horse with no name


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Em   ------     D6/9   ------   Em9  ------    Dmaj9  ------      ||||||            ||||||        ||||||           ||||||      |**|||            *||*||        |*|||*           |||**|      ||||||            ||||||        ||||||           ||||||
( Yes, the entire song is played in the second fret ! )
I like to strike the base note on a downstroke on the first beat followed by the bottom four strings. Alternating up and down on Em and Em9, up only on D6/9 and Dmaj9
       Em                D6/9 On the first part of the journey I was lookin at all the life There were plants and birds and rocks and things There were sand and hills and rings
The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz and the sky with no clouds the heat was hot and the ground was dry but the air was full of sound
Chorus  Em9                              Dmaj9
I've been through the desert on a horse with no name it felt good to be out of the rain in the desert you can remember your name 'cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain la la la  la lalala   la la  la  la la
After two days in the desert sun my skin began to turn red After three days in the desert fun I was looking at a river bed And the story it told of a river that flowed made me sad to think it was dead
After nine days I let the horse run free 'cause the desert had turned to sea there were plants and birds and rocks and things there were sand and hills and rings The ocean is a desert with it's life underground and the perfect disguise above Under the cities lies a heart made of ground but the humans will give no love
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 09:56:27 -0500
      Subject: America: "Horse With No Name" - Another Version
This is the tab as I have figured it out for "Horse With No Name" by america.  IMHO, this is closer to what is on the album "America's greatest Hits"
It consists of two chords:
E ---- A -7-- D -9-- G ----  and... B ---- E ----
E -7-- A -5-- D -7-- G -7-- B ---- E ----
And the tab for the stumming pattern looks something like this... play along with the disc and you will get the gist :)
E 0-0000007777-7 A x-7777775555-x D x-9999997777-x G x-0000007777-x B x-0000000000-x E x-0000000000-x
Even though everyone else usually uses 4 chords and tries to do the changes with the vocal line, if you listen to the guitar line on "Greatest Hits", its only two chords.  The first is an E minor (the 7/9 thing)... the other is something funky... its not exactly what they play, but its close... Hope you enjoy.  
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People like to complicate songs some times, Horse with no name is a classic and it is without doubt a basic song
it uses 2 chords, Em and Dadd6add9, yes thats odd but its basically 6th sting 2nd fret and 3rd string 2nd fret.

To bring out the changes in chord the strumming actually changes, Em is played as DD DU DU and Dadd6add9 DUDU UDU

Thats it, the entire song follows this chord progression applying the shown strumming.

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deflprd2 (report comment to admin):
I don't believe the  Em9 and  Dmaj9 chords are actually in the song. It's just the 

Em and D6/9 played throughout.
gman1963 (report comment to admin):
i agree with d2
jbwilli (report comment to admin):
Here is original live video.

Dewey is playing the 6 string lead rhythm and sure looks like Em and D6/9. The timing and exact strum technique (up strokes/down strokes) is what makes this song work! Note Gerry is playing the 12 string (and a different set of chords) and Dan is playing another 6 string ( and another set of chords)! The harmony of the voices and guitars is what has everyone confused on what the exact chords really are. For solo playing, I vote for the Em D6/9 as closest to what Dewey is playing. GREAT TUNE!