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From This Moment On  Frank Sinatra

[Em]From this [B+]mo - m[Em7]ent [B7]on,

[Dm7]You [G7]for [Dm7]me, D[G7]ear, o[C]nly [C/B]two [Am7]for [Cm]tea,[Cm7] Dear,

[G]From this[Edim] moment [B7]on.

[Em]From this [B+]hap - [Em7]py d[B7]ay,

[Dm7]No m[G7]ore [Dm7]blue [G7]songs, [C]only [C/B]whoop - [Am7]de- [Cm]do s[Cm7]ongs

[G]From this [D7]moment [G]on. [GM7]      [G7]     [Gm7]


For yo[C]u've [C/B]got the [Am7]love[Am7/G]  I    n[Cm]eed so [Cm7]much,

[G]Got the skin[Dm7] I l[E7]ove to touch,

[D]Got the arms to [A7]hold me tight,

[D]Got the sweet lips to [C7]kiss good [B7]night.

[Em]From this [B+]mo - m[Em7]ent [B7]on,

[Dm7]You [G7]and[Dm7] I, B[G7]abe, we[C]'ll be[C/B] ri - [Am7]din' [Cm]high,[Cm7] Babe,

[G]Ev'-[G/F#] ry  [Edim]care [Am7] is g[G]one [B7]    [E7]   f[A7]rom [Em7]this [Am7]mo - m[D9]ent [G]on.