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All Or Nothing At All  Frank Sinatra

[Am]All [Am+7]    or nothing at [Am7]all;    [Am6]

[Am]Half [Am6] a  l[Am]ove never app[Bb9]ealed to [Bb6]me.   [Bb+]      [Bb7]

[Gm]If your [Em7-5]heart [A7-9]never could y[Dm]ield to me,

Then I'd r[G7]ather have n[G7+5]othing  at  [CM7]all.

[Am]All [Am+7]   or nothing at [Am7]all --  [Am6]

[Am]If it's [Am6]love,[Am]  there is no [Bb9]in-between.  [Bb6]     [Bb+]     [Bb7]

[Gm]Why begin, then [Em7-5]cry for [A7-9]something that [Dm]might have been?

No, I'd r[G7]ather have [G7+5]nothing at [CM7]all.   [Bbm7]        [Eb7]


But pl[Ab]ease, don't [Ab+]bring your [Ab6]lips

So c[Ab+]lose to my che[Ab]ek;   [Ab+]      [Ab6]       [Ab+]

[Eb7]Don't s[Ab]mile or [Ab+]I'll be [Db]lost [Ab]beyond rec[Eb9]all.[Eb+]    [Eb7]

T[Bbm7]he kiss[Eb7] in your eyes,

The [Bbm7]touch of your [Eb7]hand makes me [Bbm7]weak,   [Eb7]       [Gm7-5]

A[C7]nd my h[Fm]eart may grow d[Db7]izzy and fa[C7]ll.

And if I [Am]fell[Am+7]    under the spell of your [Am7]call,   [Am6]

[Am]I would be caught in the [Bb9]un - [Bb6]der - [Bb+]tow;  [Bb7]

[Gm]So, you [Em7-5]see, I've [A7-9]got to say [Dm]no. [Dm+7]      [Dm7]

[Bm7-5]No,    [E7]all  [Am]   [Dm7-5]      or [G7sus]nothing at a[C]ll. [C6]