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Summer Me, Winter Me  Frank Sinatra

[D]Summer me, [D6]winter me, and [DM7]with your k[D6]isses,

[Am7]Morning me, [A7]evening me, [Em7]and as the [A7]world slips

[D]Far away, [Bm7]star away, f[G]orever [A7]me with l[D]ove. [Bm7]       [G]     [A7]

[F]Wonder me, [F6]wander me, [F]then by a f[F6]ire

[Cm7]Pleasure me, [C7]peaceful me, [Gm7]and in the [C7]silence

[F]Quietly, [F6]whisper me,[B7] forever me with l[E]ove. [Em7]


And[A7] ev'ry day I'll [D]gentle you, [D6]tender you,

And[DM7] oh, the [D6]way I'll[Am7] velvet you,[A7] clover you,

I'll[Em7] wrap you[A7] up and [D]ribbon you, [D6]rainbow you,

And[Em7] shower you with [Am7]shine! [Cdim]

[GM7]Suddenly, m[G6]agically, [Em]  we found each [Em7]other;

[F#m]There we were, [F#m+7]here we are [Bm]-- I plan to [Bm7]let you

[Em]Happy me, [B+]summer me, [Em7]winter me, [A7-9]always be m[D]ine.