G-------0----0---0------0--------0------0---0---0-------0---------- D-----3--------3------3----------------3-------3-------3------------- A---1---------------0-----------------1---------------0--------------- E-----------------------------------------------------------------------
E------------------------------0--------------------------------------------- B----------3----------------3---3------------3--------3----------3-------3-- G-------0----0---0------0--------0------0--------0----------0--------0----- D-----3--------3------3---------------3--------3----------3---------3------ A---1---------------0--------------1--------0------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------3--------1----------
Chris' strummed parts use the same chords (to my knowledge) as the rhythm part, while Michael uses different inversions higher up the neck (I can't remember now - no pun intended- but you can probably figure them out if you know theory. Send me E-mail if you can't, and I'll figure it out again.) The rest of the song pretty much follows these guidelines, and you'll know them just by listening to the song...Enjoy!
Later much! -bg

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