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Come Rain Or Come Shine  Frank Sinatra

[C]I'm gonna [F#m7-5]love you like[Bm7-5] nobody's l[E7]oved you,

Come [Am7]rain or come shine; [D9]

[C7]High as a mountain and d[G7]eep as a r[F7]iver, come [Cm7]rain or come sh[C7]ine.

I g[Fm7]uess when you [Cm]met me it was [Fm7]just[Dm7-5] one of those t[G7]hings;

[Am7-5]But  d[D7-9]on't ever [Gm]bet me, '[Gm7]cause I'm gonna [C7]be [Fm7]true [Bb7]if  [Em7]you [Dm7]let me. [G7]

Yo[C]u're gonna[F#m7-5] love me like [Bm7-5]nobody's l[E7]oved me,

Come r[Am7]ain or come shine;[D9]

[G#m7-5]Happy together, un[C#m7]happy to[F#7]gether, and [E7]won't it be fine. [F7]      [E7]

A7 Bb+7 A7 D7 Gdim(II) D7
Days may be cloudy or sunny, we're in or we're out of the money,

Bu[Am7]t I'm with you a[D7]lways, I[Bm7-5]'m with you r[E7]ain or s[Am7]hine. [Dm7]      [G7]      [Am]

(Last time)

[Em7-5]I'm with you [A7-9]rain or s[Dm]hine. [Gm7]       [C7]       [D]