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I Could Have Danced All Night  Frank Sinatra

[D]I c[F#m]ould [A7]have d[D9]anced all n[D]ight,

I c[F#m]ould h[A]ave d[DM7]anced [Fdim]all n[D6]ight,

[A7]And s[D]till h[F#m]ave b[B7]egged [Cdim]for m[Em7]ore!  [A7]

I [Edim]could have sp[Em]read my w[B+]ings

And [B7]done a [Em7]thousand [Em6]things

I[A7]'ve [G]nev -[G/F#] er d[Em7]one [A7]be - f[DM7]ore!

I'll [A7]nev - er k[F#]now what made it[G#m] so [C#7]ex - [F#]ci - ting;

Why [C#7]all at [AM7]once my [Bm7]heart [E7-9]took fl[A7]ight.

[G]I [G/B]on - [A7]ly k[D]now [A7]when [DM7]she be - gan to [G6]dance [G5]with[G/B] me

I c[Em7]ould have d[Em7/9]anced, d[A7]anced, [Gdim]danced [A7]all ni[D]ght!