Emmylou Harris

 My grandfather was a sailor he blew in off the water
 My father was a farmer and I his only daughter
 took up with a no-good millworking man from Massachusetts
Who dies from too much whiskey and leaves me these three faces to feed
 Now Mill-work ain't easy  mill-work ain't hard
 Mill-work it ain't nothing but an awful boring job
I'm waiting for a day dream to take me through the morning
And put me in my coffee break where I can have a sandwich and remember
And it's me and my machine for the rest of the morning
For the rest of the afternoon
 For the rest of my life       
 Now my mind begins to wander to the days back on the farm
 I can see my father smiling at me  swingin' on his arm
I can hear my grand-dad's stories of the storms out on Lake Erie
 Where vessels and cargos and fortunes and sailor's lives were lost


 But it's my life has been wasted, and I have been the fool
 To let this manufacture use my body for a tool
I can ride home in the evening staring at my hands
 Wearing by my sorrow that a young girl ought to stand a better chance
So may I work the mills just as long as I am able
Aand never meet the man whose name is on the label
And it's me and my machine for the rest of the morning
For the rest of the afternoon
 Fnd the rest of my life

From Emmylou Harris "Evangline"
Warner Brothers Records 1981
Country Road Music

All-Music Guide 1981 LP Reprise BSK-3508
Jerry Douglas-Dobro,Guitar
Tony Rice-Guitar, Vocals
Ricky Skaggs-Mandolin, Violin
Rodney Crowell-Guitar, Vocals
Emmylou Harris-Guitar, Vocals
Waylon Jennings-Vocals
Dolly Parton-Vocals
Dr. John-Keyboards
Albert Lee-Guitar, Vocals
Linda Ronstadt-Vocals
Amos Garrett-Guitar
David Briggs-Keyboards
James Burton-Guitar
Mickey Raphael-Harmonica
Brian Ahern-Bass, Guitar
Michael Bowden-Bass
Tony Brown-Keyboards
Glen D. Hardin-Keyboards
Hank DeVito-Guitar (Steel)
Steve Fischell-Dobro, Guitar
Emory Gordy-Bass
Donald Johnson-Keyboards, Vocals
Lynn Langham-Synthesizer
Larry Londin-Drums
Herb Pedersen-Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Frank Reckard-Guitar
Craig Safan-Strings
Barry and Holly Tashian-Vocals
John Ware-Drums
Cheryl Warren-Vocals
Sharon White-Skaggs-Vocals

Bb C Eb F Fm G Gsus
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